Alas!  The best-laid plans of mice and women often go astray.  Robert Burns was correct. Revenge is sweet when four women retaliate against a serial abuser with the help of one of Vedat’s men.  Unfortunately, their plan meets a literal roadblock when the Dagdeviren truck is stopped for a license check and impounded for unpaid insurance.  Asiye, Nazar, Mercan and Berrak are left at the roadside, and an unconscious Vedat is left in the rear of the covered truck which is hauled off to the impound yard.

At Osman Hoda’s house, Nefes is angry and unable to sleep because Vedat destroyed the food the women prepared for their first catering order.  Tahir and Fatih are spending a sleepless evening in their home, too, because of Saniye’s displeasure with the women they love. Fatih poses a question to Tahir:  Why doesn’t our mother want her sons to be happy? She doesn’t like Berrak, Nazar or Nefes, and she argues with Asiye constantly. Tahir has no answer for Fatih.

The four women arrive at Osman Hoda’s house where Nefes anxiously awaits them.  They tell Nefes what they have done, but once the truck was impounded by the police, they don’t know where it was taken. Nefes says they must try to find it, and when they walk out of the door, they are met with a huge surprise.

The truck is parked in front of the house.  Nazar receives a call from Doruk, Vedat’s bodyguard.  He says he was following them and he retrieved the truck because Vedat needs a good lesson.  We learn that Doruk, the man who helped them, called Fikret and told him about the kidnapping. Fikret thinks this is funny (so do I), so he and Doruk go to the impound lot, pay off the attendant, and take the truck to the house.  Then they surreptitiously watch the women as they try to decide what to do. When the five women drive off in the truck, Fikret tells Doruk to follow them and let him know where they go.

The next scene shows an unconscious Vedat tied and gagged in a wheelchair.  The five women surround him, each remembering the torture she endured at Vedat’s hands: Asiye screaming as Vedat held a knife to her pregnant belly, Berrak gagged and struggling against the chains that held her in the empty room, Nazar lying in pain from a severe beating, Mercan  struggling to breathe as she is hanged, and Nefes fighting against Vedat as he breaks her fingers. They are speechless, for no one knows what to do with him. Mercan says they should kill him, but Nefes says no, they can’t because they aren’t evil. They leave him in the desolate house and return to their homes, hoping to have a solution the next morning.  Doruk calls Fikret to tell him that Vedat has been left in the Kaleli mountain house.

Fikret recalls a time from his past when his boss scolded him for having saved the young nightclub singer from the gangsters.  His boss told him that he was in trouble and then demanded to know the whereabouts of the girl. Fikret told him where he had hidden the girl.  Now Fikret says he is living the sin of his past just as he accused mother Saniye of doing so.

The next morning the women decide to meet at the “centre” to decide what to do about Vedat.  Each one is questioned by family about sleeping late and looking pale and rather anxious, but they answer that they have “shopping” to do for the catering business, and each leaves home with the intent of going back to the house where they’ve left Vedat tied and sedated.

Tahir takes Yigit for a father-son lunch where they are joined by Esma and Ali.  After lunch, Tahir says they should go to a movie with Esma and Ali. Yigit insists that his mother should go, too, so Esma calls Nefes to say they are waiting for her to join them.

The five women take a cab to the mountain house and find Vedat awake and laughing hysterically at them.  He taunts each one of them with a personal failing: he tells Asiye that he knew Mustafa would be separated from his wife and child by bars; he reminds Mercan of her dreams of an idyllic marriage and children with Tahir; he reminds Mercan that Nefes is Tahir’s, true love; he teases Berrak that her behaviour would cause her widowed mother to have a stroke; he calls Nazar his “sweet pea” wife; and he mocks all of them with cowardice.  Mercan says they should kill him, and when Nefes objects because they aren’t inhumane, Nazar says that’s why Vedat always wins… because he has no mercy, no humanity.

When Esma calls her about the movie, Nefes says she will join them. Still unsure of what to do with Vedat, the women decide to return to their homes, leaving Berrak in the house with Vedat.  I suppose they chose Berrak because she didn’t have immediate family that would question her whereabouts. In the meantime, Mrs Naciye, who went to Vedat’s house to clean and cook, has been turned away by the bodyguard.  When she insists on going in, Doruk told her Vedat was out of town and she wouldn’t be needed. Always the gossip, Naciye goes to Turkan’s home to tell her she thinks something suspicious is going on.

Asiye, Mercan and Nazar find Murat waiting for them at Osman Hoda’s home to deliver the catering orders, but they are late and have no deliveries to make.  Nefes arrives at the restaurant shortly before Ali remembers that he can’t go to the movie, but instead must buy a wedding present for a friend who is getting married.  Of course, that is a ploy to give Tahir, Nefes and Yigit some time alone. At the Kaleli mountain house, Vedat teases Berrak with a chance to talk to her mother who has been hidden away.  He knows that Berrak would be desperate to know how and where she is. He tells Berrak to go to his house to get his cell phone so that she can talk to her. When she hesitates, he says that if he dies, she will never be able to see or talk to her mother again.  Of course, Berrak goes to get the cell phone from Doruk.

At the shipyard, Mustafa teases Murat and Firhat, the first for being a delivery boy and the second for being lonesome for his nurse Berrak.  Cemil Dagdeviren goes home early and asks Turkan about the girls. Turkan calls Nazar and tells her that she and Mercan must come home because Cemil is asking about them.  When they leave, Asiye, who feels guilty and anxious, also goes home. After a walk by the sea, Nefes asks Tahir to take her home. Berrak returns to the mountain house and calls the number Vedat has stored as “Berrak’s mom.”  There is no answer for the call and Vedat says that her mom must be sleeping or she’s not at home. Then he convinces Berrak to untie him so that he can relieve himself. Of course, she does untie him and he overwhelms her, knocking her unconscious.  He hides her in a room, then seats himself back in the wheelchair, tying the ropes around his legs and chest and hands to look as bound as he was when Berrak left him.

The Kaleli family is seated at the dinner table, but no one is eating.  When Saniye tells the boys that it’s a sin to ignore given food, Firhat mumbles, “Look who’s talking.”  She immediately takes issue with that and the conversation about Nefes begins. Tahir tells her they are present only out of respect for her as their mother, and for their home, not for the food.  Mustafa leaves the table in disgust and Saniye accuses him of turning his back on her. She completely ignores the things she’s done and said, accusing all them of betraying her. When she tells them to leave if they want, all three leave the house and she is taken aback.  She sits alone at the table, pondering what has happened to her family.

 Mustafa is upstairs with Asiye, Tahir goes to Nefes, Murat and Firhat go to the office to sleep.  Nazar has fallen asleep in her bed, but Mercan is awake. She furtively gets out of bed, dresses quietly, and leaves the house holding a large coil of rope.  She drives to the mountain house, goes in with the rope, and proceeds to sling the rope over a ceiling beam, all the while listening to Vedat’s pleas because she ungagged him.  She puts the rope around his neck and whispers in his ear the very same words he said to her before he kicked the stool out from under her. She then feeds the rope out of the house and ties it to the rear bumper of her father’s truck.  

 What she doesn’t realize is that Vedat got out of the wheelchair, put Berrak in it bound and gagged, and placed the rope around her neck.  He then slips out of a side door.

Meanwhile, Asiye’s guilty conscience has gotten the best of her and she tells Mustafa what they have done.  He calls Tahir and they both race out of their houses to go to the mountain house.

As the episode ends, we see the rope tightening as Mercan inches the truck forward, Berrak whimpering as she watches and feels the rope pulling her, and Vedat casually sauntering down the dark road, whistling as he appreciates how clever he is, and now free to cause more mayhem.

Will Mustafa and Tahir reach the house before Berrak is strangled?  What sort of vengeance is Vedat planning? Why didn’t Fikret have his men continue to watch the women? Will Saniye change her attitude about Nefes, Nazar and Berrak?  Tune next week if you can stand more of Vedat’s villainy and the humane ineptitude of angry women.

Written By – Susan Watson



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