This episode is all about family dynamics, and the problems that love incurs when fate intervenes. Problems are not unusual, but death or near death experiences affect all members in some catastrophic way. Mother Saniye’s patience with Tahir’s love for Nefes has reached a breaking point. Fatih’s near death has opened his heart to expressions of love for Berrak. Murat has realized Nazar’s love for him cannot be easily fulfilled. Fikri’s impatience with Vedat is the result of a lost love buried in his past.

When morning comes, the after-effects of the raging storm litter the area around Trabzon. Fear of the weather has abated, but boats are missing, a body has washed up, and debris covers the land. An officer tells Ali that five boats are missing, one of which is Mustafa’s, and a body is lying in the morgue.

Concern for Tahir’s whereabouts takes Ali from the hospital where Mustafa and Berrak are still waiting for news of Fatih’s recovery to the Kaleli home where Murat and Asiye are sweeping leaves from the yard and Mother Saniye is suffering from her grief and anxiety. Not wishing to alarm the family, Ali says nothing about Tahir in hopes that someone will mention that they’ve seen him. When no one says anything about him, Ali finally goes to the morgue to view the body, dreading that it may be Tahir. He is relieved to discover that the body is Rustem.

At Osmond Hoda’s house, Nefes has calmed Yigit after the nightmare of Tahir leaving him and now he’s afraid he won’t see Tahir again. She finally gets him ready for school, reassuring him that all will be well.

In the Dagdiveren household, Turkan tells the girls she’s worried about Cemil. He left in the middle of the night when the storm was beginning. She has called him many times and he didn’t answer. Mercan and Nazar have breakfast while Turkan anxiously awaits Cemil’s return. When he enters, apparently in good health, she is relieved, but he doesn’t seem interested in answering her questions. After reminding Nazar about filing for divorce, he tells her to go to Vedat’s house to get her things. Then he tells the girls to get him a pillow and blanket so that he can sleep. While they are out of the room, he tells Turkan that he has solved a little of the debt he’s in, but there is much left to do.

On the morning after the storm, Fikri is told that Rustem’s body washed up and the police took him to the morgue. In a scene from the day before, Fikri treats Rustem to a fine meal while he ruminates about greed. Fikri says his mother always told him that a starving man could be made full with half a loaf of bread. Rustem obviously doesn’t understand the import of those words. When Rustem asks what will happen next, as he eats with gusto, Fikri says he will be taken to sea and placed on a boat going to Russia. Rustem asks about money, and he is told he will be given identification documents and money when he transfers to the ship. Telling Rustem to enjoy his meal, Fikri goes out to the porch and quietly tells one of his men to “throw him in the sea.” Now, in the morning, after being told Rustem’s body is in the morgue, Fikri calls Vedat to tell him that Rustem is dead, so now he doesn’t have to give him money as he had promised. Vedat is suspicious of Fikri’s intentions because he doesn’t understand what he’s doing.

At the hospital, Mustafa and Berrak have a breakfast snack until Murat arrives to tell Mustafa that Saniye isn’t well, but she won’t listen to anyone. He says she might listen to Mustafa, so he leaves for home.

At Esma’s office, Nefes says she doesn’t know what she will do. She ran away from Vedat to Trabzon, a place she didn’t know, but now it’s a place where she wants to stay and can’t. The only plan she has at the moment is to go back to the Kaleli home to get Yigit’s clothes and toys. Before she leaves, Nefes says after she collects Yigit’s things, she will go to the hospital to be with Fatih. She asks Esma if she would go to school to get Yigit.

Ali goes back to the hospital to check on Fatih and ask Murat about Tahir. When Murat says he hasn’t heard from Tahir, Ali goes to the Kaleli home. When he tells Mustafa that he can’t find Tahir, Mustafa’s boat is missing and five boats were lost in the storm, Mustafa is shocked. The two men race out of the house, but not before Saniye hears the conversation. When Nefes arrives to collect Yigit’s belongings, Saniye gives her a gun and tells her to kill Murat because he’s the only son she has left. Nefes doesn’t understand until Saniye tells her Tahir was at sea in the storm.

The scene shifts to Tahir sprawled lifelessly on the beached boat. He is dreaming of being with Nefes in the woods, but he’s cold. In the dream, she hands him matches and tells him to light a fire to warm himself and she will find him.

Ali and Mustafa arrive at the Kaleli dock where they confiscate a friend’s boat and head to sea in search of Tahir, even though a police search is already underway. Tahir awakens on the boat, disoriented and tired from his struggle with the storm. The boat is stranded on a rocky beach in front of an enormous cave, with no view of the surrounding countryside and his phone is dead.

At the hospital, Murat tells Berrak that Fatih loves her so much, but he has never been able to tell her, and that having tea with her is the one thing that has helped him to pull through this crisis. At that moment, Fatih opens his eyes.

Nefes has called Idris and finds him waiting for her at the docks. She tells him Tahir is missing and they must get a boat to go look for him. They borrow a boat and head to sea, but they find nothing. In the middle of the sea, Nefes is stupidly calling for Tahir. Finally, Idris tells her to stop, that she’s wasting her time. They return to the dock, and when Idris goes to call Ali, Nefes starts the engine and takes off on her own. Of course, she know nothing about boats and nothing about the Black Sea, but somehow she manages to do what Mustafa, Ali, and Idris can’t do. . .a miracle. . .she finds Tahir. Oh, please!

Nazar goes to Vedat’s house to get her belongings, and in true Nazar style, she can’t resist taunting Vedat. She tells him that she will divorce him, and when he threatens her, she tells him to beat her with his belt because that will be good for her in court. The more she tells him, the more determined Vedat becomes, until he finally says, “The divorce won’t happen.”

At the cave, Tahir collects driftwood to build a fire. He finds a damp book of matches on the boat and uses all of the matches until only one is left, which (another miracle) strikes a flame to light the pile of wood. He remembers the time he saved Nefes from drowning after they jumped from the cliff into the sea. This memory and his dream foreshadow Nefes rescuing him.

Osman Hoda brings Balim home from school to find Saniye grieving for her boys. At the hospital ,Fatih tells Asiye and Murat, that he’s all right and they should go home. Murat understands that Fatih wants to be alone with Berrak. Murat takes Asiye home and then calls Nazar. He says he needs to see her. She is returning from Vedat’s with her suitcase, but she says she will meet him in the “center.” When Murat arrives, she tells him that she’s getting a divorce, that she and Mercan have hurt their father by telling about the guns, and that she can’t see him because she promised her father. She gives him the ring made from the stone Murat threw at her.

Vedat has gone to Fikri’s house to complain about Nazar wanting a divorce. Fikri says he shouldn’t be surprised since he beat her. Vedat said she can’t get a divorce because he needs her. He needs to maintain a “happy” family so that he can enforce his custody agreement for Yigit. Then Fikri tells Vedat that he is so much like his father whom he killed. Vedat is surprised. He didn’t know Fikri knew his father. Fikri says he met him by “synchronicity,” not a coincidence when he was 18 and working in the smuggling trade in Istanbul. He said he thought of Vedat’s father as a “brother” until the man ruined him. He knew how cruel the man was to his 15-year-old son, so he wasn’t surprised when he heard that Vedat had killed him. Fikri said he found Vedat when he was hiding and took him as a “son” because Vedat had exacted the revenge that Fikri wanted.

Mustafa and Ali return to the Kaleli home to give the bad news. They couldn’t find Tahir, but when Mustafa’s phone rings, they learn from Idris that Nefes took the boat to go in search of Tahir by herself. Now there are two missing persons. This doesn’t last very long, for soon Mustafa gets a call from Tahir telling him that Nefes found him and they’re on their way to the dock. After a happy landing, Nefes asks Osman Hoda to take her back to his house even though Tahir protests.

As Vedat is leaving Fikri’s house, he asks how his father betrayed Fikri. Fikri says he took away his first love, the girl who taught him how to love, but he doesn’t tell Vedat who the woman was. When Vedat leaves, Fikri says aloud that woman was Gulendum, Vedat’s mother, a cabaret singer. Fikri reminisces about his time in Istanbul when as a young liquor smuggler, he tried to save Gulendum from the attention of Vedat’s father.

On his way home, Vedat stops at the jewellery store where Mrs Naciye fills him in on the latest gossip. She tells him, among other things, that Nefes and Yigit are living with Osman Hoda in his new house. Mrs Naciye wants to sell her gold jewellery because her husband has debts he cannot pay. Vedat, thinking ahead, decides to give her gold back in return for her working for him. He says she can repay him any way she wants, but he needs a cook at his house. If her husband approves, he would like for her to work for him.
At the Kaleli home, Tahir, Mustafa, Asiye and Saniye have a heart to heart talk. Tahir says his mother is not being fair to him in asking him to give up Nefes. Saniye responds by telling him that if he chooses Nefes over his family, he will lose her. She will go to her grave, and then she faints. Mustafa tells Tahir to be calm, wait for things to cool down because Tahir is head of the household and he can’t leave his home. Tahir says he is in a quandary. He can’t leave his home but he also can’t stay there without Nefes. Mother Saniye’s disapproval of Nefes has caused this family crisis.

In her bedroom, Nazar bemoans her lost love, Murat, just as a drunk Murat stands out in the rain. He calls her to come out to talk, but she tells him to go. He says he won’t leave unless she comes out to shoo him away. She meets him outside and explains that although she loves him, she can’t disobey her father’s command. She must give him up for her family just as he must honour his mother’s wish that he stays away from her.

Tahir goes to Osmond Hoda’s house to see Nefes and Yigit. Nefes tells him that her mother died when she was born, a fact for which her father blamed her. She says she never knew what her mother looked like, often wondering if she favoured her mother in any way. On her birthdays, she would get sick because of guilt and longing for the mother she never knew. She says she understands Mother Saniye even if she doesn’t think she’s right. Tahir says he doesn’t know what to do, but he can’t give Nefes up. When he goes home, Tahir finds the drunken Murat on the front walk. The brothers, separated from their loves by their parents, are kindred spirits.

The next morning Nefes discovers a feverish Yigit who can’t open his eyes or respond. She calls Tahir who rushes out to get them without saying anything to his family. He takes Yigit and Nefes to the hospital where the child is treated for his fever. After tests and an IV, the doctor says there is nothing wrong and they can go home. Mustafa comes to the hospital to get Fatih, but before he goes to Fatih’s room, he calls Tahir and learns that they are in the ER. He goes to see them and reassures Tahir and Nefes that unexpected fevers are just a part of childhood because he had the same experience with his daughter Balim. Before Tahir and Nefes can take Yigit home, Nefes decides to go back to the house to get warm clothes for Yigit.

Mrs Naciye arrives at Vedat’s house to accept his job offer. Vedat says he must leave, but his man will show her around the house and help her find the things she needs for cooking and cleaning. He then goes to the Dagdiveren home with a bouquet of roses. The women throw him out, but not before he taunts Mercan with how well she is talking and offers Nazar, whom he calls “Sweet Pea,” a huge diamond ring. He tells Mercan that Tahir and Nefes are separated, trying to give her hope for Tahir, and he tells Nazar that they will not be divorced unless he agrees. As he leaves, he calls the movers who helped Osmond Hoda settle in his new house. He wants the address so he can visit Nefes.
When Nefes walks in the door of Osmond Hoda’s house to get clothing for Yigit, she finds Vedat waiting for her.

What is Fikri’s plan for Vedat? What will Fikri do with the evidence he’s collected against Vedat? Why did Vedat’s father kill Gulendum, the woman Fikri loved? How will Tahir and Nefes resolve their problem with Mother Saniye? How will Nazar and Murat resolve their problem with Cemil? Will Fatih’s romance with Berrak blossom when he returns home? What does Vedat plan to do about Nazar’s divorce petition and his custody of Yigit? What damage will the local gossip, Mrs Naciye, cause the couples who are in love? When will Mustafa have a new baby to love?

Written By – Susan Watson



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