Ah, ha! Tahir’s adventure with Granny Hanife and the lovely Hazan in the mountain cabin was not a random experience, but rather the introduction to a whole new set of characters to inhabit the Kaleli world in Trabzon. Nefes’s first sight of Hazan helping Tahir button his shirt provoked a wild flight of jealousy and argument which Tahir was helpless to resolve. Assuming Nefes’s overwrought behaviour was caused by overactive hormones due to pregnancy, Tahir thinks Hanife’s explanation and his recounting of events should suffice, but Nefes is not mollified. She allows Hanife to think she is Tahir’s sister and that Tahir is an available candidate as a husband for Hazan, but she is not amused and lets Tahir know it when they go home.

We learn that Hazan’s mother remarried after her husband died (Hanife’s son), and while the step-father is wealthy, he is not Turkish and he is not a particularly nice character. In fact, he’s downright evil. He owns horses, and we meet him when he visits his stable where he shows how cruel he can be. He chooses to teach a young groom how to curry a horse by using the stiff wire brush on the naked back of the boy. Hazan arrives at the stable to return her horse after this incident; she intuits the man’s cruelty and refuses to kiss his hand. When she walks past him, he mutters that he has grooming methods for her and her sister, too. He will be her “currycomb.”

At the Kaleli home, Nefes rushes in and goes upstairs, leaving a bewildered Tahir and Mustafa to explain the situation to the family. Before the men leave for work, Mustafa tells Tahir to “go around the storm” since he’s an amateur as a husband and father, but Osman Hoda gives both Nefes and Tahir sound advice: Don’t be angry because one never knows who will return at the end of the day, and have a smile on your face for the one you love. Nefes softens and smiles when Tahir leaves for work.

Fatih teases Murat about his failed attempt at meeting a new girl before they take Osman Hoda to the mosque, but Murat is not amused. He tells Fatih that Berrak probably didn’t find her mother. Rather, she left Fatih because she couldn’t stand his bad jokes. After the men leave, Saniye tells Asiye and Nefes everything she can remember about crazy Hanife and her family.

At the dock, Mustafa and Tahir wait for Murat and Fatih to arrive for work. After the twins have gone to the ship, a car drives up, a strange man gets out, gives an envelope to Mustafa and leaves abruptly. It is an invitation to attend an event at Tamar Docks, but there is no indication of what type of event will be held. Tahir calls Nefes, but her response is muted. She is studying and doesn’t want to talk. When she hangs up, she tells Asiye that she doesn’t want to use the baby things Mercan gave her. She recalls the evening they found Mercan in the remote cabin after she had taken an overdose of pills. Knowing that Mercan confessed her love for Tahir has affected Nefes’s attitude toward the gifts. Asiye tells Nefes that apparently Mercan has accepted the proposal of the young man Cemil has found suitable for her, and she shouldn’t worry about the baby clothes.

At the Dagdiveren house, Mercan rebuffs Turken’s efforts to discuss the proposal, but she listens when Turken tells her how devastated they would have been if her suicide attempt had succeeded. Her mother’s wisdom about life seems to sink in when Mercan volunteers to help prepare dinner. Cemil is unable to offer Mercan the comfort of a hug or a simple caress, but he wants her to be safe. He leaves to meet a Mr Genco at his farm for a talk.

The scene shifts to the dock where Captain Cemel asks Mustafa if he received an invitation. Mustafa says he did but he didn’t understand what it was for or who the hosts would be. The Captain tells them a man named Mr Genco, a strange foreigner of unknown origins, is in the sand business and wants to buy all of the sand companies in the area. He says this Mr Genco, not his real name, is a very dark character and into all sorts of nefarious business that pays a lot of money. Cemil meets with Mr. Genco who first asks about Mercan. Now we know whose son will be offering a proposal for Mercan, the same man who is a step-father to Hazan. Then Mr Genco asks Cemil about the people in the sand business and will they be willing to sell to him. Cemil says sure, most of them will, except perhaps the Kalelis. We learn that Mercan’s intended is named Tarik and he will marry if his father wants him to, even though he has never seen the bride.

All of the families gather around their dinner tables that evening: at the Kalelis, the family waits for Murat and Fatih to arrive; at Osman Hoda’s, Esma asks if Osman Hoda would approve of her and Ali marrying during the summer; at the Dagdiveren’s, Cemil tells Turkan and Mercan that they will have dinner the next night with Mr Genco’s family.

After dinner, Mustafa and Tahir go to the Tamar Dockyard in response to the invitation, but Asiye and Nefes are annoyed that they never mentioned such plans for the evening. Asiye decides that she and Nefes must continue with their program of sassiness to keep the men in line. At Granny Hanife’s house, Hazan is doing paperwork in preparation for her job which will begin the next day. Granny still doesn’t understand that Tahir is married, so when there is a knock at the door, she expects Tahir coming to court Hazan. The person at the door is Nilufer, Hazan’s mother, and we see immediately that neither Granny nor Hazan is pleased to see her.

At Tamar Dockyard, a large group of men have already assembled when Mustafa and Tahir arrive, soon followed by Fikret. Fikret tells them he was invited and that he knows Genco. Just as the meeting begins, Tahir gets a message from Nefes asking him to bring ice cream when he comes home; we see that Genco is annoyed with the interruption, but Tahir and Mustafa don’t seem to care. In fact, they are rude with their whispering and gestures after Genco tells them he wants to buy all of their ships and all of their equipment so that they can have a nice early retirement. Tahir makes it clear that the Kalelis are not interested in selling their business and they leave.

At Granny Hanife’s, Nilufer has come to see her daughter who has been in school abroad for many years. She wants her to come home, but Hazan tells her that the mansion she lives in is not her home. Her home was very small but it belonged to her and her father. The man her mother married is not her father and she won’t call him so. As she leaves, Nilufer tells Hazan to call her sister Melek.

The next morning Tahir makes plans to take Nefes to the centre for walking and breakfast. Mustafa goes to the office to find everything in disarray and Murat asleep on the couch. When he tries to wake Murat, he smells the liquor and becomes furious, grabbing a log to beat him. Dockworkers pull Mustafa off and Murat leaves without explanation. Mustafa can’t believe that Murat slept while the office was robbed. Ali arrives to investigate and we learn that Mustafa is less concerned about what was taken than the fact that Murat was so drunk he slept through the whole incident. A quick scene shift to Genco’s mountain patio shows us that Genco had his men rob the place. They would have burned it as instructed, but sleeping Murat saved it.

Hazan leaves Granny Hanife’s to begin her new job as a teacher at the local school, Tahir takes Nefes shopping at the centre, and Murat, angry and confused, bursts into the house to pack a bag. He informs a shocked Asiye and Saniye that he’s leaving, tired of being accused and beaten. He’s had enough. That evening everyone gathers around the kitchen table waiting for news from Ali or Fatih that they’ve found Murat, but alas, he hasn’t been found. Mustafa is annoyed even more that Murat can’t be sensible, but Tahir lectures Mustafa that he is wrong to browbeat the boy, expecting criticism and beating to make him a man. Mustafa goes to bed, Fatih takes Esma and Osman Hoda home, and Tahir goes in search of Murat.

At a fancy restaurant that night, Genco, his wife Nilufer and daughter Melek await the arrival of Cemil, Turkan and Mercan. Genco is annoyed that Nilufer has gone to Hanife’s house, letting her know that he has someone watching her. He threatens her that she should never go there again. The daughter Melek is either extremely shy or extremely afraid of Genco because she doesn’t speak to him, remaining quiet and expressionless. When the Dagdiverens arrive, Genco is taken with Mercan’s beauty. At the table when the food has been served, Turkan doesn’t eat and Genco observes, saying that he will order something else if she doesn’t care for the selection, but she says she isn’t hungry. It is obvious that Genco does not like to be interrupted. He is a sinister man. He glowers at her and she takes a bite to mollify him. Nilufer excuses herself to go to the restroom which doesn’t make him happy. Soon after, Melek gets a message and says she’s going to check on her mother. When she gets to the restroom, Nilufer tells her Hazan is outside waiting for her. She should visit with her sister and then go straight home, getting there before they arrive.

After the Dagdiverens leave, Genco forces his wife into the hotel restroom and bashes her head against the metal door of a stall, telling her she shouldn’t try to trick him. Then he spills water on the floor and when they exit the restroom, he calls for the manager to show him how his wife was injured when she “slipped on the wet floor.” Meanwhile, Melek and Hazan have met and Hazan asks Melek if she’s angry with her. It’s obvious that she is because she asks sarcastically why should she be mad when Hazan has been educated abroad while she has experienced every evil of her step-father.

The next morning Tahir awakens to find an empty bed. When Nefes comes in, Tahir wants to know what’s wrong. She tries to dispel his worries, but she finally admits she’s had a little bleeding. Tahir is so concerned that he shows her the video that Vedat sent him. Nefes is wracked with fear and after she learns the possibility of losing the baby, Tahir takes her to the hospital.
Murat has spent the night in Genco Tamar’s dockyard in a drydocked boat. Genco and his goons arrive and the sound of the car awakens Murat who sees Genco get out of the car and talk to someone on the phone. He also sees a young man lurking behind a boat before charging Genco with a big knife. Murat yells at him and then chases the boy. He is unable to catch the offender, but Genco says not to worry. Murat saved his life and he doesn’t like to be in debt to people who save his life. He asks Murat his name and when Murat tells him, adding his last name Kaleli, Genco’s evil face registers recognition and something more, perhaps a plan to use Murat against his family and the Kaleli business.

The last scene is Nefes at the hospital with a concerned Tahir standing by as the doctor does a sonogram.

What’s to come? Will Nefes discover that Hazan is Yigit’s new teacher? Will Genco hire Murat and continue to harass the Kalelis? Will Nilufer and Melek be punished for disobeying Genco? Will Nefes learn either the truth or the lie of Vedat? Will Mercan meet Tarik Tamar? Will Turkan continue to doubt the wisdom of the match? Will Tarik be as evil as his father?

Written By – Susan Watson



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