Ding Dong, Vedat is dead, but we mustn’t be too happy. Apparently, even from the grave, that vile man can haunt his survivors. Episode 45 opens with a strange young man, dressed in a hoodie and looking nervously over his shoulder as he sits in a restaurant. An unidentified man approaches him and sits across the table. The young man slides a CD across the table and says “I think this is what you want.” The man, whose face we never see and who says nothing, passes an envelope of money to the young man before he leaves. A scene shift shows Vedat at a computer saying, “ I always have a plan B, dear wife. You never listened to me, but I warned you. The dealer always wins.”

Aside from this intriguing beginning, episode 45 is rather boring. It is almost three hours of slow-moving, everyday family scenes that offer little that is new. Saniye’s attitude changes toward the girls, and Nazar, usually very confident and determined, flounders in the face of her father’s disapproval.
Tahir and Nefes are sitting on the front stoop of the Kaleli home. Nefes wants to know where Tahir was all night and after saying it was a rough night, he proceeds to tell her what happened at Fikret’s house. He tells her it’s over; she doesn’t have to be afraid anymore. Nefes says she doesn’t know how to feel; one part of her wants to shout for joy but another part of her feels some guilt. After asking where he’s buried, she asks to go there, but Tahir says he’s gone and she doesn’t need to worry with him anymore.
At Fikret’s house, Doruk finds Fikret lying on the floor of Vedat’s bedroom. His emotional devastation has left him in the cold, damp bedroom that was Vedat’s, and he develops a cold and cough that weaken his body as well as his spirit.

Mustafa and Asiye start the day with a playful argument. Asiye, holding the baby, wakes Mustafa to know if he has reassured Tahir that they are and always will be “brothers.” When he says that he’s already told Tahir that, he then tries to get her back in bed, but when that doesn’t work, Mustafa grudgingly gets up and stalks to the bathroom.
Saniye is at the cemetery praying at Crazy Tahir’s graves. She is joined by Fikret who looks exhausted. She is angry with Fikret, wanting to know what he accomplished by upsetting her family. He tells her that he warned her before that her family was “burning” and only Tahir knew it. The truth will always come out in the end. Saniye says he took away her favourite son and now Tahir will go farther from her, but Fikret says she had already lost him. It’s her habit to blame other people for what she does wrong. Then he asks if she will give him condolences. She’s shocked when he tells her he killed his own son. He tells her to go home to find peace and not to look for an apology from the dead. Look for an apology from the living. After Fikret leaves, Saniye says that Tahir has always been her son and always will be just as Nefes will be her daughter.

Fikret goes to Osman Hoda’s house seeking expiation for his sin, but Osman is perturbed. He doesn’t understand why Fikret added the sin of killing his son to his other sins, and Fikret doesn’t have an answer. Fikret is sick, sick of body, mind and soul. Saniye goes home determined to set things right by approving of Nefes and Nazar as her daughters. Fikret’s admonition about taking care of her family has been taken to heart. She confesses to the family her part in the death of Crazy Tahir and Sakine but says her intentions were good, to reconcile Sakine with her mean father. Her refusal to accept Nefes was because she was afraid that Tahir would be murdered just as his uncle was. The boys proclaimed their brotherhood enthusiastically and Saniye accepts Nefes as her daughter. She then tells Nazar to go home and tell her mother Turkan that they will come that very night to ask for her hand. A grateful Nazar kisses Saniye’s hand and Murat smiles with happiness.

Fikret returns home weak and feverish. He walks unsteadily from the car to the house, and Doruk is alarmed. He tells Fikret that he should go to the hospital, but Fikret says no. In the house, Fikret goes upstairs to Vedat’s bedroom which has been put in order and falls on the bed. Doruk asks if he can call a doctor because he has caught a cold; Fikret answers that he is cold but a doctor can’t help him; he needs to sleep.

Murat takes Nazar to the Dagdeviren home to tell them about the engagement visit that evening. Nazar can’t be totally happy because she’s afraid of what Cemil may do. Turkan says he will be difficult, but maybe he can be won over since the Kalelis are following tradition and will offer a big wedding that will be acknowledged in the community. Mustafa goes to the wharf to speak to Cemil about the engagement visit, but he doesn’t find a happy man. Cemil is still angry that Nazar disobeyed him and went to live with the Kalelis. He says they should have returned her to her home, but Mustafa says his family doesn’t close the door to people who come to visit. Cemil disputed that, saying Saniye kicked Nefes out several times. Mustafa didn’t have an answer for that nugget of truth, so he told Cemil that they would come to his house at 7:00. Cemil goes home and treats Nazar abominably. He tells her it’s too late for tradition and throws her out of the house.

After breakfast, Tahir and Nefes go to Vedat’s grave. Nefes says she has some feelings in her heart that she needs to get out or they will become a burden for her. When they arrive at Fikret’s house, Doruk greets them and tells them he’s worried about his boss, that he is sick and will not let him call a doctor. He asks Tahir if he and Nefes will go in and check on him. They find Fikret in bed with a cold but still adamant about not seeing a doctor. Nefes goes downstairs to make some soup for Fikret while Tahir sits with him in the bedroom. Tahir says he feels strange sitting calmly with his parents’ murderer, but he has no desire for revenge even though Fikret practically begged him to shoot him. He says Fikret dying of a bullet wound is easy, but knowing that he killed his own son as well as Tahir’s parents will be the ultimate punishment. He will become a walking dead man for the rest of his life. Nefes brings the soup and then they go to the gravesite. Nefes asks Tahir to leave her alone for awhile so that she can unburden her soul. She recounts the cruelty that she and Yigit suffered at his hands and says she will never say his name again, but will live with the love of her husband and son.

Nefes asks Tahir to take them to his parents’ graves. When they go to Sakine’s grave, Tahir breaks down. He says he doesn’t know her face, her scent or her memory. He says he doesn’t feel a sense of loss because he didn’t know her at all, but Nefes says that Saniye really did him a favour by not telling him about his parents. He never had to live with a sense of loss and uncertainty. They leave the cemetery to go to Crazy Tahir’s grave, but Tahir decides to do something else. Thinking that with Vedat’s death, they will start a new life, he drives to the dock and tells Nefes to get out. She refuses, so he picks her up and puts her on a boat. He takes them back to the steep cliff where they jumped to escape from Vedat and his men, then to the rock jetty where they would go for privacy, and finally to the cove where Tahir wrecked the boat and was rescued by Nefes. The boat ride ends in the evening with Tahir and Nefes singing a romantic ballad.

Mustafa returns home and he and Asiye have a silly argument in which Asiye thinks he has called her a stupid, ignorant woman. When the baby cries she leaves him and he must stir the soup to keep it from burning. Ali and Esma come because they’ve just heard the news about Vedat from Fatih. Ali and Esma pick up on the dissension between Asiye and Mustafa, and when Mustafa explains, sort of, Esma affirms that Ali is just as dimwitted when it comes to conversations with women. Ali protests, but, like Mustafa, he’s just as puzzled. Finally, Esma tells Mustafa that after childbirth, a woman often feels unattractive and she lacks confidence in herself. He must be patient and compliment her. Tell her she’s beautiful. Ali suggests a romantic dinner and Esma agrees that would be a good idea. Mustafa goes upstairs to tell Asiye that they will go out for dinner, so she needs to get ready. She continues the argumentative mood, but she finally relents to an evening out.

Saniye goes to Osmond Hoda’s to explain the current circumstances at home. Osmond commends her for accepting her past mistakes and tells her to be patient with the family. It will take a while for the hurt she has caused the innocent to fade, but eventually, it will. She asks him to accompany the family to the Dagdiveren’s house for the engagement of Nazar and Murat and he says he will go with them. When he asks if Nazar’s father is that difficult, Saniye replies that Cemil is recalcitrant but Osmond’s presence will at least get them in the door. When she returns home, she tells Mustafa that neither he nor Tahir will go with her to ask for Nazar’s hand because Cemil doesn’t get along with them. Osmond Hoda will go with her because Cemil can’t refuse him entrance.

Tahir and Nefes return home from the boat excursion to find Asiye dressed in a very formal outfit for her romantic evening out with her husband. Murat, Saniye and Osmond Hoda arrive at the Dagdiveren’s house to find Nazar on the patio, a place she’s occupied since Cemil locked her out. They enter the house in a very awkward position because Cemil is not very civil. Osmond Hoda begins the tradition by stating that the young people made a mistake, but they are innocent and repentant for their wrongdoing. Cemil, however, is not gracious and after allowing them to have coffee, he basically kicks them out. As they are going to the car, Cemil comes outside dragging Nazar and saying they forgot something. As he says that, he flings Nazar toward them. Murat is furious with Cemil for his treatment of Nazar, and Nazar is so upset that she faints in the car. Concerned, Murat takes her to the hospital where they diagnose the fainting as stress and give her an IV. Saniye and Osman Hoda return to their respective homes.

Mustafa takes Asiye to a fancy restaurant. It is supposed to be a romantic evening, but Mustafa doesn’t say anything romantic. Asiye is annoyed, so she tells Mustafa that she’s going to the restroom to refresh her makeup and when she returns, she expects him to say lovely, romantic words that will make the evening special. Mustafa is at a loss, so when she’s away, he calls Tahir to ask for advice on what he should say to her. As Tahir says sweet nothings to Nefes, Mustafa repeats the words to Asiye. This goes well until Tahir mistakenly ends the call, leaving Mustafa at a loss for what to say next. After their meal, when Mustafa has nothing else romantic to say, Asiye accuses Mustafa of having memorized those romantic lines to say to other women; Asiye becomes angry and goes to the car. When they return home, she’s still angry, saying Mustafa has cheated with other women. Tahir and Nefes are calmly drinking their coffee until Asiye makes her accusation. Nefes then looks at Tahir and accuses him of having written a poem for a former girlfriend and she leaves, all much ado about nothing and the end of what could have been a lovely evening for all.

The next morning at Osmond Hoda’s house Berrak and Esma talk about Vedat’s death. Berrak says she’s the only one not happy about it because only Vedat knew where her mother was. Now she may never see her mother again. Ali comes bringing a plant for Esma, trying to be romantic. When Esma says a plant isn’t romantic, Ali says he thought a plant was better than cut flowers which would soon die, but a plant was something they could take care of together. THAT is romantic, Esma says, and Ali is relieved.

One week later, the wedding of Nazar and Murat is to take place. Turkan and Mercan attend, but Cemil is still refusing to acknowledge Nazar as his daughter. Nothing Turkan says will sway his obstinate nature. The guests are greeted by Tahir, Nefes, Asiye and Mustafa. As Captain Cemal comes through the receiving line, he tells Tahir that a strange man brought an envelope that he left on the desk at the office. The wedding festivities begin with Nazar in a beautiful dress and Murat in formal attire walking down the aisle to the wedding table. Gifts of gold are given to the bride as custom requires and then the music begins.* Tahir goes up to tell the wedding couple to dance but Nazar declines. Tahir then gives a short speech about marriage and advice for Murat and Nefes gives advice for Nazar. The dancing begins but Nazar excuses herself to go to the bathroom. She goes into the dressing room, and looking bereft and miserable, she takes off the gold jewellery and money she’s been given. After the Kaleli boys do a traditional dance, Murat looks for Nazar but he can’t find her. He calls her cell phone which she answers as she runs down the wet road away from the wedding site. When Murat asks her where she is, she only says, “I can’t do this. I can’t.”

*We never see a government official, two witnesses, or a wedding ceremony. It’s unclear if they are married or not. Gifts to the bride and groom and dancing usually occur after the ceremony.
Who is the unidentified man whose face we never see? What is on the CD that will ruin Nefes’s happiness? Where will Nazar go? Will Fatih become closer to Berrak? What is Fikret doing?

Written By – Susan Watson



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