There’s nothing like a little mystery to begin an episode. Murat has read the letter that fell from the musical instrument and dashed out of the Kaleli office. We don’t know where he’s going, but I’ll bet that letter, written by Fikret, has something to do with Mother Saniye’s secret past.

Nefes answers the knock at the door of the little old lady’s house to find Vedat, and after a ridiculous conversation that hovered between veiled threats and open hostility, Vedat grabs Nefes and stuffs a chloroform cloth over her face. Once he has put her in the waiting car, he goes back to find Yigit. While in hiding, Yigit has taken a fish hook from his box of mementoes to leave as a “crumb” for Tahir. Unbeknown to Vedat, Yigit attaches the fish hook to his coat collar. Vedat carries Yigit to the car and they drive to Vedat’s mansion. Two of the men carry Nefes and Yigit upstairs while the third man is directed to hit Vedat hard enough to leave “fight” evidence on his face, after which Vedat leaves.

A flashback returns to the time when Tahir’s uncle, Crazy Tahir, and his young wife were murdered by Fikret. A continuation of that scene shows Fikret walking over the bodies to a bedroom where an infant is crying. Taking the child, he walks back through the house over the bodies on the floor, and out the door. Next, we see Fikret and a woman leave the baby at the Kaleli front door with a note in the bassinet.

Meanwhile, at Fikret’s house, Tahir has learned that Vedat is Fikret’s son and that his mother Saniye has a secret sin that only she should reveal. Giving Tahir an envelope with passports and cash and advice to leave the country with Nefes and Yigit, Fikret hopes to save Tahir from Vedat’s vendetta. Tahir is conflicted because he knows he needs to leave but he also needs to talk to his mother. We don’t know where he’s going when he drives away, but at some point on the highway, he sees a roadblock and he drives through it. The police give chase.

Mustafa comes to the office to find Fatih drinking breakfast tea alone. Murat left abruptly after reading the letter. As usual, Mustafa shouts and threatens Fatih in his exasperation, but neither knows where Murat might be. Mustafa is concerned for Murat’s safety since Cemil is angry with Murat for taking Nazar, and he’s a very dangerous man. Murat has become very emotional since reading the letter.

Ali, in his office at the precinct, is exasperated, too, and a bit anxious when a man from the Ministry comes in and tells him they need to have a private chat. The minister tells Ali that he is relieved of his duty since he has failed to arrest Tahir. The man relates every opportunity that Ali has had to take Tahir into custody and failed to do so. He also tells him that he knows Tahir and Ali are friends and compliments their military service, but that friendship has caused a problem for Ali.

Saniye is walking toward the house with a cart when her phone rings. It’s Fikret calling to tell her that she should remember he told her at the cemetery that someone would ask her about her past and that someone is Tahir. Now Saniye is afraid. A flashback to the Saniye’s past shows a young married Saniye sitting on a bed beside the infant as she reads the note left on its blanket. Her husband appears and asks whose child and she answers, “It’s your brother Tahir’s baby.” The memory causes her to faint. Nazar and Asiye find her lying at the front door. Nazar says she’s having a heart attack and begins CPR while telling Asiye to call for an ambulance. Murat drives up and says they can take her to the hospital quicker than waiting for an ambulance. Oh, good, now Saniye won’t be able to answer any questions from Murat and Tahir. Don’t you just love the way writers’ creative minds work to keep us in suspense. Murat and Nazar leave for the hospital with Saniye in the back seat, Asiye goes in to call Mustafa, Tahir suddenly appears as Asiye turns around, and the police begin banging on the door. Tahir learns that his mother is in the hospital and he escapes through a back door.

In a locked bedroom at Vedat’s mansion, Yigit tries to awaken Nefes who has been tied to a wheelchair. The room has been specifically designed to prohibit access to windows and appears empty of furniture, but the floor is covered with lit candles. Vedat has returned to the little old lady’s house, identified himself as Tahir Kaleli, and said that he has taken his wife and son to a safe place to hide them from the dangerous Vedat. He tells her to beware of a tall man who will come looking for Nefes and Yigit; she should tell him she knows nothing about their whereabouts. In fact, he says, she needs to find a safe place to hide herself. When she says she has relatives in Istanbul, Vedat gives her money and says she should go there. Before leaving he gives her a hug and thanks her for helping Nefes and Yigit. She looks more sceptical than worried. Did she believe him?

At the hospital, Murat and Nazar stand by an unconscious Saniye as Mustafa and Fatih arrive. Mustafa blames Murat for Saniye’s condition, but Murat denies it. He gives the letter he found to Mustafa to read, and Mustafa is confounded.

Tahir is running through the woods, having escaped out the back door of the Kaleli mansion while the police banged on the front door. When he finally sits by a tree to rest, he remembers what Fikret told him about his mother’s sin. We know that he will pursue this mystery at his own peril.

At that moment, Vedat walks into the bedroom to welcome Nefes back to the familiar life of being his prisoner. Yigit rejects Vedat as his father, but Vedat doesn’t care. He unties Nefes and asks her if she remembers the wheelchair as the one he was tied in when he was kidnapped. He tells them they will remain in the room until Tahir is captured or turns himself in. When he goes downstairs, he tells one of the men to find Tahir and bring him to the mansion, and the other two will remain with him. Then he walks purposely over to the tape player and turns on classical music which is fed into a speaker planted high above the door of the room in which Nefes and Yigit are imprisoned. The music is apparently associated with all of the cruelties Nefes experienced in her previous life with Vedat. She remembers the pain and fear and suffers a psychotic episode which scares Yigit.

Osman Hoda pays a visit to the Kaleli mansion, Berrak and Esma have a chat at the law office about Murat and Nazar’s situation with Saniye, and Ali comes to tell Esma he was suspended from Tahir’s case. At the hospital, Saniye wakes up to see her three sons staring at her with frowns on their faces. As she begins to sit up, they leave the room. Nazar helps her out of the hospital and into the car. After they arrive home, Nazar helps Saniye to bed and tells her she will check on her often. Outside Mustafa is ruminating on the information in the letter he read. When the police approach him to tell him he must convince Tahir to surrender, they say he must do that as Tahir’s brother. Otherwise, he would be guilty of aiding and abetting a criminal. Mustafa agrees that he must do that as a “brother.” The catch is, he isn’t Tahir’s brother, he’s Tahir’s cousin, so Mustafa thinks that absolves him of the responsibility.

Vedat has gone to Fikret’s house to ask if he has found Nefes and Yigit, but he’s really there to find out where Tahir might be. Fikret tells him that he has passports and plans to leave. Vedat is annoyed that Fikret has helped his arch enemy. Just as Vedat is about to leave, Tahir walks up and both men draw guns on each other. Fikret has two guns aimed at each of them and tells them to put the weapons away, but they don’t do that until they have their threatening conversation. Vedat says Tahir thinks he’s a hero but he’s the real hero of this story because he understands women and especially Nefes. He says Tahir can’t stand the idea that Nefes “sold him out” to the police. After the prolonged taunting, Vedat puts his gun down and turns toward Fikret, saying, “You see. I’m a good son. I obey my father.” As Vedat turns, Tahir sees Yigit’s fish hook in the collar of Vedat’s coat. Vedat leaves in his car. Tahir gives Fikret the keys to the car he has borrowed and tells him where he left it. He says the police know it now, so he will be better walking. After he leaves, Fikret calls Vedat to warn him not to call the police on Tahir’s whereabouts. If he does, Fikret has promised he will hurt him. What I don’t understand is why Fikret hasn’t questioned the absence of the three men whom he charged to take Vedat to his mansion the day before. Surely he has noticed that they didn’t return to his house.

The Kaleli family sit around the dining table while Saniye rests in the bedroom. Osman Hoda tells them not to be sad because Saniye is recovering nicely, but Mustafa says that’s not why everyone is sad. He takes the letter out and reads it to everyone. Fikret has explained the secret sin that he and Saniye share. Saniye was in love with Crazy Tahir Kaleli, but she was promised to his brother Mehmet Kaleli; her friend Sakine was promised to Fikret, but she was in love with Crazy Tahir Kaleli. Crazy Tahir and Sakine ran away to Istanbul and Fikret went after them. After a year of searching unsuccessfully, he returned to Trabzon. One day when Fikret was visiting with Sakine’s father, Saniye came to give the father a letter Sakine had written to her. Fikret saw the address and left immediately. He found the young couple and shot them both. Then he took the infant and left it at the Kaleli home. As Mustafa read the letter, the shock for the family was profound. In the bedroom, Saniye receives a call from Fikret telling her that Tahir wants to talk to her and she should meet them at Crazy Tahir’s grave tomorrow morning.

Vedat has one of the men take Yigit to another room. He has the music turned on in Nefes’s room while he goes downstairs to get wine for himself and Nefes. When the man took Yigit from Nefes’s arms, she bit the man’s hand and he slapped her. Although he apologized, Vedat punishes the man by trapping his hand in a toaster. He tells the man he doesn’t like people touching things that belonged to him. Vedat goes back upstairs with a bottle of wine and two glasses. Nefes breaks the bottle and wields the broken end as a weapon. The man who slapped her is downstairs soaking his burned hand when his fellow thug joins him. They look up to see Tahir with two guns drawn approaching. Upstairs, Yigit has seen Tahir from the window of his locked room and he’s jubilant. Tahir shoots the man who comes out the door and makes the injured man throw down his weapon.

In the bedroom upstairs, Vedat hears the shot and turns, giving Nefes a chance to put her arm around his neck, holding the broken bottle end against his neck. She makes Vedat drop his gun. Tahir rescues Yigit from the locked room, draws his gun and opens the door of Nefes’s room. He head butts Vedat and they escape in Vedat’s car. Vedat doesn’t remember that Fikret warned him not to call the police about Tahir, so that’s the very thing he does.

Nefes asks Tahir how he found them and Tahir answers that he has a very clever son. Rounding a curve, Tahir and Nefes see a roadblock ahead. Tahir stops the car and he recognizes the young policeman who stepped in a trap as he was chasing Tahir earlier. He had opened the trap to free the man’s leg and then cauterized it to hopefully prevent tetanus. Tahir told the policeman that night that he wasn’t running from justice, he was trying to find his wife and son; he said that one day maybe the two fathers could play football with their sons. Now the policeman remembers Tahir’s help and lets the car pass.
When Saniye faces her family, she isn’t a bit contrite. She is defiant about her actions, saying that she didn’t do anything wrong. She said Sakine’s father had a right to know where his daughter was and she didn’t murder anyone. Raising Tahir as her son kept him from an orphanage and the knowledge of what had happened to his parents.

The Dagdiveren household is quiet. Cemil sits and doesn’t speak. When Mercan tells Turkan and Cemil that Nazar called to tell of Saniye’s heart attack, Cemil sits with a stone face. Mercan also tells Cemil that Nazar said she loved him, but Cemil says she can’t love him if she’s disobedient and holds the gun to her chest. He leaves the room.

At Osman Hoda’s, Ali, Esma, Berrak and Osman discuss Tahir’s situation. Having arrived in Trabzon, Tahir ditches Vedat’s car and they hail a taxi to take them to a nice hotel where they shower and dress to have dinner in the restaurant. At his mansion, Vedat is drunk and wandering outside the mansion in the dark. Fikret comes and Vedat cries on his shoulder. Fikret cries, too, because it’s the first time Vedat has shown his vulnerability to Fikret as a son to a father. As Doruk drives them home, Fikret smiles quietly when Vedat falls asleep on his shoulder. When they arrive, Fikret puts Vedat to bed and then signs a document that a strange man, a lawyer, perhaps, has brought to the house. Did Fikret make a new will?

In the early hours of the next morning, Fikret performs ablutions before going to the cemetery, Tahir leaves a sleeping Nefes and Yigit at the hotel, and Saniye leaves the quiet, now peaceful Kaleli mansion. They meet at the cemetery by the graves of Crazy Tahir and Sakine. It’s windy and cold with crunchy snow on the ground, but the moment is heated with emotions: Fikret and Saniye reluctant and regretful, Tahir eager and questioning.

How will Tahir react to the truth of his parentage? Has Fikret changed the beneficiary of his will? What will Vedat do when he awakens sober? Is an angry Cemil still a danger to Murat? Will Saniye change her attitude toward Nazar? Will the police arrest Tahir?

Written By – Susan Watson



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