The only thing familiar about the opening scene of this episode is the music and Tahir wandering around in the woods at night. Very quickly we are introduced to a winsome young woman riding a horse through a stream in darkness and a lively old woman singing in a well-lit mountain cabin as she knits. A disturbance in the hen house alerts the old woman to movement outside which she assumes to be a fox lurking about, but it’s Tahir approaching the yard. She takes a shotgun from the wall and goes out to shoot the intruder just as the girl on horseback comes into view. Her aim is good because just as Tahir becomes visible beyond the fence, the gun goes off and Tahir falls. The girl gets off the horse, ties it and runs to the old woman crying, “Grandma, did you shoot the gun? Is that a fox?” Grandma answers, “No, my dear, it’s a lion.”

The end of Episode 47 left us with questions about Nefes who had fallen in a faint on the kitchen floor of the Kaleli home while everyone was away. Is this fainting a symptom of the disease that Vedat has given her as he stated in the video? Or is her collapse a symptom of her early pregnancy? Tahir returns home from the Dagdiveren home and the emotional confession of Mercan to find Nefes unresponsive. He rushes her to the hospital where she is treated for low blood pressure. While waiting for a blood test and EKG results, Tahir goes to her obstetrician to discuss Nefes’s health. When Nefes is released from the emergency section, she goes with Tahir to see her doctor. The doctor explains that Nefes has a blood incompatibility with the fetus. She has O (RH) negative, the baby (fetus) has O positive, but she assures Nefes and Tahir that shouldn’t be a problem.

At the park, Yigit and Balim play under the watchful eye of Saniye who is joined by Fikret. When Saniye, annoyed, asks why he has stayed in Trabzon, Fikret replies that he stays for his grandson, the only family he has now. He then remarks that Nefes has helped Saniye make amends with Tahir. Fikret receives a phone call that requires attention, but before he leaves, he gives the children pocket money, a gift they will only take with Saniye’s approval.

Fikret’s phone call probably had some information about the disease the Vedat mentioned in the video because he was determined to discover the contents of that CD. He calls Tahir as he and Nefes are leaving the hospital and asks him to come for a talk.

Mustafa at Osman Hoda’s house is still pleading with Asiye to come home with him, but she is proving to be very stubborn. He calls Nefes as she and Tahir are on the way home from the hospital and tells her he needs her help desperately. He thinks Nefes can discover why Asiye is so angry with him. Osman Hoda has come to the Kaleli mansion seeking Nefes’s help, too. When Nefes explains Asiye’s problem started with the men’s business trip to Istanbul, she is reluctant to talk about Asiye’s suspicion of other women. Rather than bring that up with Osman Hoda present, she goes with Mustafa to see Asiye, and Tahir leaves to go to Fikret’s house.

When Nefes joins Asiye at Osman Hoda’s, she finds Asiye still refusing to communicate with Mustafa and the reason for her behaviour is that Mustafa changed the password on his cell phone. Asiye thinks Mustafa is hiding something from her. She gives Nefes a lecture on how men treat their wives as “mothers” instead of lovers, and how husband’s take their wives for granted with a little peck on the cheek rather than a passionate kiss. She thinks she’s teaching Mustafa a lesson. Asiye tells Nefes that to keep their husbands’ interest, they need to act “coy and sassy.”

At the Dagdiveren home, Mercan can’t explain to her mother why she opened her heart to Tahir when she knows it has no effect on him, but she says she felt the need to express her feelings. Turkan says she’s hurting herself by continuing longing for a relationship she can’t have. Mercan can only say that she will meet the man her father wants for her.

Fikret gives Tahir a dossier of Vedat’s health records. He tells Tahir that he collected the papers from Vedat’s insurance company and his personal doctor. The records do not indicate any health problems and Fikret reasons that since Vedat loved himself so much, he would immediately address any illness with the best medical care available. Since nothing indicates that Vedat had health issues, he thinks it safe to assume that Vedat was lying just to upset Tahir. Fikret tells Tahir to relax, smile and enjoy Nefes and the pregnancy. If he still has doubts about her health, he should seek another opinion, something Fikret will help him arrange. Tahir, still unsure about Nefes’s health, takes the medical records with him.

Nefes succeeds in getting Asiye to return home, but in trying to curb Saniye’s sarcasm, Nefes runs afoul of Asiye. Asiye thinks Nefes has faked her understanding and doesn’t agree with her about being sassy. Mustafa brings Asiye flowers to make amends, but she doesn’t take them in her “sassy” mood. Later that afternoon, Ali, Esma and Osman Hoda join the family for dinner and to see if Asiye has mended her problem with Mustafa. At the dinner table, Asiye bluntly asks Mustafa why he changed his password; he tells her it was because he couldn’t remember the original and after 3 errors, the phone app required him to enter a new one. He chose the date of their wedding. All ends well with the couple in the bedroom flirting and silly. Later that night, Nefes decides she craves grapefruit, so all four Kaleli men head for town to find the fruit.

They find grapefruit in a closed store with an iron security grate. Determined to get the grapefruit, all four brandish sticks to knock one off the pile and pull the grapefruit toward the iron grate that covers the store entrance. As they labour, the police arrive and arrest them for theft. Ali thinks the whole affair is funny, but the boys return home with a grapefruit. When Tahir takes it upstairs to Nefes, he finds her sound asleep.

The next morning, Nefes wakes up Tahir before going down to prepare breakfast. He plans to sleep a bit longer but his phone rings. Mercan calls him to ask if he will meet her for an hour. She says she needs to talk to him. Tahir is reluctant but he agrees to meet her around noon. Mercan waits by the seaside and recalls her engagement to Tahir, the evil treatment of Vedat, and the kindness of Tahir when she was paralyzed from the hanging. She is depressed about her circumstances, and after her mother’s call warning her not to be late, she says she was always “too late or too early. I was never on time. ” Before she left home, Mercan puts medicine in a bag. It’s fairly obvious that she wants to end her life. After Tahir arrives at the seaside, she asks him to get her some water. When he returns, she once again tells him how much she loves him, but she will not ever say it again. She bids him goodbye and leaves. Tahir is disturbed by her words and her demeanour; he calls Nefes and asks her to join him by the sea.

Murat has decided he’s going to “play around,” and enjoy being a bachelor. He finds a girl on a social network and decides she is pretty enough that he will meet her. He shows Fatih the picture of the girl he thinks is named Pinar. In the picture, the pretty girl is with a friend who is not very attractive. He arranges a date to meet the girl he fancies and discovers that he had the names wrong; the pretty girl is named Gulce and Pinar is the unattractive girl.

In a room in her friend Serender’s home, Mercan swallows a fist full of pills and drinks the water Tahir bought for her. Nefes joins Tahir by the sea and he explains meeting Mercan and what she said to him. Nefes understands that Mercan’s strange behaviour portends disaster. When Nefes learns from Turkan that Mercan is not at home, she knows that Mercan is hiding from everyone. Tahir remembers she mentioned a friend’s name, and they go to the friend’s house. Meanwhile, Cemil has come home after Turkan called him and demands to know where Mercan is, but Turkan cannot say.

Nefes and Tahir find Mercan at Serender’s house, but she soon succumbs to the pills she has taken. They rush her to the hospital and call her parents. After a stomach lavage and rest, Mercan regains consciousness, and later that evening, Cemil and Turkan take her home. When Nefes and Tahir return home, Nefes goes in and sadly tells the family about Mercan, but Tahir wants some time to think. He goes to Osman Hoda’s house and explains the situation, telling father Osman that he feels guilty for Mercan’s sadness. Osman Hoda says that Mercan was always a quiet girl and quiet people tend to live in imaginary worlds. When something destroys the imaginary world, they find it difficult to live in the real world. He tells Tahir he shouldn’t feel guilty, to love is not a crime, and eventually, Mercan will realize that everyone loves her. Feeling a bit better, Tahir takes his leave, but before he can go, Osman Hoda asks him to take a bag of medicine to his old friend Hanife who lives up the mountain.

Tahir drives up the mountain, but he has a flat tire before he can reach Hanife’s house. He uses the flashlight on his cell phone to make his way through the woods, but it dies as he approaches the house. Just as he reaches the chicken pen in the darkness, the chickens squawk, and Hanife comes out with the shotgun. After she shoots him, she and her granddaughter take the unconscious Tahir into the house where Hanife declares that he will make a fine husband for the girl. She tells her granddaughter to take his clothes off and remove the buckshot, wrap the wound on his head, and then he will be all right.

Meanwhile, at the Kaleli home Nefes wakes up to discover that Tahir has not returned. She alerts Mustafa and soon the entire household is sitting at the kitchen table as Mustafa calls Ali to ask if he knows where Tahir might be. The next morning, after the twins and Mustafa have searched for Tahir all night, Osman Hoda calls to tell them Tahir spent some time with him and then took medicine to his friend Hanife’s house. Mustafa and Nefes go up the mountain to the house, and they are greeted at the door by Hanife who tells them Tahir is with his “fiancé.” She tells them he spent the night there, and after she went to bed, she doesn’t know what happened between them. Nefes is astounded at this news, and she burst through the door to find the lovely Hazan helping Tahir put his shirt on. Uh oh, there’s gonna be “trouble in River City” for Tahir. I suspect, however, that Hazan will be a love interest for Murat.

Written By – Susan Watson



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