The only joy of this episode is seeing Vedat’s face contort with pain, and since he’s too evil to die, seeing him suffer is the next best thing. Now, if Mother Saniye would have a grave health issue and suffer some pain, maybe she would be scared enough to change her ugly attitude and appreciate what life has to offer. But that’s a foolish thought, I guess. This part of the story focuses on prayer, survival and hope. Everybody prays for Tahir, Nefes and Yigit: that they survive with little money, that they will be united, and that justice will be served on their behalf. Fikret prays that Vedat will survive and learn patience and humility. Murat and Fatih expose their feeling to Nazar and Berrak about their hopes for the future. Esma and the girls hope to revive the catering business. Osman Hoda prays for little Mehmet Even’s future and Tahir’s return to his family.

It’s night time. Tahir is running through the woods chased by a policeman who shoots when he won’t obey the command to stop. Nefes and Yigit are asleep in the boat until one of the two unknown men commands her to get up with the threat of his knife. The man and his accomplice take her by car to a place deep within the woods where she is directed to get out of the car by the man and walk into the woods, but Nefes overtakes her captor and beats him to the ground. She escapes, goes to the car with the man’s knife and threatens the accomplice to drive her back to the boat and Yigit.

Meanwhile, Tahir’s chaser has stepped in a boar trap. Tahir releases the man’s leg, cauterizes his wound and leaves him with the idea that perhaps one day they will play football with their sons. He runs until he’s out of danger of the police and stops to rest as the weather begins to turn foul with lots of thunder and lightning.

At the hospital, Fikret arrives after his man has alerted him that doctors and nurses have rushed to Vedat’s room. There is some emergency but he doesn’t know what has happened. At the end of episode 39, Vedat had some sort of seizure but we don’t know the cause. Fikret looks through the window at Vedat who is now calm and says a prayer, asking Allah for forgiveness and mercy for his son and for himself. At the same time, in the woods, Tahir prays for Allah to help his wife and son.

Nefes has taken Yigit away from the boat to seach for a safer place to spend the night. They walk until she finds an old abandoned van where they can shelter.
Standing outside at the Kaleli home, Mustafa, Fatih and Murat discuss Tahir and Nefes’s fugitive status. They know the two have little or no money for ID’s and passage out of the country. Mustafa tells the slackers to get up early in the morning to search for Nefes and Yigit just before Asiye calls him into the house.

The Dagdiveren girls are still awake when Murat calls Nazar to say goodnight. Turkan comes in and asks them if there is any news about Nefes. When Nazar says no, Turkan talks about the catering business and how disappointed she is that this chance to do something constructive has ended. She says she’s ignorant, that her mother took her out of school and married her to Cemil when she was sixteen. She says she didn’t look him in the face until 20 days after the wedding, called him Cemil Bey, and then did nothing but cook and clean until the girls came along. That has been her life for the last 30 years. The business was her chance to do something new and good with her life. Nefes touched something nice in all of them and she tells the girls to pray for Nefes.

Nefes, sitting in the old van, writes a letter to Tahir expressing her love and hope for the future when they can be together. Vedat awakens at the hospital and sees images pasted on the ceiling of Nefes and Tahir on their wedding day. Earlier Tahir in the early morning light has made his way to the Kaleli home , sneaked in surreptiously, packed a shoulder bag, and taken his wedding photo before leaving quietly. He then goes into Trabzon to a printer’s shop and meets the owner who will make a poster of the wedding picture. Later, he sneaked into the IC unit at the hospital and pasted the poster on the ceiling of Vedat’s room.

When Fikret visits Vedat in the morning, his man tells him he thinks Tahir came in the night. When Fikret asks him how he knows this, the man said Fikret would see when he went in Vedat’s room. Fikret sees the poster and laughs, saying Tahir could have killed Vedat when he was in the room, but he didn’t. That makes him a special man. He also tells Vedat that not only has Tahir escaped, but also Nefes has run away. A nurse shoos Fikret away while Vedat says Nefes will never get away from him. Three bullets to the stomach hasn’t made one bit of difference in Vedat’s determination to own Nefes.

At Osman Hoda’s house, Esma tells the old man that there is no news of Tahir and Nefes. Osman gets weepy talking about how much he misses his them, especially his little grandson Yigit. A knock at the door brings in Berrak, Nazar and Mercan. They tell Esma that they’ve decided they want to continue working with the catering at the suggestion of Turkan. They think they can make a success of the business and send Nefes money. Nazar asks Esma about her divorce; Esma says since Vedat lodged a complaint against her for kidnapping him, he can’t very well object to the divorce. As far as the major case against all of the girls for kidnapping, they will have to wait awhile until the case comes up before the court.

Ali, on his way to the precinct, receives a message to come to Tepeli if he wants to see Tahir. He drives, stops, gets out, then receives a text message telling him to get in the car and drive. When he finally ends on a rain-soaked dirt road, he gets out and looks around. His phone pings with a new message telling him to open the trunk of the car. There is Tahir, folded up in the short space, with his phone in his hand. He asks Ali to help him find Nefes and Yigit. Tahir says he isn’t running away, he’s just trying to locate his wife and child, and although he is putting Ali in danger, he hopes he will help him.

Nefes has taken Yigit to a small grocery store to buy bread and cheese for breakfast. In the letter she wrote to Tahir, she said she sold her phone for 200 TL and after the breakfast the day before, she has 180 TL left. At the store, Yigit sees a parrot in a cage and after a story about the parrot’s mate flying away, the store owner gives the bird to him because his wife is allergic to it. The next scene shows us Nefes and Yigit eating bread and cheese as they look out at the Black Sea, the caged parrot sitting on the bench with them, a metaphor for the lost mates Tahir and Nefes.

Mother Saniye has fussed about Tahir running away so much that she spoils breakfast for Mustafa. Now she is arguing with Asiye about the baby because he cries. She tells Asiye the baby is hungry because he doesn’t get enough breast milk. She tells Asiye to eat onions and garlic to produce more milk. Then she goes downstairs and tells Mustafa they need to get a wet nurse for baby Mehmet. Mustafa can’t take the arguing, so he leaves to take Balim to school.

At the hospital, Vedat is being discharged against the doctor’s wishes. Three bullets to the stomach would normally kill someone, if not from injury to the abdomen, at least from sepsis. A rupture in the intestines or the enclosing sac most often causes peritonitis, a condition of severe pain, damage to kidney function, and high fever. Ah, but Vedat doesn’t suffer from any of those symptoms. His only surrender to injury is a wheelchair which he uses to get out of the hospital to Fikret’s waiting car. The first thing he says when he gets in the car is Where is Nefes? Fikret says he doesn’t know and wouldn’t tell him if he did know. Vedat says he needs to find them.

Using a public phone, Nefes calls several companies advertising jobs in the local paper, but because she has no work experience, she is rejected. Going back to the bench overlooking the Black Sea, she looks through the want ads again, searching for other job opportunities. Yigit scratches his head and she realizes she needs to give him a bath, but where? She takes Yigit to a big hotel where they sneak upstairs to find a maid cleaning a room. They go into the bathroom where she bathes Yigit and refreshes herself. When they leave, Nefes reminds the maid to clean the bathroom and then she steals some sugar packets.

Mother Saniye is accusing Asiye of not properly putting the diaper on the baby and she tries to take the infant from her, but Asiye says she’s doing things the same way she did with Balim. Saniye says most mother want someone else to tend the baby, but she has to be different. Asiye says Nefes and Tahir were right to leave the house; she takes the baby upstairs and calls Mustafa. She tells him she can’t take Saniye’s interference any more. She’s tired of Saniye saying she doesn’t know how to take care of her own baby and she wants him to take her somewhere else to live. Mustafa, at the office, doesn’t understand what she’s trying to say and he’s frustrated when Asiye hangs up. The slackers come into the office to tell him they’ve looked everywhere and can’t find either Tahir or Nefes.

At Fikret’s house, Vedat is lying in bed with Fikret watching him. Vedat tells Fikret not to stare at him because it annoys him and he doesn’t like to hear the stories Fikret tells about being a father. Fikret says being annoyed is okay; it’s better than not caring. Vedat says the only thing he cares about right now is getting Nefes and Yigit back. Fikret says he himself is to blame for raising Vedat as a spoiled child, providing him with plenty of money and protecting him when he makes mistakes. He says Vedat doesn’t know what the real world is like because he’s never suffered for lack of comfort. When bad things happened to him, the cause was his own behavior, not someone else’s. He also tells Vedat that he has the gun that Vedat used to shoot Nefes because it has his fingerprints on it. He hid evidence of Vedat’s crime so he wouldn’t go to jail. Vedat’s attitude is still sullen and unappreciative as he drinks a cup of restorative tea. Later, when Vedat is asleep, Fikret goes downstairs where one of his men gives him the fake ID that he had made for Tahir, and shortly after, Tahir comes to get it. Fikret tells Tahir that he has arranged a car for him, and if he finds Nefes, he will call him.

As night falls, Nefes takes Yigit back to the abandoned van. She sees a mattress and blanket that have been left on the street. Struggling with the mattress, she manages to get it in the rear of the van where she and Yigit will sleep a bit more comfortably. After eating bread and canned beans, she rolls an empty barrel to the back of the van and starts a fire. When she goes to sleep, she dreams of being with Tahir and Yigit at a table laden with delicious food which she gorges on. Yigit wakes her up and begs to go to the tree house where they spent the first night. He thinks he will find Tahir there. They go to the tree house where Yigit sees that the bottle cap he put in the crack of the floor is gone. He knows Tahir has been there. At that same moment, Tahir is looking at the cap and senses that Yigit and Nefes have been there. He drives to the little shack, but they have gone.

The Kaleli family with Esma and Ali and Osman Hoda sit at the supper table. Osman Hoda says he wishes there were two more big chairs and a little one there, too. He observes that Asiye is eating an onion dish and Saniye explains why. Esma tells the group that the girls will continue with the catering business and Asiye says she will help, too. Of course, Saniye makes a comment, saying that Asiye doesn’t even take good care of her baby now; how would she do if she worked outside the home . Poor Mustafa is caught between his wife and his mother. Osman tells the group the story of Ibrahim Cavus, a poor hat maker in the 1500’s who wanted to build a mosque. The moral of the story is that dreams can come true in the most unlikely way. Only Allah knows one’s fate.

Cemil and Turkan Dagdeviren are eating their supper at an empty table. When Cemil wants to know where the girls are, Turkan is almost afraid to tell him, but she tells him they are at Osman Hoda’s house and planning to reopen the catering business. When she explains that the girls need a job, he doesn’t get mad. He just says he wants them near him and he will go get them when they’re ready to come home. Cemil has mellowed into a decent man and father now that he knows the truth of his actions.

Murat and Fatih leave the supper table to “get some air,” but the truth is, they want to see Nazar and Berrak. They drive to Osman Hoda’s house, but once there, they can’t decide how they will talk to the girls. It wouldn’t be proper to be in the house with them alone, so they take their tea and sit outside, each couple around a fire. Fatih blurts out that he loves Berrak and Murat tells Nazar that she must know that they will get married one day. Nazar says she’s currently married and when she’s divorced, she will not get married again right away. The conversation dwindles, the girls go in the house, and the boys leave with hope in their hearts.

The funniest scene in the show follows when Asiye gets in bed and cuddles with Mustafa. He immediately smells her onion/garlic breath and decides he’s tired and needs to sleep. He tries his best not to hurt her feelings, but the grimace on his face belies the truth. She knows, of course, so she breathes in his face all the more and he suffers. Too funny!

That same night somehow Tahir finds the abandoned van with the barrel fire, but Nefes and Yigit get out and hide before he can look inside. He sees the parrot and hears Yigit’s voice, but he doesn’t say anything. He leaves. The next morning he walks the streets and goes in stores, showing photos of Nefes and Yigit to strangers and asking if they have seen them. Nefes goes to a small restaurant and gets a job washing dishes while Yigit eats some breakfast. She’s hungry and eats leftover rice on a plate she has to wash.

The next morning Vedat wakes up and realizes the special tea had a sleeping aid in it. He asks Fikret if he’s found Nefes and when Fikret says no, Vedat says you wouldn’t tell me if you did, would you? Fikret reminds him that his present situation is his own fault. Fikret’s phone rings and he answers yes to Mustafa’s invitation to the Quran reading for baby Mehmet Eren.

At the reading, the men sit outside and the women cluster inside to listen as Osman Hoda or a muezzin sings verses from the Quran. When the singing has ended, sherbet is served and the Mrs. Naciye starts gossiping, saying how strange that Saniye’s son shot Turkan’s son-in-law. Then she brings up the girls’ kidnapping. Several of the women hadn’t heard about those incidents, so they wanted to know more. Sedate conversation disintegrates into uncomfortable chatter.

When Fikret returns to his home that night, his man tells him that Vedat tried to get out of bed but he fell. They got him back in bed and tried to feed him, but he threw food everywhere. When Fikret goes to Vedat’s room, he sees Vedat in bed with a knife. When Fikret moves toward the bed, Vedat puts the knife to his throat and threatens to kill himself. Fikret pleads with him to put the knife down, but Vedat continues to hold the knife against his throat and tells Fikret the only thing he can do for him is to bring Nefes and Yigit to him. He concludes by calling Fikret “Dad,” the one word he has disparaged and used against Fikret since he learned of his paternity.

The streets are dark and the restaurant is empty as Nefes wipes the table. Yigit is asleep at a table. The owner brings Nefes some money and tells her she can come back at 10 o’clock the next morning. Nefes hasn’t eaten anything other than a little rice, so when she and Yigit leave to walk back to the van, she is tired,weak, and stumbling. At the same time, Tahir is walking the lonely streets looking for them. He sees the remnants of the kite tail hanging from the restaurant door and knows Yigit left it for him just as he left the bottle cap between the floorboards of the shack. Like the Hansel and Gretel story, these are Yigit’s “breadcrumbs” for Tahir to follow. Just as they reach the van and Yigit climbs inside, Nefes faints and falls half in and half out of the vehicle.

Will Fikret bend to Vedat’s will, finding and bringing Nefes and Yigit to him? What will happen to Nefes and Yigit now that Nefes has fainted? Will she revive and go to the restaurant the next day? Will Tahir find her there? Can Tahir continue to dodge the police? When will the girl’s be called to court for the kidnapping case? Will Nazar get her divorce>

Written By – Susan Watson



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