The beginning of this episode foreshadows the ending in an elaborate introduction to the new problems the Kaleli family will face. Genco Tamar has a different face but the same capacity for evil that our last villain, Vedat, possessed. In fact, I think this new set of characters offers a refreshing change for the series with some comedy from Hanife, perhaps a little romance with Hazar, and many dastardly deeds from Genco.

Our new villain, Mr. Genco, watching with pleasure the exotic fish in his aquarium, is contemplating the meeting he held with all of the ship owners previously. In particular, he remembers the rather defiant words of Mustafa and Tahir Kaleli who made it clear that they were not interested in selling their business to him. He produces the paper ship that Tahir made that evening and dropped rather unceremoniously in front of him before they left, a coda to their unvoiced but very decided rejection of his offer. He puts the paper ship in the aquarium and watches as it sinks to the bottom, a promise of what’s to come for the Kaleli brothers.

A motorized raft approaches a ship at night and ties up to the ship. Three masked men dressed in black quietly climb aboard and silently make their way to the engine room. The implication is clear. Genco’s men will place explosives. If the Kalelis won’t sell, he’ll destroy their business.

In the morning Tahir calls Mustafa and discovers that he’s boarding the ship to go with Captain Cemal to gather sand. Tahir is irritated because Mustafa didn’t wait for him, but Mustafa says Tahir should stay with the family while he’s away. Later in the day, as the children eat their meal and Saniye holds the baby, Tahir receives a call from a strange voice that tells him the ship has gone down in the sea and search and rescue operations are underway. The introduction ends here.

In episode 49 we last saw Nefes at the doctor’s office undergoing an ultrasound test to determine the state of her pregnancy. Tahir was standing by her, anxiously awaiting the results and the prognosis. Both Nefes and Tahir fear that her bleeding may be an indication that Vedat’s claim could be true, but the doctor states that all is well and they shouldn’t worry. At home, Asiye has noticed their absence so early in the morning and she is worried that something may be wrong. When Mustafa calls Tahir and learns that they went to the hospital for a checkup, everyone at the breakfast table is relieved. Now the only problem is locating Murat who has not called anyone in the family.

The scene shifts to an office where Mr. Genco is getting a manicure and a pedicure. A knock at the door by one of his men ushers in Murat. Genco questions Murat about his sleeping at the bay, and then proceeds to suggest that Murat has family problems that kept him from going home. Murat disputes that, but Genco tells him that he, too, experienced such problems and he understands. He insists that Murat spend the night at the hotel as his guest because he wants to pay his debt to Murat for saving his life. A scene with Cemil Dagdiveren and Genco explains how Genco knew so much about Murat. Cemil tells him that the twins are neglected, that Mustafa often beats them or overlooks them. It is this knowledge that Genco will use to influence Murat.

At a quiet breakfast by the sea after the hospital visit, Tahir apologizes to Nefes for letting her view Vedat’s video. He tells her he has been so worried, but he’s relieved that she is well and the threat was just a lie. She, of course, credits Tahir with his healing of her emotional wounds and solving their problems. She assures him that Vedat’s threat was only to upset them and she’s glad she knows about it. Tahir is glad that she’s not upset with him and he gives her a kiss.

Hanife pays a visit to the Kaleli mansion bringing a healing compound of molasses and spices for Tahir’s gunshot wound and general health. She still ignores the fact that Tahir is married, and therefore not available as a bridegroom for her granddaughter Hazar. When Osman Hoda appears to inquire about Murat, Hanife starts making overtures to him. Saniye is shocked, Asiye is annoyed, and Osman Hoda is perplexed. Finally, Hanife is guided to the door and promptly dismissed.

Murat, asleep in the hotel room, has been awakened by a call from Genco who is in the lobby waiting for him. When Murat joins him, he is offered a job, but Murat declines the offer, saying the man doesn’t owe him anything. Furthermore, he would not do anything illegal or underhanded. However, when Genco leaves after giving Murat his business card, Murat says, “Abi, you’ve left your car keys.” Genco says they aren’t his, maybe they’re Murat’s. Genco goes to his car and watches as Murat leaves the hotel, sees the car, uses the fob to open it, and climbs in. Now Genco knows that he has Murat where he wants him, indebted. Murat drives to the bay and contemplates the past day when Mustafa found him asleep in the office and accused him of being worthless. He also remembers Genco Tamar’s words that it’s stupid to do the same thing every day expecting a different outcome. Murat calls Fatih to meet him and when Fatih arrives, Murat tells him that from now on, he will follow his own path. When Fatih asks him about the new car, Murat doesn’t tell him anything. He simply says that Fatih should open his eyes and stop being a “dog” for Mustafa. Fatih says Murat is making a big mistake, but Murat answers that it’s his path right or wrong, and if it’s a mistake, it will be his mistake.

Fatih goes to the office where Mustafa is waiting impatiently with Tahir. When Fatih walks up, Mustafa starts badgering him, repeating many of the insulting things he has said to the twins before. This time, however, Fatih says, “Brother, that’s rude.” When Tahir attempts to stop his railing, Mustafa tells him not to interfere. Fatih, thinking about Murat’s words, walks away. He gets in the car and leaves.

At home, the subject of Mercan’s baby clothes comes up. Nefes tells Saniye that after Mercan confessed her love for Tahir and tried to commit suicide, she couldn’t think of putting those clothes on her baby, so she gave them away. Later, after the ironing is done, Asiye questions Nefes about the early visit to the hospital and Nefes tells her about Vedat’s video and the threat he made.

Earlier, Mercan had seen her baby clothes on the junk dealer’s cart and retrieved them. Now, sitting by the sea, she holds them in her lap. She puts three big rocks in the bundle and throws it into the sea.

At the dockyard, Mustafa asks Tahir about Fatih. He is still annoyed with the twins, but doesn’t think he’s done anything wrong by chastising them. Captain Cemal comes up and tells Mustafa and Tahir that four business men have taken Genco Tamar’s offer to sell him their businesses. Ali joins them and reports that the police have not found the thieves who broke into the office, but it wasn’t a simple theft. He says that someone was delivering a message to the Kalelis. Tahir says he will go to talk with Fikret since he knows Genco Tamar; perhaps he knows something about the break in.

Tahir is very abrupt when he meets with Fikret, but Fikret, in a teasing way, expresses his displeasure at Tahir’s disregard for talking about Fikret’s grandson Yigit and Nefes. After telling about the family, Tahir launches into his questions about Genco, but Fikret orders tea for them before he answers. Fikret says Genco Tamar is a business man with a lot of power and a “dark side.” He says that Genco’s business is the same as his and Cemil Dagdiveren’s and countless others: drugs, guns and other illegal enterprises. When Tahir exhibits disdain for Fikret being in the same circle, Fikret warns him not to interfere with Genco’s business because the results would be bad. He says Tahir should mind his own business and ignore him. Tahir, of course, doesn’t like what he hears or the advice he’s given.

Murat calls Genco and agrees to meet him at the stables. Genco then calls one of his men and tells him to bring a “package.” Apparently, he’s going to set up Murat. When Murat arrives, he’s led to a gun range where Genco questions Murat’s accuracy with a gun. He tells Murat to shoot the target, a man’s outline, in the head. Holding a very expensive handgun, Murat shoots the target exactly. Afterwards, when Genco and Murat walk to the woods, one of the goons picks up the gun with Murat’s fingerprints and carefully wraps it in cloth and puts it in his jacket. Then he goes behind the target and retrieves the body of the stable boy who tried to stab Genco. The boy was obviously the “package” that Genco told his man to bring. Now Murat can be framed for murder.

Genco tells Murat that he has rented the room at the hotel permanently for him, and his men will take him to buy some clothes because “clothes make the man” and he must always dress stylish. He also tells him that he wants Murat to meet his “crazy” son who is taking care of business in his home country of Russia, but he will be arriving soon. Genco knows that Murat and his son Tarik will get along just fine. This is foreboding because the son will probably be as evil as his father. Poor Murat! He’s so naïve. When he leaves, Genco orders a “surprise” for the Kaleli 1 ship which will leave in the morning for sand digging.
Tahir and Nefes go to school to pick up the children and meet Yigit’s new teacher, the teacher he loves, for whom he has combed his hair carefully, dressed especially well, and even used some of Tahir’s cologne. They meet Hazan. Neither Tahir nor Nefes is pleased about this happenstance but there isn’t much they can say or do about it. Nefes is especially not happy and when they return home, she goes upstairs immediately. She’s suffering some jealousy that Yigit thinks Hazan is beautiful and he likes her very much. She’s not assured that Tahir doesn’t think the same way, no matter what he says.

In his office, Genco is choosing dresses for his wife and daughter Melek to wear to celebrate Melek’s birthday. He attempts to give the dress designer a lesson on proportion and shape, citing “risers” or steps that a woman must walk and how the dress moves on the body. The designer is not impressed with him nor he with her. After she leaves, he calls Cemil and says he and his family would come to have coffee with him at his house at 9:00. Then Genco calls his wife Nilufer and is annoyed when she doesn’t answer on the first ring. She tried to explain that she had difficulty opening her purse, but she can tell he isn’t happy. She apologizes profusely before he tells her that they will go to the Dagdiveren’s for coffee and he has chosen dresses for her and Melek to wear for Melek’s birthday. He also tells her he expects Hazan to attend and she must wear something appropriate. When he hangs up, he mutters that he will teach Hazan to bow down to him, too.

The first scene is repeated at this point: Genco watching the fish, remembering the Kalelis at the meeting, and the paper ship Tahir left on the table. He puts the paper ship in the aquarium and watches it sink to the bottom. He is dressed to go to dinner with Nilufer and Melek before they visit Cemil’s home for coffee, but he hasn’t completed his toilet. He selects a cologne and goes to the bathroom to meticulously wash his hands and spray the cologne, placing items just so in a neat, perfect order. Genco has so many mental health issues: he’s obsessive-compulsive, he’s a megalomaniac, he’s a misogynist, he’s a control freak, and he’s a psychopath. . .but he’s a very interesting bad guy.

At home, Mustafa and Tahir discuss the twin’s disappearance outside the front door. Mustafa calls Fatih, asking if he has found Murat, but Fatih says he hasn’t found him yet and he will be home soon. Actually, at that moment Fatih is standing outside the hotel where Murat is staying. Fatih calls Murat to let him know that he’s there and then waits for him in the hotel restaurant. When Murat arrives, he’s wearing some of his new clothes; Fatih is not impressed, saying he looks like a penguin in his suit. Murat says he has opened his eyes and Fatih should, too. He calls a waiter over who addresses him as “Mr. Murat” and he tells Fatih so many wonderful things have happened to him, a car, new wardrobe, a nice hotel room, a job and he hasn’t done anything special to earn them.

The Tamars arrive at Cemil’s house for coffee, and the conversation is difficult and stilted. Turkan is unhappy with the visit, Mercan is quiet, and Cemil tries to be polite. After the coffee is served, Genco and Cemil go outside where Genco questions Cemil about the Kaleli family. Cemil tells him the Kalelis are an old family in the area and well-respected, even loved. As far as he knows, the Kalelis have many friends and no enemies. Before the Tamars leave, Genco invites Mercan to Melek’s birthday party and Mercan says she will come. The next morning one of Genco’s men delivers a package to Mercan. It’s a dress to wear to Melek’s party.

At the Kalelis, Osman Hoda, Esma and Ali arrive to ask about Murat. Osman Hoda tells Mustafa that he must allow the boys to mature without the excessive browbeating.  Mustafa must treat the twins with respect, not fear, so that they can find their own way. Mustafa doesn’t want to accept the blame for his treatment of the twins, even when Saniye and Asiye agree with Osman Hoda.  He doesn’t consider what he does and says as wrong because he’s responsible for the business. Ali and Tahir step outside and Ali tells Tahir basically the same thing Fikret said: Genco came to Trabzon about 15 years ago and he’s involved in all sorts of illegal businesses.  Everyone know about him, but no one does anything to stop him. He’s a very dangerous man.

Soon Fatih drives up and Mustafa’s anger overwhelms him.  He lashes out at Fatih, hitting him and insulting him for being late. The family tries to stop Mustafa but he ignores them, continuing with the same behavior that has driven Murat away.  He doesn’t give Fatih time to tell him anything about Murat, where he is or what he’s doing. Tahir and Osman Hoda try to stop Mustafa from yelling threats and insults, but he continues anyway until Fatih puts the keys on the car and walks away.  He, too, has had enough.

While the visits are happening, the masked men are planting explosives in the Kalili 1 ship.
The next morning, after the evening’s visits, Tahir and Nefes take the children to school and find Fikret waiting outside. The children greet him happily, but Tahir is rather sullen. When Fikret offers the children spending money, Tahir refuses. In fact, he’s downright rude to Fikret; when Nefes asks him about his behavior, Tahir says it’s nothing, just business.
Genco gets an update from one of his minions on the Kalelis, learning about Tahir and Nefes and the chaos that Vedat caused. He appears to recognize Vedat’s name, so we can assume he knows him through Fikret, and he seems pleased with the information.

That afternoon, when the children are home from school and having dinner, Tahir receives a call. The caller tells him that the Kaleli 1 was “overset” and a search and rescue operation is underway. Tahir, Nefes and Asiye rush to the dock, Saniye calls Fatih to tell him, and Ali, waiting on the dock with police and ambulances, doesn’t know anything about survivors. Meanwhile, Genco smiles as he looks at Tahir’s paper ship lying at the bottom of the aquarium. The last scene is of a coast guard cutter returning with two covered bodies on deck.

Did Mustafa die?  Will the Kaleli business recover from this loss? Will Nefes continue with her jealousy of Hazan?  What will happen at Melek’s birthday party? Will Mercan meet Tarik at last? Does Tahir suspect Genco of sabotage?   What will Murat be expected to do for Genco? How will Murat act on learning of the family’s lost ship? What will he do?  

Written By – Susan Watson



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