Ridiculous! Nefes and the girls have been released from prison until their court date, and now Tahir goes to jail for trying to protect them. Innocent, decent people are incarcerated because they have snapped under intense psychological and physical torture while the abuser enjoys freedom. Now the abuser Vedat is a victim and Tahir is a criminal.

This episode continues the anguish by describing how each of the characters suffers from the vile actions of Vedat. Tahir snapped. He shot Vedat, and then he called Ali who put him in handcuffs. Ali is angry. He is angry that Tahir lost control and will go to jail. Esma is upset because she doesn’t know how to defend a guilty Tahir. Nefes sees her dream of a home and husband disappear, and Yigit loses a father he loves. The Kalili family must live with the loss of son and brother. Fikret is lost in his guilt for not being a parent and a positive influence for his son. Nazar, Mercan and Berrak have lost a friend and partner.

On the way to the precinct, Tahir tells Ali to rent the apartment and the shop and buy furniture for both. He wants Nefes and Yigit to have their own home, and he wants Nefes to be able to work at her catering business. Tahir doesn’t regret his actions because he hopes with Vedat’s death, he has prepared some peace and security for his wife and child.
The ambulance carrying Vedat passes their police car. Ali says Vedat had a pulse, so he may live. At the hospital emergency dock, the attendant says Vedat was shot three times in the stomach at close range. What would kill an ordinary person in real life will probably be only a two-episode stay in the hospital for Vedat. Evil lives, the innocent suffer.

Fikret looks at a tree he planted and remarks that even though he put it in rich soil with plenty of water and fertilizer, it died anyway. Oh, well, he says, that happens, no matter what you do. This is an obvious reference to Vedat, soon followed by news that Vedat has been shot and he’s in a bad condition. Fikret doesn’t seem surprised. He says, I told him to be patient, to hold on a bit, but he didn’t listen.

We must remember that at the end of episode 38, Nefes went to the new apartment to measure for curtains, and there she found Vedat and the huge posters he had pasted on the wall, posters with the message “ Vedat loves Nefes” written over their picture. When Tahir discovered that Vedat was there with Nefes, he raced to the apartment to confront him, but Vedat left before he arrived. Tahir followed him, leaving Nefes with Yigit and Fatih.

Now, Nefes, in a frenzy of anger and grief, pulls down some of the posters that Vedat put on the wall. Because her actions were scaring Yigit, Fatih prevailed upon her to stop, and when she calmed, he insisted they leave the apartment to go home. At the Kaleli home, Nefes tells Fatih to find Tahir. Fatih calls Murat who in turn tells Mustafa something has happened. In the house, Nefes tells Asiye that Vedat found the new apartment and an angry Tahir followed him. She is worried that something has happened to Tahir since her calls to him were not answered. A knock at the door ushers in Nazar, Mercan and Berrak who have heard the news from Murat.

At the precinct, a furious Ali bursts into his office, followed by Tahir and another officer. Once the handcuffs are off, Tahir starts to tell the buildup of events that led to the shooting, but Ali tells him to shut up, to wait for his attorney. He has called Esma who should arrive soon. When she does arrive, Tahir shows no regret for the shooting. Esma tells him to hush because she has to prepare a defence for him, but Tahir says he has to tell the truth. Mustafa, Murat and Fatih have come to the police station to confer with Ali. When Mustafa asks if Vedat is dead, Ali says he is currently undergoing surgery.

At the hospital, Fikret’s henchman has checked on Vedat’s status and reports that he is still in surgery, the police are there, and he couldn’t ask too many questions for fear of raising attention. Fikret tells him to stay at the hospital to get information.

At the precinct, Esma tells the Kaleli men that after getting Tahir’s testimony, they will see the prosecutor, but she doesn’t know what the charges will be. If Vedat dies, everything for Tahir will be worse. The men go back to the cell to speak to Tahir who tells them he doesn’t regret what has happened. He wants them to protect Nefes and Yigit from Mother Saniye’s vitriol, get the apartment ready, and help her with her business. As Mustafa, Murat and Fatih are leaving, Nefes arrives having run all the way from the mountain home to the precinct. She and Tahir have a tearful reunion, sharing the pain of the moment and eating soup together. Nefes appears stronger and more determined to make the best of the situation.

After leaving the hospital, Fikret goes to see Osman Hoda. Osman brings the samovar to the porch to prepare tea and waits patiently for Fikret to speak. Fikret asks Osman if one commits a sin, should he suffer for it? Osman says if the sinner fears God, he will suffer. He then asks would a person suffer for the sins someone else committed? Osman says that the person will hurt even more. Fikret is reluctant to say more, but he does ask about Crazy Tahir, and Osman tells him that Tahir and Nefes are moving into their own home because Mother Saniye makes their life unhappy. At that moment, Esma comes to tell Osman about Tahir.

When Nefes leaves Ali’s office, she finds Mustafa, Murat and Fatih waiting for her. She wants to go to Osman Hoda’s house where she and Yigit have been living, but Mustafa wants her to come to the Kaleli home to be with Asiye and the baby. Before they leave, Ali comes out to tell them that Vedat has survived surgery and is now in intensive care.
At the Dagdeviren home, Cemil asks Nazar and Mercan about Vedat. Nazar says the last they heard, he was in surgery but she doesn’t know any more than that. Cemil tells them to find out and then he leaves. The girls are helping Turkan prepare dinner; as they work, they talk about how happy Nefes was and how Vedat destroys happiness. Nazar says Ali told them they should help Nefes, and Turkan says she will help, too.

Mother Saniye starts her diatribe the minute the family enters the house. She yells over and over that Nefes is the cause. When Murat tells her yelling won’t get Tahir out of jail, she says she’s not trying to get Tahir out of jail, she’s trying to get Nefes out of her house. No matter what the boys say, Saniye will not stop yelling nor show any compassion for Nefes.

Fikret goes to the hospital, and learning that Vedat is in intensive care, he goes in to see him. Looking through the window at the unconscious man, Fikret says Vedat’s like Cain, jealous of Abel, and now he probably thinks of himself as Abel. He says he himself has fought many times and he couldn’t die, not because he had courage, but because he had to live to carry the sins of Gulendum, Sakine, Crazy Tahir, and Vedat. His guilt overwhelms him.
Osman Hoda and Esma go to the Kaleli home because they know Saniye will be upset. Saniye tells him that mercy (for Nefes and Yigit) only brings pain and hardship, but Osman quotes verses from the Koran that say Allah rewards those who do good. His words have no effect for Saniye who leaves the room. Fatih brings Nefes downstairs to see Osman Hoda and hear his words of comfort and hope. When they leave, Mustafa sends Asiye to bed and he goes outside to get some air. He sits alone and cries. Fatih has taken Osman Hoda and Esma home, and after they enter the house, he sits alone in the car and cries until Berrak joins him. Murat has gone to the Dagdevirens and when Nazar comes out to join him in the car, he tells her about growing up with big brother Tahir, and he cries.

Ali brings dinner to Tahir in his cell and they talk about dreams that will not come true now. The sadness is overwhelming for all of the family and friends, each seeking some comfort in the presence of their loved ones. The next morning Tahir gives his confession of the events. He has refused to lie or colour his story in any way other than the truth. When he signs the confession with Ali’s pen, he quietly takes the pocket clip off. On the way to the court in the police van, he uses the clip to unlock the handcuffs and put them on the two men in the front seat. He takes their guns and makes them stop the van. He gets out, takes the clips from the guns before dropping the empty guns, and runs away.

Nefes and Yigit are gone when Asiye comes to their room the next morning, but she left a letter saying that as long as Vedat lives, he will always follow her and Yigit. If she leaves, he will not have any interest in their family and they should be safe. Ali has just discovered that Tahir took the metal clip from his pen and Nefes left a letter for Tahir late at night. Now he knows that Tahir planned his escape and has probably gone to meet Nefes.
Fikret, still at the hospital in the morning, receives the news of Tahir’s escape from his henchman. Mustafa and the twins go to the police station to sign affidavits and while there, Ali tells them that he and Tahir had special training in the army and Tahir won’t be found if he doesn’t want to be found. He has special skills and went on special missions that Ali cannot talk about. At that moment, Tahir calls Mustafa from a pay phone. He says that he will find Nefes and Yigit and they will go to Russia. Mustafa tells the twins to look everywhere for Tahir, then he goes home and tells Asiye, Nazar, Mercan and Berrak that Tahir has found Nefes and they have gone to Russia. It’s not true, but he doesn’t want them to worry anymore.

Nefes and Yigit are walking in Trabzon when Nefes sees a restaurant and takes Yigit in for breakfast. They wander about the city until nightfall and then head for the docks where Nefes hopes to find an empty boat for them to shelter in.

Tahir goes to Fikret’s house at night. He asks him for help. He wants an ID and a police badge to help him find Nefes. He tells Fikret that they are friends, but he’s always felt that Fikret had a dark side and that’s why he thinks Fikret will help him. Fikret tells him that he’s now a fugitive and even his shadow will scare him. He says that Tahir shouldn’t think that no one would give him up because everyone has a price or a weakness, even Mustafa, who he recalls shot Tahir to save his pregnant wife. But even so, Fikret takes a picture of Tahir and calls a friend who will have an ID made by the next day.

After Tahir leaves Fikret’s house and returns to town, he is spotted by police who give chase as he runs away. He finds a hiding place in the same shack that Nefes and Yigit slept in the night before. He sees the bottle top that Yigit left in the boards of the floor and knows they’re not far away. Nefes and Yigit are sleeping in an empty boat as two strange men search the boatyard and at last find them. At the hospital, Vedat’s vital signs go crazy and the intensive care team rushes to his room.

At this point, our two lovers, Nefes and Tahir, are fugitives, Vedat struggles for life, and Saniye and Fikret grieve for their sons.
Is Fikret sincere about helping Tahir? What will the two men who have found Nefes and Yigit do with them? Will Tahir be found by the police or his brothers? Will Vedat survive his medical emergency? If Tahir is caught by the police, how can Esma defend him in court?

Written By – Susan Watson



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