WHAT? Asiye, Berrak, Nazar and Mercan have a plan? A Mission Impossible type of plan? This episode begins with quite a surprise, four women coordinating a scheme to capture an unconscious Vedat. Why do they want him, how do they accomplish this, what will they do with him, and what is their ultimate goal? After this bizarre beginning, the episode begins with the end of episode 33 when Nefes returns to Osman Hoda’s house to get warm clothes for Yigit and discovers Vedat waiting for her.

Vedat, having learned that Nefes and Yigit are living with Osman Hoda, has decided to use this opportunity to question Nefes about her love for Tahir and his family. He has come secretly to Osmond Hoda’s house and waits alone for Nefes. When she arrives, she is shocked to see him and tells him to get out. He doesn’t, of course, because he wants to upset, tease, and threaten her to make her feel insecure. He says that if Tahir and the Kaleli family truly loved her and wanted her, she wouldn’t be penniless and living with an old man. While in these circumstances, she should consider that she could be living with a man who sincerely loved her, who would provide a luxurious home for her and the finest private schools for Yigit. No matter how many times Nefes tells him to get out, Vedat continues to shame her with the reality of her current situation and tease her with the possibilities of her life if she came back to him.

Mustafa and Berrak bring Fatih home from the hospital where they are greeted by Asiye and mother Saniye. Saniye is not happy that Berrak is there and wants her to go, but both Asiye and Mustafa chastise her for being unkind and impolite. Their efforts to change Saniye’s attitude prove fruitless, for she tells them this is her house and she won’t change her behavior toward Berrak. Murat leaves Fatih in the house with Berrak and goes outside to join Mustafa who teases him about where he’s going. When Murat says he’s going to work, Mustafa is both pleased and confounded that one of the slackers would actually consider doing something constructive.

At the Dagdeviren home, Nazar is helping Mercan with her physical therapy. Turkan asks Nazar about the divorce and Nazar replies that she has spoken to Esma and will visit her again to check on the progress. Turkan also reminds Nazar of her promise to her father that she would stay away from Murat.

Tahir is driving Nefes and Yigit home from the hospital, telling both of them that Asiye will make a good soup for Yigit that will make him well and they will get fruit with vitamin C to help him stay healthy. Nefes is upset, still thinking about all of the things Vedat said to her about being without family, talent, and money. She insists that Tahir take her to Osman Hoda’s house, and when Tahir refuses, she makes him stop the truck and let her out. She walks away as Tahir tells Yigit to stay in the truck. When Tahir joins her, she tells him that she can’t go to his home because she isn’t wanted there and she has no other place to go except Osman Hoda’s house. Tahir has no rebuttal. He knows how his mother feels about Nefes and Yigit and the house does belong to his mother. He also knows how hateful Saniye’s attitude is toward Nefes.

After having taunted Nefes, Vedat meets Fikret at a restaurant in a very happy mood. He explains to Fikret that Fatih’s gunshot incident has proved very fortunate for him because Saniye has blamed Nefes and thrown her out. Now that Nefes is “out of the arms of the Kaleli family,” she will understand how alone she is and how she needs him. He goes on to say that he could regain custody of Yigit, but he will wait awhile. Fikret asks him why he doesn’t give Nefes up and Vedat says he never will give her up as long as he lives, and that he can’t explain his feelings to Fikret. When Fikret asks about Nazar, Vedat replies that he needs her for a little longer.

At Esma’s office, Nazar signs the divorce petition and says she doesn’t care if Vedat complies or not, just so that one day she will be free of him. She says she wishes she could sign away all of the other mistakes she’s made so easily. Esma answers the phone and hears Asiye explain that she couldn’t help her father, Osman Hoda, move into the new house because Fatih was shot, and now she has learned that Yigit is sick. She says that Nefes is alone, and they should go to visit so she could see the house and check on Nefes and Yigit. Esma agrees and says that Nazar is there, too, so they can all go together.

Tahir arrives at Osman Hoda’s house with Nefes and Yigit, both of whom are very unhappy, especially Yigit. Tahir, having been rebuffed by Nefes, leaves them and goes to the seashore. Nefes puts sad Yigit in bed to rest, saying that she will make soup for him that will make him feel better, but when she goes to the kitchen, she is so emotional from all of the doubts that Vedat has planted in her head that she can’t think straight. She turns on the gas stove, drops a pot lid, runs water and doesn’t turn it off, pours oil in a pan and puts in an ingredient only to spoon it out again. Finally, she sits and does what she does best. . .she cries.

At the restaurant, Fikret and Vedat have lunch and Vedat eats heartily.  He says when he’s happy, he has a voracious appetite but when he’s unhappy, he doesn’t eat at all.  Fikret proceeds to tell him an allegory about a wolf who pursues a sheep, and, of course, the sheep is eaten.  He tells Vedat that although he thinks himself the wolf, he is, in fact, the sheep who has lost its way and becomes a victim of the wolf. Vedat remembers asking his father about his mother and being told that she didn’t love him and she’s gone.  He also remembers the dream in which he kept asking Nefes why she didn’t love him. But, recovering himself, Vedat tells Fikret that he never finished telling him the story about his father and what treason he committed. Who was the woman Fikret loved?  Was her name Sakine whose grave he often visited? No, Fikret says, her name was Gulendum. In that story, he was the wolf; in Sakine’s story, he was the sheep. He says he hit Gulendum and ran away. Sakine came to him and took her revenge. She hit him and ran away, and because he couldn’t accept being the sheep (victim), he shot her. Fikret remembers saving Gulendum from gangsters and giving her money to return to her family, but her family had disowned her and she couldn’t return.  When Vedat said he still hadn’t told him about his father, Fikret said Vedat’s flaw was impatience, but when Fikret walked away, Vedat declared that he had been patient enough and his mood darkened.

At the Kaleli’s house, in contrast to Nefes’s attempt to make soup, Asiye is ladling up her delicious soup for Fatih.  She gives the soup tray to Berrak to take to Fatih, and then tells her that they are going to visit Nefes.

At the mosque, Osman Hoda is reading when he is joined by Fikret, and shortly after, by Tahir. When Tahir seems troubled, Fikret takes his leave, telling Osman Hoda he owes him tea and a chat for later.  When they are alone, in his gentle way, Osman Hoda tells Tahir to be patient and let God decide the way. He says that a separate house for Nefes and Tahir is not the answer, and though he has often thought of talking to Saniye about accepting Nefes again in the home, he decided that he wouldn’t because Nefes might think he, Osman Hoda, didn’t want her.  When Tahir leaves, he goes back to the sea shore to contemplate his problem where he has a short visit with Idris. Idris tells him that Saniye is being stubborn, but he believes everything will work out for Tahir and Nefes. He understands how much Nefes loves Tahir by her brave actions going to sea to search for him.

Asiye, Berrak, Nazar and Esma come to visit with Nefes.  Asiye feeds Yigit the soup she’s brought before he naps, and then she tries to enliven the mood by telling the girls they can complain about their loved ones.  That is an invitation for Nefes to tell them that Vedat came to Osman Hoda’s house to see her. She remembers how he shamed her and told her she was poor and had no talent.  She recounts how everything she has tried to do, working for Esma and going to school, has been a failure. Asiye, ever positive, says they all need something to do that will make them feel good.  She comes up with the idea of the five of them starting a catering service. Their spirits are enlivened and the planning begins. A few days later, with the help of Murat, Nazar, Yigit, and Berrak, their new brochures are spread about town, and they receive their first order.

At the Kaleli office, Murat is depressed and when Mustafa questions him, he tells Mustafa that Nazar won’t see him because she promised her father she wouldn’t.  Murat leaves only to be replaced by a depressed Tahir. Mustafa can’t help either of his lovesick brothers. He can only say their situations are fate and their problems will disappear in time.  Tahir, like Murat, can’t sit still when his problems weigh so heavily on his shoulders, so he goes to the seashore again.

When Osman Hoda comes home that evening, he sees the table spread with beautiful food and assumes that will be for his supper, but Nefes and Esma have to explain their new business.  At the Kaleli’s, Asiye asks Mustafa for a scale instead of gold. Mustafa, thinking she’s concerned about her weight, says she shouldn’t worry because she will lose weight after the birth. To clear his misunderstanding, she explains she needs a grocer’s scale for the new business.  At the Dagdiveren’s, Nazar tells Mercan that the new business will be fun and good for all of them, especially Nefes.

Cemil Dagdiveren sits at the table, waiting for the girls to join him, but Turkan says they have already eaten.  He says they should come and sit with him anyway, and when Turkan goes to get them, his phone rings. It’s Vedat, telling him that the divorce won’t happen and reminding him of the money he has given Cemil to pay some of his debtors. Cemil is humbled by the violence he has shown toward his daughters and eager to be rid of Vedat.

At the Kalelis, Saniye puts supper on the table and calls the family to come.  Everyone is there except Tahir. When Saniye asks, Murat says bluntly that she shouldn’t expect Tahir to come home when his wife is not welcomed, and no one knows where he is.  Osman Hoda comes to visit Fatih and gives the Kalelis, particularly Saniye,a lesson on the meaning of “family.” He says a family isn’t just a mom, a dad, and children, but it includes in-laws, grandparents, aunts and uncles.  The extended family is a nucleus of love and inclusion. Saniye is uncomfortable and leaves the table. Later that night, Fikret calls Mustafa and says he saw Tahir at Osman Hoda’s and he seemed troubled. Fikret wants to know if he can do anything for him, but Mustafa declines his offer, saying that Tahir has a family problem.

Fikret, too, is troubled. He remembers his past with Gulendum.  He had saved her from gangsters in the nightclub and apparently started a relationship with her.  His thoughts take him to the time they went to a photographer’s studio to have their picture taken.  Afterwards, they planned to go to a movie, but Gulendum said she needed to talk to him. She said she would go home and wait for him there.  Apparently, she was pregnant and planned to tell him that evening. As she was leaving him, a car drove up, and men with guns shot Fikret before kidnapping Gulendum.

Ali comes to Osman Hoda’s house to see Esra and take her out for ice cream.  While they are away, Nefes begins her studies, only to be interrupted by Tahir who has come to see her after wandering about all day.  He tells her he will never stay away, that all roads lead to her. She, in turn, tells him that while it is painful to be away from him because she loves him, she must learn to be independent and “take the ropes of her own life.”  She says that she must learn to “fit in his heart, not shelter in it.” After he goes up to see a sleeping Yigit, Tahir leaves, and for the fourth time that day, he goes back to the seashore.

The next morning, Vedat is eating breakfast prepared by Mrs. Naciye.  When she asked what he would like for dinner, he says it doesn’t matter, whatever she would like to prepare.  She says maybe they could order from the new catering service, NEFES LEZZETLER, and she goes on to tell him about her husband taking the photographs for the brochure advertising the business.  Vedat leaves immediately for Osman Hoda’s house where he barges in, manhandles Nefes and destroys the food the women had prepared for their first order. He tells her that if she wants to play games, he will play… .he just made his first move.  The destruction he has caused and the threat to Nefes’s independence is soul-searing. The women arrive to find Nefes in tears, the kitchen upended and the food on the floor. When Nefes tells them Vedat destroyed everything, they determine to get even and put their plan into action.

Uh-oh, is Fikret the father of Vedat?  Will Fikret tell us what happened to Gulendum and how Sakine took revenge after Gulendum? Will Osman Hoda’s lecture on family change Saniye’s attitude toward Nefes and Berrak?  Will the girls be able to fulfil their catering orders after Vedat destroyed the food? What “game” is Vedat playing with Nefes now? How will the women take revenge on Vedat?


Written By – Susan Watson



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