At the end of Episode 36, Vedat had at last succeeded with one of the evil deeds that kept him in Trabzon; the women are in prison, he has custody of Yigit once again, and he now plans to leave the area with the child. He has managed this by filing a complaint for kidnapping against them with the help of Fikret’s lady lawyer.

Berrak, Asiye, Nefes, Nazar and Mercan stand inside the door of the prison cell with stunned faces, shocked by the reality of their situation. Outside, the families gathered behind the prison fence, watch helplessly as their loved ones disappear into the confines of the prison. Strangely, none of them thinks about the vulnerable position of little Yigit. With Vedat free and all of them at the prison, they are practically giving the child to his father.
I have to say one thing for the writers of this series. They have written some of the most creative evil deeds for Vedat to perform. After leaving his house, Vedat goes to the Kaleli home, binds and gags Mother Saniye, tells her he will solve her family problem with Tahir, turns up the classical music, turns on all of the gas burners on the stove, and puts a metal can in the microwave and turns it on. Casually leaving the house, he gets in the car and drives to Osman Hoda’s house where he knocks the old man out with the gun and drags Yigit to the car.

Tahir has finally left the prison and on his way home, he remembers that Ali said Vedat now has custody of Yigit. With that horrible thought, he speeds up so fast that Mustafa, who is following him, calls to tell him to slow down. Tahir tells him that Vedat is probably going to get Yigit, and with that in mind, Mustafa speeds up, too. Thinking about the situation, Tahir calls Mustafa and tells him that he will go to the airport because he believes Vedat will try to fly out of Trabzon.

The lady lawyer is about to leave the courthouse when Doruk, Fikret’s man, comes up and tells her Fikret wants her. She is worried because she has done the legal work for Vedat’s custody of Yigit without telling Fikret. When she arrives at Fikret’s house, she finds an angry man who says in his rule book, betrayers face death. She tells Fikret that Vedat threatened to kill her if she didn’t do as he said, and he was going to the airport. Fikret tells his men to go to the airport to get him before he can board a plane.

Yigit is most unhappy, saying that he doesn’t want to go with Vedat because Vedat isn’t his father; Tahir is his “real” father. Then he says he wants his mother. The more he complains, the angrier Vedat gets. Finally, Yigit says he has to pee, but Vedat tells him to hold it. Yigit says he can’t and threatens to go in the car. Vedat yells for him to stop. Disgruntled and short-tempered, he pulls into a service station and threatens Yigit before letting him out of the car. Clever little Yigit goes into the stall, finds something to stand on, and climbs out the window. When Vedat doesn’t get an answer, he breaks the stall door, sees the open window and runs out and around to the back of the station. Yigit is nowhere in sight. As Vedat comes back to the front, he sees Tahir speeding toward him. He jumps in the car and races off with the attendant chasing him because he didn’t pay for the gas.

Fikret receives a call from his one of his men who says Vedat isn’t at the airport but the police are, and Vedat’s flight had just taken off without him. Fikret tells the lawyer to get the girls out of prison, but she says she can’t because the prosecutors have the taped evidence of Berrak and Nazar drugging Vedat before taking him out of his house. Angrily, Fikret tells her he doesn’t care how she does it, just get them out.
Yigit is wandering down a busy highway when he’s spotted by policemen. They stop and he tells them he wants to go home. After telling them who his mother and father are, they put him in the car.
At the prison, the girls are sombre as they wonder how long they will have to be locked up. They think about their families with regret for what they are experiencing. Nefes tries to be positive, telling them that Tahir was right when he said they had damaged Vedat’s confidence in his superior mind, and their imprisonment was his revenge. Mercan says at least she enjoyed seeing Vedat helpless in that wheelchair.

Vedat speeds down the highway and then turns up a country road with Tahir and Mustafa tailing him. When the road narrows into one lane, Vedat meets a truck and veers wildly to the right, crashing into a big pine tree. The car stalls and unable to get it started, he grabs the gun and jumps out. Down the road come to Tahir and Mustafa. Vedat begins shooting at them and then turns and runs into the woods. The brothers follow him and have a shootout. . .like little boys playing cowboys and Indians. . .only doing damage to the trees. When Vedat yells to Tahir that Yigit is still at the gas station, Tahir leaves and Mustafa takes over.

Several things are obvious now. Mustafa is using all of his bullets while Vedat conserves his. Then Vedat sends Mustafa a picture of Saniye tied and gagged; he proceeds to tell him about the open gas burners and the can in the microwave. He knows how volatile Mustafa is, and when his anger makes him use the last bullet, Vedat will come out from the tree and shoot him. But that doesn’t happen. While Vedat is enjoying taunting him with his mother’s death, Mustafa runs back to the truck to go to Saniye.

When he arrives, he finds Saniye outside on the stoop with Turkan Dagdeviren. Turkan was walking to the Kaleli home when she saw Vedat leaving. Worried when she couldn’t get Saniye to the door, she found the outside key and went in. When she saw the distraught Saniye, she quickly unplugged the microwave, opened the door to dispel the gas, and then untied Saniye.
As he is heading for the gas station, Tahir receives a call from Ali telling him that the police have found Yigit and taken him to the police precinct. Tahir and Ali find a happy Yigit who tells them of his trick to escape Vedat. Mustafa calls Tahir and tells him what Vedat has done to their mother, so Tahir and Yigit leave.
Night has come and the girls have spent the day in the cell talking among themselves, largely ignoring the other women. Supper is bean soup and the prisoner Zamut, who greeted them, is ladling up bowls to take to the five huddled between two bunk beds. Another prisoner at the table resents the new group and takes the meat from a bowl to be served, but the girls share three bowls of soup and bread before bedding down for the night.

Turkan Dagdeviren tells Cemil what Vedat did to Saniye and says she will go back to the Kalelis the next day. Cemil thinks that is unnecessary, but Turkan says Saniye’s family is with her two girls in that prison and they must support each other. Cemil is having bouts of guilt, saying his daughters conspired to hurt Vedat because he didn’t. He was too cowardly to do anything to protect his family. If nothing good has come from Vedat’s villainy, at least Cemil’s temperament and attitude toward his family has mellowed. He’s now pathetic in his regret for the things he has said and done.
In contrast, Mother Saniye’s temper and attitude have not improved. After Ali and Esma pick up the clothing to take to the girls, she gives Tahir another tongue-lashing, blaming him for bringing all the hardships on the family and holding him responsible for the girls’ incarceration. Tahir, realizing some truth in what she says, leaves the house, followed by Mustafa.

Fikret meets Mustafa and Tahir on the streets of the village and offers his sympathy. He invites them for tea and talk in a nearby teahouse. I thought he might tell them that he has the lawyer working to get their release, but he doesn’t. He just tells them what being in prison is like: “The days are short and the nights long, and during the night, fear, anger, and regret to keep one from sleeping.” He offers advice about how quickly children grow and change when a parent is in prison and tells them to be strong and take special care of the little ones. Before he leaves, he says he will make a special effort to find “that man”(Vedat).

In prison, the girls wash the dishes after a little confrontation with the disruptive prisoner, and later, Asiye sings a very plaintive ballad that brings tears to the eyes. At the Kaleli home, after Yigit and Balim are told the truth about their mothers, and when they have calmed after the upsetting news, the adults gather around the Kaleli table, all except Saniye. When Osman Hoda asks about her, Tahir tells him about her experience at the hands of Vedat and how she blames him.

Fikret receives a call from his man saying that they have found Vedat. Fikret tells him to take Vedat to the warehouse, that it’s time for things hidden to finally be told. Oh, my, that’s promising! In the warehouse, Vedat is tied in a chair and Fikret, after beating him, lectures him about harming women, but he doesn’t reveal anything unusual. He does say that he took Vedat and Eysan out of a trash heap and gave them some success, but he doesn’t say anything else that is “hidden.” Fikret goes upstairs, leaving Vedat screaming at him.

Later, Fikret returns to the basement and admits that he said something provocative about Gulendum and he knows that Vedat wants answers. After sending the men upstairs, Fikret sits in front of Vedat and tells him about Gulendum, the beautiful nightclub singer he loved, saved and then lost to Turgut, the evil club owner. He says that he and Gulendum were happy until Turgut and his men kidnapped her. At the time, she was pregnant and Turgut thought the baby was his, but it was Fikret’s. That baby was Vedat. Turgut killed Gulendum, took young Eysan as his lover, and was so cruel to both Vedat and Eysan that Vedat killed him. Now Vedat has heard the truth but he can’t believe it. He screams, “Liar, Liar, Liar.” Fikret is his biological father.

Yigit and Balim are calm but very sad about their mothers. Yigit asks Tahir if they can go to the prison and tell Nefes good night. At first, Tahir says no, but then he thinks about it and says yes. After several telephone calls, the Kalelis, the Dagdevirens, Osman Hoda, Esma and Ali drive to the prison and using a megaphone, they each tell the girls good night. At the same time, Vedat is having some sort of emotional breakdown in the warehouse basement.
The next morning, at the breakfast table, Tahir receives a call from Fikret. Fikret tells him that he has a special friend, a prosecutor, who has arranged for the families to meet the girls at the prison. The families go to the prison and have a happy/sad reunion with the girls, but the troublemaker prisoner complains about the noise the families made with their “goodnights” and questions why the five women were allowed a visiting privilege they couldn’t have. This foretells some problems to come.

With Esma’s encouragement and love for her daughters, Turkan agrees to support the catering business the girls have started. She and Esma honour the business commitment to provide food for the legal society. On that day, Tahir and Yigit help Esma host their table, and as Yigit walks around passing out brochures, he sees the local prosecutor. He prepares a plate of cookies and follows the man up to his office. He knocks on the door and when he goes in, he tells the lawyer who he is and about his mother’s business before asking him if he will let his mother, aunt, and friends get out of prison. The lawyer pays Yigit for the cookies and says he will do some research. Later that day, a TV station has an on-air video of the event in which the interviewer asks Yigit some questions. The TV in the prison cell is on and Nefes sees and hears her son tell the journalist about his mother’s catering business. When he asks if he can say hello to his mother, the woman asks him where his mother is. Yigit smiles and puts his hand on his heart.

Are there more secrets to come from Fikret? What will Fikret do with his son Vedat? Why has Fikret allowed Vedat to carry out such evil? Will the lady lawyer be able to dismiss the tape evidence and free the women? Will the girls stay out of trouble in the prison cell or will they retaliate against the troublemaker prisoner? Why has Saniye withdrawn from the family? When will Asiye have that baby?

Written By – Susan Watson



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