The opening scene of this episode actually occurs much later in the story, but it prefaces the ending of the action. Ali finds Nefes and Yiğit sleeping in the abandoned van. When he awakens Nefes, he asks her if she will help him catch Tahir because his plans for going to Russia will not solve their problems. He tells her that Turkey has a 2017 agreement with Russia to return criminal fugitives. Nefes doesn’t answer because she’s torn between love and fear for Tahir.

Yigit has seen Nefes faint at the door of the abandoned van and he has panicked. He shakes her until she revives and assures him she is all right, just cold and tired; then she falls asleep again. He gets matches and a phone card from her pocket and his tin of keepsakes from which he takes 3 cinema tickets to use as fire starters. After failing with the first two tickets, the third one lights the wood in the barrel. Assuring his mother that she will be warm, he walks to a public phone and tries to call Tahir to tell him that Nefes is sick, but there is no answer.

After noticing Yigit’s kite tail on the shop door, Tahir is peering into the darkened restaurant and banging on the window. The noise draws the attention of a policeman who chases him until Tahir stops and flashes his false ID as a policeman. He gives the young man a lesson on how to conduct an arrest before leaving in the car that Fikret provided for him. He retreats into the woods once more and lights a small fire, and once settled, he looks at the kite tail he took from the restaurant door and remembers the day he and Yigit flew the kite.

At Fikret’s house, Vedat has collapsed after telling Fikret that he will kill himself if he doesn’t see Nefes and Yigit. Fikret is upset and commands his men to get a doctor quickly. Full of remorse, he begs his comatose son to forgive him for allowing things to go so far.

Yigit returns to the van, puts more wood in the barrel, and climbing up beside Nefes, he tells her a story about a beautiful mother, a handsome son, a good father who loved them very much, and a mean, terrible monster (Vedat) who smelled bad and had sharp claws. In his story, Yigit says after the good father chases away the terrible monster, the mother, son and father go home where all the family and friends are gathered around a table laden with meatballs and French fries, and everyone is happy.
The next morning, Ali is in his office when a policeman brings him an envelope with Tahir’s belongings, but there is nothing in the envelope that will help him locate Tahir. As he leaves his office, he sees an old couple asking about their 17 year old granddaughter who disappeared months ago after leaving the house one morning for school. The police tell them that they have had no word on the girl.

Esma, in her office, receives a call from the court about Nazar’s divorce. She calls Nazar and tells her the divorce proceedings will take place that day, and Nazar should come to the courthouse for the hearing.
At the Kaleli house, Mustafa is once again caught between the arguing of Asiye and Mother Saniye. Asiye is tired because the baby was awake all night and Mustafa didn’t wake up to help her with him. Saniye says if they had let her keep the baby, they wouldn’t be fussing. A knock at the door pulls Mustafa away to find Ali with the envelope of Tahir’s belongings. Mustafa asks if there is any word on Nefes and Yigit, but Ali must admit they haven’t found them.
In the morning, Nefes has fallen asleep again, but now she has a fever. Yigit goes to the restaurant to tell the owner that his mother is sick. The owner gives him some soup to take to Nefes. When he goes back to the van, he puts lemon and pepper in the soup and gives it to Nefes, and he tells her that he let the parrot go free so that he could find his mate, just as he let the fish that he caught go free so it could find its mother. He compared the caged bird to their imprisonment in Vedat’s house.


Tahir goes back to the street where the restaurant is located and watches from a distance. Two policemen eating outside make him pull back from view so that when Yigit leaves with the containers of soup, Tahir doesn’t see him. When the policemen pay for their soup, they show the owner Tahir’s picture and ask if he has seen him. They tell the owner that Tahir is a wanted man and he should notify them if he sees Tahir. After the policemen leave, Tahir goes into the restaurant, shows the owner Nefes and Tahir’s photos, and asks if he has seen them. The owner immediately recognizes Tahir as the fugitive and lies. He says he hasn’t seen Nefes and Yigit. Tahir goes back to the forest where he finds Yigit’s backpack and takes a notepad from it.

Ali goes to Esma’s office and waits for her to return from court. She tells him that the Nazar is now divorced from Vedat, but if he doesn’t find Tahir and Nefes, their court cases will be impossible to defend. She reminds him that Turkey has a 2017 pact with Russia to return all Turkish criminals, so even if they have escaped to Russia, they will soon be returned. Tahir is in trouble immediately because of his escape, but Nefes is a defendant in Vedat’s kidnapping case and she will be in big trouble when that case comes to court.

While Nefes and Yigit are resting in the van, the little old woman who was at the precinct with her husband asking about her grandaughter knocks on the back door. She tells them that she saw them sleeping in the van and left the mattress and blanket for them. She invites them to her house for a bath and once there, she tells Nefes about her 17 year old grandaughter who disappeared. Nefes is empathetic, but she still enjoys a steamy bath that revives her.

Meanwhile, Tahir, walking through the woods, sees a man dragging a crying girl up the wooded slope toward an isolated house. The man pushes the girl into the house where she joins another disheveled young girl who appears to be the old woman’s missing granddaughter. Then the man joins two other men standing outside the house.

Nazar and Mercan go to Osman Hoda’s house to tell Berrak that Nazar’s divorce is final. They are happy, but Nazar doesn’t understand how it happened so quickly and so easily. Berrak wants to know if she has told Murat, but Nazar says no and smiles. Rather than talk about Murat, she asks Berrak if Fatih said anything to her. Berrak admits that he confessed his love for her, but she said nothing. Joyfully, the girls decide to talk about renewing the catering business now that the romances have been declared.

Fikret receives a call. Apparently, he was the instrument of Nazar’s divorce from Vedat. He tells the lady lawyer that she did well, so much so that he is beginning to be satisfied with her after the things she did for Vedat that angered him (filing the kidnapping suit against the girls). One of his men, Doruk, comes in with a bag of medicine; Fikret sends him upstairs to check on Vedat. The bed is empty and the veranda door open. Doruk rushes down to tell Fikret that Vedat is gone. Vedat is walking slowly and painfully in the woods when Fikret and his men find him. Fikret tells him it’s useless to pursue Nefes because she now belongs to another man and Yigit calls that man his “real” father. Vedat says he won’t let another man raise his child as Fikret has done. Disgusted, Fikret says Vedat is a maniac and he walks away. After a painful step or two, Vedat turns and follows Fikret.

Nefes and Yigit leave the old woman’s house with food and a gas burner to cook on. They go to the van with the intention of cooking meatballs and potatoes just as Yigit suggested in his story of going home. When the food is cooked, Nefes makes a meatball and French fry sandwich for Yigit. She says maybe they should paint the van and make it more of a home.

Tahir has been lying in wait to attack the men at the house and free the girl. He jumps down from a tree and attacks one of the men sitting on the ground with his tea. He drags him away, knocks him out with the man’s gun, and binds his arms with the man’s belt. When a second man comes out of the house, he does the same with him. Tahir then knocks on the door and when the third man opens it, Tahir head-butts him, binds him with a belt and frees the two girls. He takes them near the police station and tells them to report their kidnapping to the officers. He won’t tell the girls his name when they ask; he says his son calls him Tiger from the Sea.

Tahir goes back to the isolated house, lectures the three men on the harm they have caused the girls, strips them to their underwear, ties them with ropes to the rear bumper of the car, and makes them jog behind chanting a Turkish soldier’s song.  The girls at the precinct have told Ali their story before their parents rush in to claim them. The old lady hugs her granddaughter and rejoices in her return. Ali knows who saved them. Shortly after the girls leave with their families, Ali receives a call from a policeman who tells him to come see something strange. When Ali arrives, he finds the three kidnappers tied to a lamp post with a sign that says “No place for these perverts.” Ali knows Tahir put them there; he tells the policeman the person who did this is someone named “Tiger from the Sea.”

At the Kaleli house Mustafa and Fatih enter without Murat. Mustafa goes upstairs while Fatih explains to Asiye and Saniye that after Murat and Mustafa argued, he took Murat away for awhile, but he would go find him. Fatih finds a drunk Murat standing outside Nazar’s home, and after arguing with Fatih, he strides up to the door and bangs on it. When Turkan opens the door, followed by Nazar and Mercan, he declares that he wants to see Nazar. Turkan says he’s doing this because Nazar has just gotten the divorce. Murat didn’t know this, but that inspires him to say that he loves Nazar and wants to marry her. Turkan tells Fatih to take Murat away, but Murat pulls away from him, grabs Nazar and throws her over his shoulder and walks away with Fatih, Turkan and Mercan shouting and following him.

Upstairs at the Kaleli home, Mustafa sees that Asiye has charged Tahir’s cellphone. He takes the phone and sees Yigit’s call. Without telling Asiye, he goes outside and calls Ali. He tells Ali about Yigit’s call and that means Nefes and Yigit are still in Trabzon, not Russia. Ali knows this already because of the kidnappers and seeing Tahir on the ramparts of the building nearby, but he tells Mustafa that Yigit must have used a payphone. If they can locate the public phone, maybe they can find Nefes and Yigit. Just as Mustafa ends the call, he sees Murat bringing Nazar to the house with the yelling women and Fatih behind him. Mustafa yells at him and all the noise brings Asiye out first, then Saniye. Murat says Nazar is at her home now and once again says he loves her and wants to marry her. Saniye is so dumbfounded that she faints and while the others are tending to her, Murat and Nazar hold hands and smile at each other.

When Saniye has revived, Turkan and Mercan tug on Nazar while Fatih and Saniye pull on Murat, but nothing pulls them apart. . .until Saniye comes out of the house and shoots the shotgun into the air. The Dagdiveren women leave, and the Kalelis go into the house only to start arguing about what Murat has done.  Murat leaves again and goes to Nazar’s house.

After dinner at the van, Nefes turns on a little radio the old woman gave her and Yigit dances to the music which underlies and choreographs the confrontation happening at the Kaleli home. Later, Nefes holds Yigit as he sleeps and she cries quietly. Tahir, in the woods, has kindled a fire and prepared something to skewer for a meal. At Nazar’s house, Turkan tells the girls to go to bed, but she can’t rest with the headache she has. Before they can get situated, they hear Murat outside calling for Nazar again.
Nefes in the van and Tahir in the woods begin writing letters to each other. In the letters, they express how they are feeling; Nazar tells about the little gas burner that allows her to cook for Yigit, and Tahir says he had a nice day because he did something good. Later in the evening, when Nefes has fallen asleep, Ali finds the van with Nefes and Yigit inside and asks for Nefes help.
When Tahir wakes up the next morning, he calls Fikret and tells him he thinks he has found Nefes and Yigit, but he needs to hide them somewhere while they wait for their passports to be made. Fikret asks where they are, but Tahir won’t say. Fikret says to bring them to his house and he can arrange a house or a hotel for them until they can leave, but he will wait for Tahir to call him. Of course, Vedat has heard the conversation and comes downstairs to question Fikret. He heard Fikret tell Tahir to bring them to his house and he thinks that Fikret did that for him, but Fikret says that maybe he did it for Nefes and Yigit’s benefit, not his. Vedat is confused, saying maybe he did make mistakes, but he deserves a second chance.

Cemil has returned home and is satisfied that the divorce is done and he will have both of his daughters at home from now on. He also asks Nazar if the other problem is solved, the problem of Murat. Turkan calls for another pain pill because she knows that trouble is on the way when Cemil hears about Murat’s declaration of love and his behavior.
Nefes has gone to the restaurant to apologize for missing work and to thank the owner for the soup. The owner sends Yigit out to wipe the tables so that he can tell Nefes that her husband came asking about her, but he didn’t tell him anything. Tahir walks back to the restaurant and sees Yigit outside wiping the tables. He can’t approach him, though, because there are several policemen standing in the street nearby. Inside, the owner tells Nefes that she needs to leave. Tahir sees them leave the restaurant and follows them in the car. He stops and ushers them in the car quickly, and once on the road, he calls Fikret to ask if he has arranged something. Fikret asks him where he is, then gives him directions to a house. Even though he sent Vedat back upstairs, Vedat heard the conversation and knows he can find Nefes and Yigit.

Saniye leaves the house in a hurry, not explaining anything to Asiye.  She says she won’t allow the same thing to happen again. She lost one son but she won’t lose another.  She is speaking of losing Tahir to a married woman, but she won’t lose Murat to one. She is going to the Dagdiveren’s house.  Once there, she bangs on the door, calling for Turkan. Cemil comes to the door and Saniye tells them all that she won’t allow “it” to happen, that she lost one son but she won’t allow another to make the same mistake.  Cemil doesn’t understand, so Saniye tells him to ask Nazar. Nazar doesn’t know what to say. Cemil looks at her and says she promised him she wouldn’t marry until after he dies. Having done the damage, Saniye leaves.

Tahir arrives at the house for which Fikret gave directions.  At that moment, Fikret is on the porch telling one of the men to buy groceries and take them to the house for Tahir, Nefes, and Yigit.  While he is doing that, Vedat sneaks downstairs, retrieves Fikret’s phone, and listens to a recording of the directions Fikret gave Tahir.  When Fikret comes back into the house, Vedat pretends to be in pain.

At the house, Tahir is ecstatic that he has his wife and son, but Nefes is not happy. She tells Tahir that running away will not solve their problems, because Vedat and the police will always be searching for them. They will always be looking over their shoulders or fearing a knock at the door will be the police. She says Tahir has never lived without his family and he doesn’t know the sadness that brings; they can’t find a happy life if they know they are causing unhappiness in the family. She goes on to say that she didn’t run away because of Mother Saniye’s rudeness; she ran away because she knew Vedat would chase her and that would get him out of the Kaleli’s lives, but Tahir says everyone has two families: the one they are born into and the one they build for themselves. With tears in her eyes, Nefes tells Tahir it’s too late to run away and build a family because Ali is on his way to arrest Tahir. She pulls out a cellphone that has a tracker in it, the cellphone that Ali gave her when he found her and Yigit sleeping in the van.

Ali and his convoy are on the way to the house and Vedat is, also.  Just as Ali pulls up and gets out to arrest Tahir, Vedat drives in from a different direction.  He watches the police surround the house as Ali approaches the door and he sees Yigit playing outside.  Tahir and Nefes are inside, never dreaming that Vedat could be anywhere near. Of course, this is a perfect opportunity for Vedat to kidnap Yigit while the police are inside with Tahir and Nefes.  

Will Vedat take Yigit?  What will happen to Tahir?  Where will Nefes go? Will Fikret be able to stop Vedat? Poor Murat, will Saniye leave him alone?  What will Cemil do with Nazar since Murat has proposed? Can we stand any more of these travails?


Written By – Susan Watson



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