As the saying goes, “The hens have come home to roost.” This statement, originating with Chaucer in The Parson’s Tale, 1390, and expanded by Coleridge in The Tale of the Ancient Mariner, 1790, and Robert Southey in The Curse of Kehama, 1810, means that bad deeds or curses will return to haunt or discomfort the perpetrators. Such is the case with our five female kidnappers.

Mercan, recalling her own hanging at the hands of Vedat, begins to accelerate the truck to tighten the tension on the rope. She believes that she is punishing Vedat for his cruelty to her, but he has escaped the wheelchair and the noose, leaving Berrak gagged with the rope around her neck. Vedat walks jauntily down the road, pleased with himself and gleeful at the notion that Berrrak’s conscience is her own undoing. Swearing vengeance on the women, he calls Nefes to tell her that he is alive but one of her friends will die. When she hangs up, he declares he would rather see her in jail than living with Tahir. Shivering with the cold despite his happy state, Vedat calls Fikret to come get him.

Asiye’s guilty conscience has led to a confession to Mustafa, who, in turn, calls Tahir; the men are on their way to the mountain house to release Vedat and hopefully save the women from legal consequences. Nazar has awakened to discover Mercan’s bed empty, and after checking the rooms throughout the house, she discovers her father’s truck is missing. She knows what Mercan is doing, and in desperation, she calls Murat to go to the mountain house. After receiving the call from Vedat, Nefes has jumped on Murat’s scooter and is headed to the mountain house. So now everyone will converge on the mountain house to “save” Vedat only to discover that Mercan has almost killed Berrak.

Vedat arrives at Fikret’s house but refrains from answering directly the questions that Fikret poses.  He is too busy envisioning the women in jail for the organized kidnapping and what their lives will be like.  Vedat gloats that he will not bring Yigit to the jail because seeing his mother behind bars will “harm” him. When Fikret asks him if he really will make a formal complaint against them, Vedat answers that he will but not right away.  He wants to torture them with the fear of what he will do in retaliation. He then relates a story he saw on TV about a woman who lived 35 years without knowing if her son was alive or dead. When she finally learned that her son was dead, she said, “I will now sleep comfortably for the first time in all these years.”  The message of the story is that uncertainty causes fear. Fikret doesn’t believe the women will be jailed just on his complaint without evidence. Vedat says that he has cameras in his house that surely must have videotaped his kidnapping. After Vedat leaves, Fikret calls his man at Vedat’s house and tells him to destroy the taped evidence.

At the mountain house, the men discuss the situation with Berrak, Nefes and Mercan. Berrak admits that the fault is hers for believing Vedat when he approached her “softest spot,“ her mother. She tells them how she untied him to let him relieve himself and then how he attacked her. Nefes declares that they didn’t intend to kill him, but Mercan says only she wanted him dead. Mustafa says he will talk to Asiye to find the truth, but now they must return home and then consider what to do in the morning. They all know that Vedat will plan another caper against them and they must be alert.

When Tahir takes Nefes and Berrak home, he shows his anger for Nefes being involved in the kidnapping. She admits she should have told him about the plan in the beginning; she also says she didn’t because she enjoyed seeing Vedat tied up and defenceless. She was glad to see him helpless and afraid just as she had been for eight years, but Tahir said she was foolish. He said Vedat didn’t love anyone or anything as much as he loved himself and his own intelligence. They had insulted his intelligence with their scheme, they had outsmarted him, and for that, he would make them pay dearly. Tahir then asked, “What can I do?” He said he could protect her from all the weapons that Vedat could use against her, but he couldn’t protect her from the law if Vedat makes a complaint.

Back at Vedat’s house, one of the men hands Vedat a flash drive, and we learn that Vedat made a call to his house while he was walking down the mountain road, telling the man to copy everything on the recorder to the flash drive. The tape shows that Doruk helped Nazar and Berrak, so now Vedat knows that he is the “mole” that Fikret has planted in his house.
Mustafa confronts Asiye, telling her first what might have happened, then telling her that Berrak was almost the victim of Mercan’s revenge. He makes her understand the seriousness of their scheme, even though Asiye said she only wanted to pay Vedat back for everything he had done to them. Now that Vedat was free, the question remains. . .”What will he do next?”

The next morning, at Osman Hoda’s house, Yigit gives sleeping Tahir and Nefes each a kiss before going downstairs to prepare breakfast for his mom and dad. He warns grandfather Osman, Esma and Berrak to be quiet while he slices bread, feeds the birds, gathers eggs and prepares tea. Ali joins the group, and when Tahir and Nefes come to the table, Yigit, with Berrak’s help, serves the tea. The warm family gathering contrasts with Vedat sitting alone at his morning table, contemplating what he will do about the “mole” Doruk who helped with the kidnapping.

Murat and Fatih have awakened at the shipping dock office. Mustafa calls them and tells them to go to Osman Hoda’s house and carry weapons. He is taking Asiye and Balim there for safety because no one knows what Vedat’s next move will be. He wants the slackers there to protect them while he and Tahir go in search of Vedat.

Nazar and Mercan are to join them as well. On the way to Osman Hoda’s house, Nazar receives a call from Doruk who tells her that he has deleted the camera footage, so she has nothing to worry about, but he doesn’t realize that Vedat had the original tape copied before he deleted it. He also doesn’t know that his position as a spy is now compromised.
Mother Saniye is left alone in the Kaleli house. She wanders about, deploring the silence caused by her missing family. As she faces the emptiness and quiet, her sons, Tahir and Mustafa, drive to Vedat’s house, and Murat and Fatih stand as protection for her daughters-in-law and grandchildren. Inside Osman Hoda’s house, the five women vow to forget their past with Vedat and move forward. Nefes receives a call from Esma who tells her that she has accepted a catering job for them, one that won’t bring much money but will stand as an advertisement for their business.

While the girls are preparing a list of cooking supplies for the slackers to purchase, Tahir and Mustafa arrive at Vedat’s house. Tahir proceeds to beat up Vedat and threaten him. He tells Vedat that if he reports the girls to the police, he (Tahir) will take his revenge because he will have nothing to lose, but Vedat doesn’t back down. The minute they leave, Vedat tells his men to get his car ready. Mustafa doesn’t think Vedat will make a complaint against the women because he lacks evidence and he would lose face.

Fikret pays Osman Hoda a visit, but before they can begin their conversation, Fikret receives a phone call and declares that he must leave. He returns to his home to find a bruised and beaten Vedat waiting. Fikret guesses that Vedat’s wounds are the handiwork of Tahir and gives him no sympathy. When Vedat leaves, under his breath, he makes a threat against Fikret’s man Doruk.

Murat and Fatih deliver the groceries and the girls begin planning their menu. Mustafa and Tahir arrive after their “meeting” with Vedat. Mustafa takes Fatih with him and Tahir takes Nefes to the seaside where he declares that he beat up Vedat and expects a tongue-lashing from her. When she doesn’t fuss at him for fighting, he is happy.

Osman Hoda stops by the Kaleli house to greet Saniye who is sitting outside. He comments that it is rather amazing that his house, which is smaller than one-half of her house, is full of people while her big house is empty. We realize that he is making a point and hoping that Saniye understands it. She is all alone because she has driven her family from the home while he has welcomed all of them to his small but happy house. Alas, the next morning, when she has prepared breakfast, only Mustafa, Asiye and Balim come downstairs and they don’t sit at the table. When they leave, Saniye declares that she won’t wait for them and she won’t back down.

Uh-oh…Vedat has caused his “chaos.” The police arrive at the Dagdiveren’s home to arrest Nazar and Mercan, and simultaneously, others show up at Osman Hoda’s to arrest Nefes, Asiye and Berrak. Cemil Dagdiveren has collapsed from shock and from underlying illness.

Tahir goes berserk at the police station and is restrained, while Saniye and Osman Hoda cannot comprehend what has happened. Fatih stays with the sleeping Yigit until Osman Hoda comes, then he and Murat race to the police station. Cemil and Turkan Dagdiveren and all of the Kalelis are present when Esma comes out and tells them the case against the women is very serious. Vedat also filed a complaint against Tahir for beating him up, but no one knows where Vedat has gone.

Fikret receives news of the arrests when he visits Osman Hoda. In court, each woman thinks about her own guilt in the enterprise and asks forgiveness of the others as Esma pleads their case. Mustafa and Tahir also feel pangs of guilt for not stopping Vedat when they had the chance and silently ask forgiveness from the women. The judge decrees that the women will be jailed for one month until their case can come to trial, and when the indictment is ended, they are quickly transported to prison.

Followed by their families, the women arrive at the prison and are quickly ushered into a dormitory cell. They appear traumatized by their situation.

As the episode concludes, questions abound: Where is Vedat? Will Fikret do anything to help the women or will he bring Vedat to account for his evil? What will the Kaleli men to do help their loved ones? Will Cemil Dagdiveren finally defend his two daughters against Vedat? What will happen to little Yigit? Will Mother Saniye relent in her dislike for Nefes, Nazar and Berrak? When will Asiye’s baby be born?

Written By – Susan Watson



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