A bit of irony opens this episode as the girls huddle in the bunks and Nefes wonders aloud what their families are doing.  Asiye says she hopes the children are eating well and doing their lessons but she can’t depend on Mustafa to look after Balim.  Nefes disputes that, saying Mustafa is a good father. Oh, he means well, Asiye says, but he’s not as attentive as Tahir. She says her own mother used to say that mothers take care of their children while fathers go blind (go about their own business). At that very moment, Mustafa is sitting at the table helping Balim with her math homework, but the math problem stumps him, so he hands it to the slackers when they come in.

Yigit isn’t doing homework.  He’s burrowing under the bed to get his treasure box which he opens to show Tahir. He explains each item, a fishing lure, a kite string, etc., which directly relates to something he and his mother did with Tahir.

In the prison, as the women quietly contemplate home, Asiye has a contraction which alarms the girls.  Just as they get her to lie down, the guards come in to take a head count. Zurmut, the friendly prisoner, is concerned that something is happening in the prison because this is the second count of the day.

At Osman Hoda’s house, Esma is working on the case when she receives a call from the prosecutor that Yigit met at the legal society fundraiser. He explains that he wants to talk to her if it’s convenient.  She’s surprised but says she is free and will send him directions to the house. Osman Hoda is just as curious because Esma explained that he is not the prosecutor handling the girls’ case. When he arrives, he hands Esma a rebuttal to the arrest of the girls, saying that he had studied the case, talked to the local prosecutor, and prepared a response to the arrest of the girls.  Esma asked him why he had done this, and he said he, too, had a son. As he was leaving, he smiled and said, “Say hi to Yigit, all right?”

In the middle of the night at the prison, a fiery riot breaks out.  In their cell, the girls awaken with confusion and fear. Nefes tells them to stay together and not get involved.  Just as the other women start banging on the door and yelling, Asiye screams. As the pandemonium and fire rage, Asiye gives birth.

At home, Mustafa and Tahir have put the children to bed, but they are restless and helpless.  Tahir’s phone rings. Ali tells him there is a riot at the prison and he’s on his way there. Tahir and Mustafa bound out of the door, telling the twins to take care of the children. At the prison, the two Kaleli men stand outside the fence anxiously awaiting some news.  The call of the muezzin for early morning prayers sounds above them, reaching Fikret in his home and Yigit in his warm bed.

As a bright morning dawns, Mustafa and Tahir, still standing outside the prison gate, get the happy news from Ali.  Mustafa has a son. Asiye and the baby will be transported to the hospital. Mustafa and Tahir follow while Esma takes the news to the Kaleli home.  Mother Saniye deplores the fact that her first grandson is born in a prison, but she goes back to her room and finds baby clothes to take to Asiye. Later in the day, at the prison gate, she pleads with the guard to let her see her grandson and give Asiye the clothes, but he refuses.  She doesn’t know that Esma presented the rebuttal for the case, the judge accepted it, and the girls will be free later in the day.

Fikret, having his morning tea, gets the news about Asiye giving birth and he seems happy for the family.  When he asks what Vedat is doing, his man says he’s just sitting in the basement. He’s not eating or talking.  Soon the phone rings and it’s Tahir asking if Fikret has found Vedat. He also tells him the good news about Mustafa’s son.  Fikret says that he hasn’t found Vedat, but he will let him know when he has some news. When the call ends, Fikret goes down to the basement and confronts Vedat, telling him he’s responsible for an innocent baby being born in a dirty prison cell.  Vedat is not moved.

In fact, he is surly in his response, wondering sarcastically if he should kiss his father’s hand and touch it to his forehead. Fikret tells him the girls will be released that day and he, Verdat, will take back his complaint and the videotape.  He will tell the authorities that he was drunk when the girls removed him from the house. Why Vedat asks? Fikret says because that’s what I want you to do.

Vedat begins a tirade of things he wants, things that a growing boy would want from his father, a kite, a bike, a stereo, keys to the car.  He says other people think Fikret is a good man, but he’s only trying to assuage his guilty conscience by doing good things. Then Vedat asks what Fikret will do if he doesn’t take back the complaint and lie about the videotape?  Fikret says he’d better get used to life in the basement and he turns his back to Vedat. Vedat puts a knife to his throat, threatens his men and leaves in his car. Determined to follow his plan, he goes to the school for Yigit, but he sees Fatih guarding the door, so he leaves.

After greeting the girls as they leave the prison, Tahir, Nefes, Asiye, baby boy and Mustafa arrive home to be greeted by a happy Saniye who can hardly wait to hold the baby.  While she dotes on the little one and Mustafa flirts with his wife, Tahir and Nefes go to the school to get Yigit.

Tahir has a surprise for Nefes, a brand new apartment that can be their home if she likes it.  She and Yigit are very happy. Tahir puts their names on the doorbell before they leave to find one more surprise, a new store to house the catering business.

At home, Saniye still holds the baby, and Asiye is annoyed. Mustafa and Murat go shopping for groceries and gifts before Fatih and Balim come in from school. There will be a celebratory feast at the Kaleli mansion tonight.  When Mustafa returns laden with food and packages, Asiye tells him he must talk to Saniye. Since Nefes is going to come for the dinner, Asiye doesn’t want Saniye saying hateful things to her. Mustafa goes upstairs to find Saniye moving the crib into her bedroom.  She insists on keeping the baby with her, and against Asiye’s wishes, Mustafa lets Saniye have her way.

At the Dagdeviren home, the girls have dinner with their parents. Calm has finally come to the household with the girls safe and restored to their home.  Cemile is so happy to have his daughters at home that he keeps a smile on his face and eats very little. After dinner, he peels the hot chestnuts for Nazar and Mercan that Turkan has prepared for them.  He asks Nazar if Vedat has been found and what has happened about the divorce. Nazar says the divorce will happen, it doesn’t matter how long it will take.

During the Kaleli feast, Yigit tells the family about asking the prosecutor to get his mother and her friends out of prison.  Osman Hoda asks about the baby’s name and he’s told that Mustafa wants to name him Mehmet, after his own father. Osman Hoda suggests that they add the name Eren after a very good man who used to live in Trabzon.  Shortly after, Fikret arrives and joins the dinner. Osman Hoda whispers the child’s name three times and then gold coins are pinned on his blanket. When the baby frets, Asiye takes him upstairs and sings a lovely ballad for him as the family listens contentedly.

Vedat is at the airport, standing near a private plane, ruminating about the things Fikret told him. He remembers killing the man he thought was his father.  Apparently, his thoughts are too vivid, adding a sense of cold discomfort because he returns to his dark, empty mansion. As he turns from the open refrigerator, he sees a figure.  It’s Fikret who asks him what he plans to do. Vedat says he will do the same as always; he will take his son and then they will wait for the mother. Fikret tells him to leave Yigit alone, but Vedat says no, he will not let another man raise his son.  That pointed remark is a biting condemnation of Fikret. Vedat bids his father goodnight and goes upstairs singing a lullaby.

The next morning, Vedat comes downstairs to find the nosy Mrs Naciye at the door.  She tells him she’s been keeping an eye on the place, and then she tells him everything she knows: the girls are free, Asiye had her baby, Tahir has rented an apartment and a shop for Nefes.  Of course, Vedat wants to know where the buildings are. He tells Naciye not to say anything and shoos her out the door. Vedat gets a lady to go to the real estate agent and say she needs keys to get into the apartment to clean.  The lady brings him the keys and he pays her.

The children go to school, Nefes meets Nazar, Mercan and Berrak at Osman Hoda’s to discuss their business, Tahir goes to meet the real estate agent, and Vedat goes to the apartment. The girls are so excited about the shop that Nefes takes them for a preview.  Afterwards, she goes to the apartment to measure for curtains, but she finds something more than bare windows.

Vedat is waiting for her.  He shows her the blown-up pictures of the two of them glued to the wall and Yigit’s name painted in large red letters by his bedroom door.  He does what he does best. . .he terrorizes her and Nefes sobs. Tahir calls her while he’s driving, and Vedat takes the phone. Tahir is furious and races for the apartment.  When he gets there, he finds Nefes alone and distraught. Fatih and Yigit have come to the apartment just as Vedat is leaving. Vedat pulls his gun and demands Fatih give him Yigit, but Tahir hears him and shoots at Vedat from the balcony, making Vedat run.  Tahir races out of the apartment building and follows Vedat as he speeds away.

They race along an empty mountain highway until Tahir takes a road that will bypass the tunnel that Vedat is approaching. Tahir’s sudden disappearance from his rearview mirror baffles Vedat, but when he comes out of the tunnel, he sees Tahir standing in the middle of the road with his gun aimed at him.  He stops, gets out of the car, and walks toward Tahir. He begins his lecture: Nefes is his, he will take his son, Nefes will never belong to anyone else, Tahir won’t raise his son, Tahir can’t shoot him, he and Mustafa are too good to hurt a person, but he isn’t good and he will have what is his. As Vedat continues his taunting, Tahir remembers all of the terrible things Vedat has done to them and all of the opportunities he and Mustafa have had to stop him but they wouldn’t.  He pulls the trigger, not once but twice and Vedat falls mumbling. . .what? a nursery rhyme? a lullaby? regret? Tahir stands there in shock.

Woo-hoo! Oh, Yeah!.. Asiye had that baby! And I hope Vedat is truly dead, breathless, beyond resuscitation, cold, lifeless, defunct, expired, inert, mortified and pushing up daisies.

Will Tahir be exonerated? What will happen at the girl’s trial for kidnapping? What will Fikret do now that his son is dead?  Is Vedat really dead? Will the Kaleli family find peace and happiness at last?

Written By – Susan Watson



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