Ah, well. . .Mustafa has gone off the deep end both literally and figuratively. This episode opens with Mustafa shouting at Fatih for coming home late without finding Murat; his annoyance has surpassed itself to become fury as he berates the boy despite attempted intervention from Tahir and Osmond Hoda. Fatih, exasperated, leaves home that evening. The next morning Mustafa, heavy with guilt, leaves on the company ship to go digging for sand; an amused Genco Tamar gets information about the Tahir- Nefes- Vedat triangle, and the news that the ship has foundered at sea (this episode is 2 hours, 45 minutes, 21 seconds long. . .TOO long!)

On the dock, Asiye is hysterical with fear and grief as the coast guard cutter ties up. The two bodies retrieved are crewmen, so Mustafa is still missing. Ali tells Asiye, Nefes and Tahir that two police boats are searching the sinking ship, but the search will take some time. Finally, Ali receives news that the search boats are coming in with survivors, Mustafa among them. Once on the dock and after many hugs, Mustafa is grief-stricken to learn that two of his crew died. Tahir takes the family home and then he tells Nefes he must leave to notify the families of the two lost crewmen. Fatih, who has apparently heard the news, comes running before he can leave, but Tahir tells him to go into the family. Tahir first goes to Suleyman’s house to tell his pregnant wife that her husband will not be coming back. Then he goes to Cahit’s home to tell his mother she has lost her son.

At home, a stricken Saniye is keeping the children, but when Osmond Hoda appears, she allows her grief to overflow. The two of them are in prayer when Yigit and Balim join them to pray as well, even though they don’t know what has happened.

At Hanife’s house, Hazan is painting a stick fence while Hanife reminds her of how handsome Tahir is. Again, Hazan tells her grandmother that Tahir is married with a child, but as the conversation continues, we see that Hanife is suffering the first stages of Alzheimer’s or some form of senile dementia. Hazan says she will go to Melek’s birthday party despite her intense dislike of Genco.

Genco gets the news from someone that the Kaleli ship is sinking, perhaps Cemil. Genco says it’s fate and then asks about Mustafa, but we don’t know what answer he received. He ends the call whistling jauntily, assured, I guess, that his plan has worked. He arrives at his home to find Melek playing with her dog. Genco chastises her for holding the dog to her face and orders her to put the dog down and wash her face, mouth and hands. He has given her a dress for her birthday and he tells her to get dressed for her party. He goes upstairs to find Nilufer completing her attire for the party, but she is not wearing the dress he chose for her because, she says, the dress is too tight. He berates her for her lack of style, manners and language, and leaves telling her to change into the dress he bought for her. He then goes to Melek’s room to see that she is wearing the dress he chose. He admires her beauty, appraising her as he would a prize horse, but he insists that she wear lipstick to complete the look. She doesn’t want to wear lipstick, but he will not be deterred. He puts the lipstick on her himself. When he leaves, she defiantly wipes the lipstick off.

At home, Mustafa goes down to join the family after putting on fresh clothes. He tells them that he doesn’t know what happened. They heard a noise in the keel, and when they checked, water was everywhere. Very quickly, the ship began to list and soon sank. He is inconsolable about the two crewmen who died. Asiye calls Tahir and tells him to go to the office to check on some documents and when Tahir goes in, he sees an origami ship sitting on the desk. He knows immediately who has caused the disaster. He calls Ali and tells him that Genco sabotaged the ship; Ali tells him to calm down and not do anything foolish, but, of course, hot-headed Tahir takes off to confront Genco. Fortunately, for now, Ali knows what Tahir will do and manages to stop him on the road, telling him to go home before he causes more trouble.

Ali goes to Genco Tamar’s house to tell him there is a complaint against him. He arrives shortly after Genco has ordered Melek to take off the evil eye bracelet that the housekeeper Hulya gave her for her birthday. Genco brushes the idea of the complaint aside by saying that Ali should contact his lawyers first, and then he makes a ridiculous comparison between the ship sinking and stolen rose bushes. After that remark, he invites Ali and Esma to the birthday party. Ali is surprised that Genco knows his name and his attachment to Esma. In the car, Genco tells Melek that she isn’t a friend to Hulya, she’s a boss and must act like one. He says the bracelet is a cheap gift and she deserves more expensive items of taste that befit her status.

Mercan has prepared for the birthday party by wearing the dress that Genco sent her as a gift. Turkan is not happy about the dress or the party invitation. When there is a knock on the door, Turkan finds Genco’s man who has come to pick them up, but she is told quickly that only Mercan is invited to the party. She, Turkan, is not to attend. This breaks with the custom of unmarried girls being accompanied by an adult, and Turkan is upset. She tells Mercan she can’t go, but Mercan says she will go. Cemil arrives and hands Mercan a gift to give Melek.

The birthday party is in the grand ballroom of the hotel, but only one table is set for dining. The music of a violinist and a cellist sounds tinny in the otherwise empty room. Genco is so impressed with his own elite tastes that he moves his arms and sways to the classical music as he brings his wife and daughter into the room. Mercan arrives and he treats her like a beautiful goddess, followed by Hazan and Murat who have shared the elevator. Hazan discovers that Murat is Tahir’s brother, and Mercan hears for the first time that the Kaleli ship has sunk. She tells Murat that he ought to be at home with his family, and Hazan sarcastically congratulates Murat for being Genco’s “man.” Murat says he’s no one’s man, but he seems very ill at ease. Genco appears to have an unseemly interest in Melek. He treats her like a beautiful toy that he can control, and his attention to her goes beyond propriety. Mercan’s gift is not opened, Murat doesn’t have a gift, Hazan’s gift is opened, Nilifur’s gift isn’t opened, but Genco’s gift of a huge diamond solitaire on a gold chain is presented and opened by Genco himself. He relishes the act of putting the necklace on Melek’s neck, but she is not happy. Both Melek and Hazan are annoyed with their mother for this marriage because they hate Genco.

Turkan and Cemil have an argument about Mercan. Turkan can’t understand Cemil pushing Mercan into an engagement with a man she doesn’t know; Cemil blames Turkan for not taking better care of his daughters. He says he wants Mercan to marry so that she will forget Tahir and have a home and family of her own. Turkan says marrying a stranger will not help Mercan be happy with a home and family. Both are at loggerheads about Mercan’s situation. When Mercan, driven by Murat, comes home from the party, she tells Cemil and Turkan that Murat is now a driver for Genco, a fact that surprises them.

Tahir has waited patiently for Ali to call him about questioning Genco; he calls Ali to find out about the interrogation and learns that Ali didn’t get any information. Tahir, exasperated, hangs up and gets in his truck. Ali knows what Tahir is going to do, so he and Esma leave Osmond Hoda’s and go to find Tahir before he can cause trouble.

Tahir bursts in on the birthday party with gun in hand. He loudly accuses Genco of sinking his ship. Of course, Genco is cool and pretends to be innocent. He calmly introduces Tahir to his family, and Tahir stands there like an idiot when he sees Hazan. He allows Genco to show how much he knows about everybody, particularly that Yigit is his step-son and Hazan is Yigit’s teacher.

Soon Ali and Esma enter and they are followed by Murat. Tahir is stunned to see Murat and learn that he knows Genco. Ali manages to get Tahir and Murat out of the ballroom, but outside the hotel Tahir acts like Mustafa, yelling at Murat and questioning what he is doing. Tahir tells Murat that because he and Mustafa refused Genco’s deal, Genco sank their ship, but Murat doesn’t believe him. They separate, but Tahir is frustrated and Murat is angry.

Genco, followed by his wife and the daughters, leaves the ballroom and encounters Murat sitting in the lobby. He approaches Murat and empathizes with him about Tahir’s accusation, saying that if he had lost such a big ship, he would be upset, too. He says he would strike out at someone to blame for the loss. Then he tells Murat to talk to his brothers and tell them he is willing to help any way he can. He will help get the ship to the dockyard. He asks Murat to take Hazan home because he’s a gentleman and he knows he can trust Murat. Murat begins to realize that he IS a driver, something he has refuted to Mercan and Tahir. When Hazan refuses Murat’s offer and calls for a cab, he says that’s fine with him.

Tahir arrives home in a really bad mood. He goes in the house with Nefes on his heels, followed by Mustafa and Asiye. The men sit at the table and Mustafa asks where Tahir went when he left so suddenly. Tahir says he went to see Genco, but Mustafa says that was foolish. Did he expect the man to admit that he caused the accident? How would he have done it? Mustafa tells Tahir to leave the man alone, he’s dangerous and would cause them even more trouble. At that moment, Nefes, Asiye and Saniye come in and put bundles of their gold jewellery on the table to show their men that they support them. Even the children come to the table with the little bit of money they have.

When Genco and his women arrive home, Melek says goodnight, but Genco says it’s too early. He wants a concert and he wants her to wear the dress Hazan gave her. After she plays, Genco goes to his office, signs in on his computer and pulls up a live action camera program that he uses to spy on Nilifer and other members of the household. He watches Nilifur sitting on the bed crying before changing the feed to the kitchen where he sees Hulya preparing food and the bedroom where Melek is wrapped in a quilt in her bed. It’s evident that he is obsessed with the young girl.

It’s Ramadan, the time of fasting from sun up to sun down, and the drummer goes through the village waking people to eat their early breakfast before the sun rises. After breakfast, Fatih, Tahir and Mustafa begin preparations for the funeral of the crewmen and Nefes takes the children to school. At the Tamar house, Genco directs Hulya in placing the food on the table and tells Melek to put the bread back because she must watch her weight. Genco says he wants Hazan to come live with them, but he knows she won’t. She’s too attached to her grandmother Hanife. Melek says she wants to live with her grandmother; Genco says that will never happen. His tyranny over the women is never-ending. Nilifur is a pitiful woman. She’s lost all sense of self-identity and worth.

Nefes takes the children to school in the morning because the men are arranging the funeral for the two lost crewmen. Fikret is waiting to see the children, and after the greetings, Fikret says he wants to talk with Nefes. He basically indicates that he wants to see more of Yigit since the child is his only living relative. Nefes understands and without saying so, she will try to make more opportunities for “Uncle” Fikret to spend time with Yigit. She asks Fikret why Tahir is distant with him; Fikret says it has to do with business. He also gives Nefes some advice for Tahir: emotions are useful in dealing with love, but in business, the requirement for success is the reason.

Fikret attends the funeral after his meeting with Nefes. Later he answers a call from Genco to meet him at the docks where Genco lets him know that he is aware of Fikret’s close association with the Kalelis, especially Tahir. He tells Fikret that he doesn’t like Tahir, especially since Tahir confronted him with a gun in front of his family on his own property. When Fikret asks him why he wanted to meet, Genco says a war is about to begin and he wants to know what side Fikret will be on.

Turkan comes to the Kaleli mansion to sympathize with the family about the lost ship, and tells Asiye she doesn’t trust the man Genco. She’s upset that Cemil has promised Mercan to his son and she thinks Asiye and the family should warn Murat. Asiye doesn’t understand what she means by warning Murat, so Turkan tells her that Murat is working for Genco as his driver.

After the funeral, Tahir goes to Yigit’s school where he meets Hazan in the hallway. She tries to offer her sympathies for the lost ship, but Tahir cuts her off. He is insulting and rude to her, never allowing her to explain that Genco is not her father. Then he goes to the principal’s office and asks that Yigit’s schedule be changed because he doesn’t want Yigit in Hazan’s classes.

While Yigit is at the playground trying to sell his toys and those of Balim’s, Hazan goes to the Kaleli mansion to tell Nefes that Tahir took Yigit out of her class because he believed that Genco was her father. She explains that she is not his daughter, she educated herself without taking any money from Genco, and she never would. She said Tahir is punishing her because he believes Genco sank the ship. Meanwhile, at the playground, Yigit learns that Tahir has taken him out of Hazan’s class from a school friend. His friend helps him find his way to Hazan’s house. When Nefes and Tahir learn that Yigit is trying to earn money by selling the toys, they immediately go to the playground. Of course, they don’t find Yigit and Nefes starts screaming and crying. We have to have Nefes crying. . .she does it in every episode and it’s getting boring, to say the least. Hazan calls Nefes to tell her Yigit is with her, so they head for Hanife’s house.

At Genco’s house, Melek tells “aunt” Hulya that she will not eat her meal, but Genco first tells her Hulya is a servant and she will address her as such, and then he tells Melek she will eat. Melek rebels and leaves the table without permission, followed by Genco. He traps her in the bathroom and tries to force her out, but she picks up a bottle and slams it against his head and runs out. Melek makes her way to Hanife’s house while Tahir and Nefes are there to retrieve Yigit. . .and, of course, Genco follows Melek to Hanife’s house because he knows that is where she will go. Now there will be a showdown between Tahir and Genco to heighten the tensions between the Tamars and the Kalelis and perhaps spark the “war” that Genco has promised.

What will be Genco’s next plot against the Kalelis? Will Melek be forced to return to Genco’s home? Whose side will Fikret choose when the war breaks out? How will the Kalelis handle their finances?

Written By – Susan Watson



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