When the last episode (45) began, we learned that Vedat, although in his grave, would not end his torment of Nefes and Tahir. The CD that the young man gave to the mysterious stranger for money is apparently the “plan B” that Vedat mentioned, the instigation of his means “to win.” As he said, “The dealer always wins.” The CD is a video of Vedat speaking directly to Tahir, first musing about who had killed him, and then saying the video is a memory of him for Nefes and for himself, a “nice memory.”

When the previous episode ended, we saw a distraught Nazar running down a rainy street from her wedding venue in her beautiful white gown. Now we see a forlorn Murat, standing alone by the sea on his misty wedding day when Tahir drives up. When Nazar ran away from the wedding saying, “I can’t do this,” Murat ran also. We don’t know why Nazar changed her mind. Was it because of her father’s disapproval? Did she feel unworthy? Murat tells Tahir he doesn’t know why she left nor does he know where she is. He hasn’t tried to find her because he doesn’t know where to look. The scene shifts to the Dagdiveren home where Cemil dashes out of the house with a gun, ignoring Mercan’s entreaty not to go. When Mercan begs her mother to stop him, Turkan says he won’t listen to her, and he won’t find Nazar. She is emotionally exhausted and grieving for Nazar because she is “lost.” In desperation to quell her grief and fear, Turkan starts to clean the house. Her strange, disjointed behaviour frightens Mercan who also worries about what Cemil will do with the gun.

At the Kalili house, Nefes, Asiye, Saniye and Mustafa, still in their wedding clothes, are confused about Nazar’s behavior and wondering where she could have gone. Mustafa, baffled by the events, decides to join Tahir and Murat on the coast. Fatih has driven Esma, Berrak and Osman Hoda home before he joins his brothers. Tahir has told Murat that maybe Nazar has saved them both from making a mistake, that marriage requires more than love, it requires patience and trust. The brothers want Murat to go home with them, but Murat says he is embarrassed and just wants to be alone.

Fikret is putting flowers on Vedat’s grave. It has been a week since he killed his son and he says he can’t bear his burden of sin. The only thing he can do is make up for Vedat’s sins to the people he’s harmed. He makes a call and asks to speak to someone. At this time, Nefes goes to the Dagdiveren’s home to see if they have heard from Nazar and offer them comfort. Mercan says she had just called and said she was going to Istanbul and would stay with a friend who was recently assigned to work there. Nefes told Turkan that Nazar may not stay there very long and she would need a home to return to. She told Turkan to “keep the door open” for Nazar because everyone needs a home. That night, as the Kalelis debate whether to leave Murat alone or go to him, Cemil Dagdiveren shows up drunk, waving the gun and calling for Murat. After he passes out, Tahir takes him home.

Murat goes to the office for the night. He calls Nazar several times, but the calls don’t go through. Drinking and despondent, Murat has a gun that he holds against his head, but Tahir arrives before he can harm himself. Tahir tells Murat that if he kills himself, he will cause a massacre because he will also be killing every member of the family who loves him. Murat admits he is so ashamed and confused, but he puts the gun away and allows Tahir to take him home.

At Fikret’s house, Doruk tells Fikret that he saw someone Fikret knows from Istanbul meeting one of Vedat’s men. The Istanbul man gave a package to Vedat’s man and left. Fikret is surprised and suspicious. He tells Doruk to find the man and bring him to the house. He wants to know why he came to Trabzon and what was in the package. Before Doruk leaves, Fikret calls him back and asks how the man knew Vedat was dead. Doruk says he doesn’t know, but Fikret says, “There’s a traitor among us.”

The next morning, Fikret goes to Osman Hoda’s house to see Berrak. He tells her he wants to talk to her about her mother. He explains that he has tried to help the people that Vedat hurt as best he can, and he knows Vedat hurt and lost her mother. He tells Berrak that he found her mother, she is alive, she’s healthy now and in a nursing home. Berrak is shocked but happy. Fikret says that she can talk to her mother. He places a call and then hands the phone to Berrak. When the call is over, Fikret gives Berrak an envelope with money and tells her to go to Istanbul and rent an apartment for herself and her mother. His men will meet her and take her to her mother who is well enough to be discharged from the nursing home. He further says he will help her financially as long as he lives.

Osman Hoda joins the Kalelis for breakfast. He tells the family not to be overly sympathetic with Murat because that will just keep his emotional wounds raw. They need to love him but treat him as they would on any ordinary day. So Mustafa sends the twins to the office while Tahir and Nefes take Yigit and Balim to school. After meeting with the principal, Tahir takes his little family to a restaurant for another breakfast. Nefes is very hungry, ordering a double toasted cheeseburger and a baked potato. Then she says she wants pickles. Tahir is amazed at her voracious appetite. Hmmm, could Nefes be eating for two? After breakfast, Tahir surprises Nefes and Yigit with bicycles.

Berrak goes to the office to tell Fatih about speaking with her long lost mother. She said she was in a taxi going to the airport when she thought she must come back to thank the family who loved and protected her. She wanted to tell him first. Fatih doesn’t say much. He’s hurt but he says he understands why she must go. They have a tearful farewell embrace.

Fikret goes to the mosque to visit with Osman Hoda. He tells him that he’s trying his best to undo some of his son’s mistakes. He has found Berrak’s mother for her. Osman is not very sympathetic. He tells Fikret it’s easy to fix someone else’s mistakes but not so easy to fix his own. Fikret admits he had something to do with Ali being reinstated as police commissar. When Osman asks him why he came to see him, Fikret says because he had no one else to talk to. Osman says he will answer to God for killing his son, but that sin is in the past, and now they will focus on the future. Fikret knows he bears a heavy sin but he asks Osman to allow him to come for tea and chat.

Mustafa and Tahir leave for an overnight in Istanbul where they will buy items for their ship. Just as they are leaving, Murat and Fatih come home, and Murat has the envelope addressed to Tahir with him. Berrak comes by later that evening to tell the Kalelis goodbye. When the family has settled for the night, Asiye and Nefes receive calls from their husbands. Asiye hears a woman’s voice in Mustafa’s room and accuses him of an affair, but Mustafa tries to explain that it’s just a woman on TV. Nefes calls Tahir and hears him talking to the room service girl and she gets upset. The girls decide they will call the men every hour for the rest of the evening to be sure they are alone in their hotel rooms. Asiye calls it their “Control Movement.”

The next morning, Balim and Yigit have to wake up their sleepy mothers, while Mustafa and Tahir manage to leave their rooms looking haggard and exhausted. Asiye and Nefes take the children to the park to get some air and wake up. While there, Nefes eats simit and then wants baklava. Asiye is amazed at her appetite and suddenly realizes that Nefes may be pregnant. She convinces Nefes to buy a test at the pharmacy so they can find out at home. When Mustafa and Tahir return home that night, they have a surprise. They enter a dark house and when they turn on the lights, everyone is waiting to break the news. Nefes is pregnant and there is much rejoicing.

Murat goes to the Dagdiveren home to ask about Nazar. Turkan panics because she doesn’t want Cemil to see him; she begs him to leave before he causes trouble. Murat asks simply, “Did she call?” When Turkan says she did, Murat leaves. He doesn’t ask where she is or what she says. He just wants to know that she’s alive and well.

At Fikret’s house, Doruk tells Fikret they found the stranger who sold the CD, the traitor who told of Vedat’s death, and Vedat’s man who took the CD to the Kaleli office. Fikret shoots the traitor and Vedat’s man, but he lets the guy from Istanbul go. The next scene shows Fikret walking about saying, “No. . .No. . .it can’t be. . .No. . .it’s one of Vedat’s lies.” Apparently, he has found out what the CD contains, and he seems upset. He sends one of his men to the Kalili office to search for the CD, but the man returns saying he couldn’t find it.

That night after the Kaleli’s celebrate the happy news and everyone goes to bed, Tahir gets up and goes downstairs for water. He sees the envelope with the CD addressed to him, he finds a laptop in a cabinet and sits at the kitchen table to watch the video. In the video, Vedat reminds Tahir that twice he asked Tahir if Nefes was “really his wife,” and both times, Tahir was enraged. The question intimated that Tahir and Nefes had not consummated the marriage. Then Vedat tells him that Nefes had a second pregnancy but the baby died. He says that during his marriage to Nefes, he had several extra-marital affairs and he caught a disease, one that doesn’t affect the man but can kill a woman if she becomes pregnant. In fact, the mother and child could both die. He doesn’t name the disease, but he says, “I told Nefes the dealer always wins.” After the joy of Nefes’ news, Tahir is now devastated.

I have to say that I am disappointed with Vedat’s threat because it seems a bit far-fetched if not ridiculous. Is Vedat lying about the disease? What STD is Vedat talking about. . .HPV, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, HIV, Hepatitis, Herpes? Untreated, these diseases can cause miscarriage, premature labour, low birth weight, premature birth, eye infections, pneumonia, deafness, blindness, seizures, diminished growth, and in rare cases, liver cancer. However, with proper and early screening, these diseases can be treated with antibiotics, anti-virals and other medicines. The only one that kills is herpes if the mother has active genital herpes when the baby passes through the birth canal and contracts neonatal herpes. Babies born with the virus can develop neonatal herpes, an infection that can cause death in 25% of cases.

Written By – Susan Watson



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