My, my. This episode has a provocative scene at the very beginning that will definitely get your attention. We see Fikret calming sipping a cup of tea when suddenly a hand presses a gun against the back of his head. Fikret, without any shock at all, says that when he first came to Trabzon, he met Mrs Saniye in the cemetery and he told her that everyone has a sin that they’ve forgotten until someone comes along who reminds them of it. The hand cocks the pistol and the camera moves to show Tahir’s face. “Fikret Delicay. Who are you?” he demands.

The next scene picks up with the ending of episode 41 where Tahir and Nefes are waiting for Ali to come into the house to arrest Tahir. Yigit is playing in the yard as Ali dashes up the steps; Yigit greets Ali and tells him his Baba is in the house. Ali pounds on the door, calling for Tahir, but no one opens it. This made no sense because Nefes would not have locked the door since Yigit was outside. When she does open the door, she tells Ali that Tahir left. Ali checks the house, then runs out the back door and chases Tahir through the woods. All of this is observed by Vedat who sits in a car parked beyond the house.

Ali and the police chase Tahir through the woods until Ali stops and tells them to return to the house to take care of Nefes and Yigit. He says he will find Tahir and bring him in.
Yigit, upset that Tahir has left, runs up the road into the arms of Vedat, and Nefes, trying to stop him, falls down the steps. Vedat asks her if she’s hurt, then says maybe she deserved to be hurt. Nefes, telling him to get away, doesn’t do much good, but Yigit stops Vedat when he throws a rock at him, saying “Don’t touch my mother. You’re a dirty monster.” The police return from chasing Tahir just in time to stop Vedat from harassing Nefes; they take her to the hospital.

The scene shifts to the Dagdiveren house where Cemil is railing against Nazar with Turkan trying to stop him. He accuses her of breaking her promise to him by seeing Murat, and that she has treated her mother and father like idiots. When Turkan declares that he will have to kill her first before he touches Nazar, Cemil storms out the door and heads for his truck, telling Turkan to stay out of this.

At the Kaleli house, Saniye enters from her visit to the Dagdiveren family where she exposed the romance between Murat and Nazar. She’s very proud of what she has done and boasts of it to Asiye. She is oblivious to the danger she has caused for Murat and the family. Murat, who was beset with Mustafa’s annoyance from his drunken behavior the night before, left the Kaleli office, and Fatih has to answer to Mustafa. At that moment, Cemil arrives with gun in hand to tell Mustafa to keep his brother away from Nazar and his house or he would kill him.

In the woods, Tahir has sneaked up behind Ali and forced him to put down his gun. The two friends sit on the ground while Ali gives Tahir a lecture against running away. He tells him that they would always live in fear, would always be a guest in a country, unable to settle down and build a home. Tahir would not be able to fulfil his desire to be a father because he couldn’t guarantee Yigit a stable home and an education. Finally, he tells Tahir about his own family problems and how his parents were divorced, but he doesn’t convince Tahir to turn himself in. Tahir gets up and walks away.

At the hospital, Nefes has an x-ray of her foot.  Apparently, she suffered a fracture because the doctor puts her foot in an orthopedic boot. When the doctor has finished, Nefes convinces the policeman to let her and Yigit go home without his help.  In the lobby of the hospital, her little old lady neighbor sees her and takes the two of them to her house. Once there, she tells Nefes that some nice man rescued her granddaughter, but he wouldn’t tell his name, only that his son called him Tiger from the Sea.

Vedat, who has been told to return to Fikret’s house by the man who followed him, returns to find Fikret and his men waiting in the yard. Vedat is convinced that Nefes will return to him even though Fikret tells him that no one wins when they “fight with love;” they can only win when they “fight for love.” Nothing Fikret says has any influence on Vedat’s thinking.

Fatih found Murat sitting by the Black Sea and warned him to get lost for awhile because Cemil was very angry. He told Murat that Cemil came to the office with a gun and threatened Mustafa to keep Murat away from Nazar or he’d kill him. Murat, unafraid leaves Fatih and drives to the Dagdiverens. He bangs on the door, calling for Nazar, and when Turkan opens the door, she is pointing a shotgun at him. He tells her to shoot him or let him talk to Nazar. He says he doesn’t care anymore because he hasn’t done anything wrong. He asks Nazar to go away with him, and in spite of her mother and the gun, Nazar agrees to leave with Murat. When Nazar asks Murat where they will go, he says they will go to his house because he wants everyone to know that he brought her to his family, and she must be strong to face his mother and Mustafa.

Ali goes to the van but finds it empty.  He goes to the Kaleli office to tell Mustafa that he found Tahir and Nefes, but Tahir ran away.  Mustafa demands to know where Nefes and Yigit are living; he follows Ali to the van and sees the condition of the empty place. While there, he receives a call from Asiye to come home. She tells him that Murat has brought Nazar to the house.

Tahir sits in the woods contemplating his predicament. Finally, he goes to see Osman Hoda, and though he gets another lesson about love and happiness, he decides to continue seeking some way that he, Nefes and Yigit can escape the obstacles to their happiness. He leaves Osman Hoda after asking for his blessing. Then he calls Fikret and tells him he will come to his house at night to bring him pictures of Nefes and Yigit so their passports can be made.  

The little old lady prepares a meal for Nefes and Yigit after she hears about Nefes’ plight. She tells them to enjoy their meal and then rest while she goes to the market to sell her bath products. Yigit wants to go with her and Nefes says he may but he must promise not to cause problems. Apparently Yigit asks the little old lady to take him to the restaurant where Nefes worked because when they enter, the owner greets Yigit. Yigit tells him that his mother has broken her foot. He tells the owner that he will wash dishes for him while the lady goes to the bazaar to sell her products. He earns 50 TL so he buys flowers for his mother and candies for himself.

When Cemil returns home and finds that Nazar has left with Murat, he gets his gun and leaves. Mustafa has come home to find Nazar and Murat. He knows Cemil will be coming soon, so he calls Osman Hoda and asks him to come over. He knows Osman has a calming influence that may help diffuse the situation. At the moment, Ali and Esma are with Osman Hoda, so when Fatih arrives to get him, Osman tells them to come with him, too. Cemil has arrived at the Kaleli home and calls for Nazar as he shoots his gun in the air. Mustafa comes out followed by Murat who walks up to Cemil, puts the gun at his chest and declares that Nazar will live with them under the protection of Mustafa and Asiye’s honor until they are married. Nazar comes out and stands in front of Murat to put the muzzle of the gun against her own chest in defiance of her father. Mustafa pulls his gun and there is a showdown of pointed firearms until Ali drives up with Esma and Osman Hoda. When Ali tells Cemil to put his gun down, Cemil lowers the gun, tells Nazar that he no longer has a daughter, she won’t come to his funeral and he will not come to hers. He spits at her and then walks away. Nazar falls to the ground sobbing.

Evening comes and Tahir goes to Fikret’s house to give him the photos of Nefes and Yigit. He notices a medicine bottle on a table nearby, and he becomes suspicious.  When Fikret asks him about Nefes and Yigit, he doesn’t give a specific answer. He says he will come back the next day to get the passports. Tahir goes to the van but it’s empty because Nefes and Yigit are spending the night at the little old lady’s house (I don’t know how Tahir found the van.  Remember, he was looking for Nefes and Yigit during the previous episode and never found where they were living. He only discovered the restaurant because of the kite tail Yigit put on the door). He finds a cinema ticket that Yigit as another “crumb” for Tahir to find them.

Aisye tries to smooth the way with family for Murat, but Mustafa is still angry. Finally, after much of Mustafa’s shouting, Asiye prevails upon him to let Murat kiss his hand.  He tells Murat he must sleep in the office until “this marriage is done.” Those are precious words for Murat who agrees quite readily to sleeping on the office floor. For this slight moment of goodwill, Mustafa learns that he will not be sleeping with his wife. Asiye tells him he must sleep with Balim or in Tahir’s room because she is taking Nazar into their room.  When he protests, she says either he will sleep elsewhere or she will eat onions again. . .a little levity here. When Mustafa goes into the bedroom to get pajamas, he allows Nazar to pay her respects and says love is never wrong. Asiye follows him out and they play some silly love ritual that seems to parallel to sexual intercourse, but it’s not clear. Whatever this little scene is, it’s rather bizarre and not very funny.

Nefes has a nightmare in which the police take Tahir away. She gets up and goes outside, walking toward the van, but a police car comes by and she turns away.  She doesn’t see Tahir sleeping in the van. At the same time, Vedat leaves Fikret’s house with the intent of going to his own empty mansion. When asked why, Vedat says he will wait there for “the chicken.”  He then tells Fikret the story of Stalin’s chicken.

When Fikret’s men take Vedat to his house that night, he bribes them.  He calls them “Fikret’s dogs” and then he offers them a chance to become rich.  He will pay the man 100,000 TL if they bring him Tahir; 500,000 TL if they bring him Nefes: 1 million TL is they bring him both, and if they tell Fikret, he will kill all three of them no matter who tells Fikret.  They accept the bribe and leave. Interestingly, the next morning, after Tahir leaves the van and just at the time that Yigit has gone to check the van, Fikret’s men are seen waiting in a car. Exactly how they knew that Nefes and Yigit were staying there is unknown.  Suddenly, after the previous two hour episode where NO ONE knew of their whereabouts, everybody seems to know. . .crazy dramatic license. Nefes opens the door of the little old lady’s house after a knock and discovers Vedat standing there, freshly groomed and telling her he will always be at the end of her road.

After leaving the van in the morning, Tahir goes to Fikret’s house to get the passports. He sees Doruk and remembers him sleeping outside Vedat’s room at the hospital and the bottle of medicine on the table when he visited Fikret the night before. When he goes in the house, he pulls his gun as he approaches Fikret drinking his tea and points it at his head. Fikret says when he first came to Trabzon, he saw Mrs. Saniye in the cemetery and told her that sins can be buried until someone comes along to remind them of their secret sin. When Tahir demands to know who he is and what his connection to Vedat is, he reluctantly tells Tahir that Vedat is his son. Fikret asks him why it hasn’t occurred to Tahir that it’s strange for a man from Istanbul to come all the way to Trabzon to buy sand; surely there are resources for sand closer to the city. Tahir, confused, asks him what he meant about seeing Saniye in the cemetery, and Fikret says he will have to ask his mother about that.

Fatih has come to the office early to awaken Murat and get the place straightened up before Mustafa arrives. Murat playfully throws a backpack at him which hits the wall and knocks down the musical instrument which Fikret gave Mustafa. It hits the floor and breaks; when Murat picks it up, he sees paper sticking out and finds the letter that Fikret put there months before when he made the baglama. He reads the letter slowly and appears to be shocked.

What will Tahir do with his newfound knowledge? Will Tahir ask his mother about her secret sin? Will Vedat kidnap Nefes and Yigit from the little old lady’s house? What is written in the letter that Murat found in the instrument? Will Fikret’s traitorous men kidnap Tahir? What will Fikret do when he discovers what Vedat has done?

Written By – Susan Watson



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