This is probably one of the dullest episodes I’ve ever seen and certainly is evidence that the series needs to conclude very soon.  The interaction of the characters is becoming repetitive and predictable. There is only so much a viewer can take of Mustafa’s yelling, Asiye’s silly flirtation and sarcastic exchanges with Saniye, Nefes’ sweetness and pliability, and Tahir’s hypersensitivity before boredom sets in.

The beginning of this episode is a replay of Tahir watching Vedat’s CD, the gift he left to destroy Tahir and Nefes’s happiness and prove that he will always be “the winner.”  Right away, I am annoyed with the scriptwriters. Unless the work of art is fantasy, the characters and action should have some sense of reality and credibility, but these first scenes have little.  For example, a loving husband would not leave that vicious video open in the computer for anyone to find, much less the victim; a reasonable person would not dash out of the house in the middle of the night to find answers from a person who probably doesn’t know; Tahir would not be able to enter the bedroom of Fikret with all of his guards stationed in and out of the house;  Tahir threatening Fikret with a gun which he wouldn’t use anyway isn’t going to provide him with the answers he wants.

Tahir forces Fikret outside at gunpoint and demands that he open Vedat’s grave, not because he wants to see the body, but because he can’t grasp the evil that Vedat has perpetrated.  Fikret doesn’t know anything about Vedat’s disease, but he understands Tahir’s panic when Tahir says he promised to protect Nefes and heal the wounds Vedat created. Now Tahir doesn’t know what to do; he doesn’t know how to fight an unknown.  Fikret assures him that he doesn’t know anything about Vedat’s condition, but he will help Tahir any way that he can because Yigit is his grandson, a relationship that he will never be able to claim.

Nefes has awakened and realized that Tahir is not in bed.  She goes downstairs and finds the open computer and Tahir’s phone on the kitchen table.  She is followed by Asiye who tells her Tahir has probably gone to the seaside to shout his happiness at impending fatherhood, but Nefes asks what if Tahir is not excited about becoming a father, that he may think it is too soon to bring another child into the relationship.  Both women remember Mustafa and Tahir’s recent trip to Istanbul and their suspicion that they may have had women in their rooms. That thought provokes them to see what’s on the computer, and although they guess the password, they stop when they see the list of documents. Not only do they not know what they may find, but they also don’t want to believe that their men may be unfaithful.  

Tahir takes Nefes to the doctor the next morning for tests.  He is eager to know if Vedat’s statement is true, but he’s determined to keep Nefes from suspecting anything.  He encourages the doctor to take a sonogram, but the doctor is reluctant at this early stage, saying they wouldn’t see anything this early (4 to 6 weeks), and sound waves on a tiny cell could be a risk.  Tahir encourages a complete bank of tests to be sure that Nefes and the baby are healthy.

When the Kaleli men have arrived at the dockside office, Fikret comes to see Tahir.  He tells Tahir that he has thought about the situation overnight and morning, and he believes Vedat was playing a game.  If Vedat’s assertion were true, Fikret believes he would have told Tahir before he died to build a wall between Tahir and Nefes, but whatever the truth might be, he is still willing to do anything he can to help them.  Mustafa refuses his offer, saying the family would handle the situation.

Turkan’s character has really mellowed out over the course of the story.  She likes Nefes and the other members of the Kaleli family. She makes a “goodwill” call to Nefes, asking about her and Murat.  Nefes asks her about Mercan, shares her good news about the pregnancy, and promises to pay a visit. After the call, Turkan tells Mercan that Nefes is pregnant.  Mercan expresses her good wishes, but Turkan can see the pain in her eyes. Turkan tells Mercan that she knows she still loves Tahir, and that she gave up hope of ever having him as her husband, but she didn’t give up her love for him.  As she speaks to Mercan, Cemil listens by the open door. Every word Turkan speaks brings a reminder to Cemil of how much he dislikes and distrusts the Kalelis for their treatment of his daughters. The writers are planting “seeds” for future trouble between the two families.

Mother Saniye decides that she, Asiye and Nefes will visit with Uncle Durdu’s family to look over his daughters for their potential as wives of Murat and Fatih.  Asiye is shocked that Saniye is being so solicitous in her inclusion of them as matchmakers. When Tahir brings Yigit and Balim home from school, he is told he will babysit while they go on their reconnaissance for future Kaleli wives.  After they leave, Osman Hoda comes to congratulate Tahir on his impending fatherhood. When Tahir tells Osman Hoda about Vedat’s vile trick, Osman Hoda offers him advice. He says Tahir must consider how what kind of person Vedat was, he must be calm and have hope and know that the doctors have means to determine the truth and treat the problem.  Most of all, Tahir must have faith and know that Allah controls a person’s fate.

While the rest of the family enjoys tea together at home, Murat and Fatih have an early dinner at a restaurant.  A group of men at another table in the restaurant recognize Murat as the groom whose wife left him at the altar. A fight ensues when Murat takes exception to their whispering.  Not long after, Murat and Fatih are at the police precinct and Ali is calling Tahir for him and Mustafa to come to his office. Mustafa gives the boys a good tongue-lashing before taking them home.

At the Dagdiveren house, Cemil comes home late and informs Mercan that a man he knows has asked for Mercan for his son.  The son is in Russia, but when he returns, he and his father will come to ask for Mercan’s hand in marriage. Turkan thinks Cemil is drunk and being ridiculous, but Mercan says that their visit will be okay with her.  Turkan scolds Cemil, asking how he can expect Mercan to accept a man she doesn’t know and has never seen, and when Cemil reminds her that she didn’t know him before they were married, Turkan says that the times have changed.

Tahir and Nefes go the doctor the next morning for the test results.  When the doctor says everything looks fine, Tahir is not appeased. The doctor says Nefes needs to supplement with folic acid, but otherwise, her test results are normal.  Tahir asks again about a sonogram, but the doctor says it really isn’t necessary at this early stage, and Nefes gets a bit annoyed at Tahir’s agitation. Meanwhile, Mustafa rushes to Osman Hoda’s house to yell at Asiye who left the house early without letting anyone know where she was going.  Asiye is purposely aggravating Mustafa because she thinks he is keeping secrets from her. He changed the password on his phone, so she can’t find out whom he calls or who calls him. Mustafa determines to wait outside Osman Hoda’s door until Asiye comes out, and while he’s waiting, he sings a song about lovers which Asiye answers.  The entire situation is silly.

Tahir takes Nefes to Turkan’s house to visit with her and Mercan, and Mercan gives Nefes the baby clothes she made for her own hope chest.  Nefes is reluctant to take them, but Mercan tells her that her baby will come first. She tells Nefes that Cemil has arranged for her to meet the son of his friend, so whether she marries or not, she will not need baby clothes for quite a while, and when she does, Nefes can return the favour.  Turkan says nothing, but it’s obvious she feels grief that Mercan has such dour hopes. Nefes leaves with her gift to walk home and when she arrives, she feels weak. Before she can take the baby gift upstairs, she faints on the dining room floor. Meanwhile, Tahir, who has been at the seaside in an effort to get a grip on his emotions, has arrived at the Dagdiveren’s to take Nefes home.  He is met at the door by Mercan, who congratulates him for the baby, and reveals that she still loves Tahir, and although she will marry someone else, she will always love him.

As the episode ends, Mustafa is still trying to woo Asiye out of her father’s house, Murat and Fatih are on the ship getting sand, Saniye basks in the sunshine at the park with the children, Tahir is assaulted with Mercan’s emotional confession, and Nefes lies on the floor at the Kaleli home.

I have no questions about the episode 48.  It’s obvious that Nefes will be in the hospital and Mercan will meet her unknown suitor.

Written By – Susan Watson



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