Ahh, Fatih! The sweetest, most bashful of the twins is in crisis from a bullet wound. He was shot by one of Vedat’s henchmen as he took the gun from Murat. Now, lying in Berrak’s arms as Murat drives him to the hospital, Fatih’s pain somehow gives him license to speak to Berrak about his feelings, to invite her to have tea with him and then to go somewhere in Trabzon together. This is as close to romantic speech as Fatih can get.

Tahir, Nefes, and Yigit having left the wedding reception unaware of the slackers’ whereabouts are being chauffeured by Ali and Esma to the Kaleli home. Mustafa, Asiye, Saniye and the granddaughter are going to spend the night at the mountain house so that the wedding couple can have an evening at home alone. Shortly after Tahir and Nefes arrive at the house, Nefes receives a call from a distraught Nazar who tells her that Fatih was shot. Nazar, bearing the wounds from Vedat’s beating, is still locked in the upstairs bedroom, but apparently, she saw or heard that Fatih was shot.

Cemil, Nazar’s father, is angrily arguing over the phone with someone who is trying to collect a debt from him. He slams the phone down only to hear it ring again. This time it’s his wife Turkan who tells him that she didn’t inform him about Vedat beating Nazar, but she can’t be quiet any longer. Mercan didn’t hang herself because of her lost love for Tahir, that Vedat did it. Cemil hangs up, gets his gun from the desk drawer, and rushes out. Turkan, shocked that Cemil didn’t respond, goes to Vedat’s house to find Nazar. When she sees her daughter beaten and dishevelled, she falls to her knees crying. Soon Cemil arrives, screaming for Vedat with his pistol in his hand.

At the hospital, Murat Is suffering pangs of guilt. He is inconsolable because he feels responsible for his twin being wounded and fears he will lose “his other half.” Tahir calls him as he and Nefes speed toward the hospital. Tahir wants to know Fatih’s condition and the circumstances for his being wounded. When Murat tells him, Tahir is enraged.

Vedat is waiting at Fikret’s house for him to return from the wedding reception. When Fikret arrives, Vedat tells him that he’s tired of Nazar, that she annoys him and that he beats her. He says he can’t stand her presence. Fikret slaps him for beating an innocent young girl, and then he puts his gun in Vedat’s hand and tells him to shoot. Vedat is angry but he’s cowardly. Fikret takes the gun from him and says, “I guess I owe you a life.” Vedat says, “You came here, you promised to help me but all you’ve done is ruin what I do. Why, Fikret abi, why?” Fikret says, “Never mind. Leave.” This scene is very strange. Later, we learn that Fikret is collecting Vedat’s fingerprint on the pistol just as he has hidden the rifle that Vedat used to shoot Nefes. He has also asked Rustem to write a description of Vedat’s crimes.

When Tahir hears about the shooting from Murat, he does what his impetuous personality does best. He storms out, bent on seeking revenge from Vedat or his henchman. Ali tries to stop him because he has already called for the police to pick up the men at Vedat’s house, but Tahir doesn’t listen. He and Murat, both with guns in hand, arrive to find Vedat alone in the house. Tahir demands to know where the guilty man is, but Vedat won’t say. Instead, he turns the complaint against Tahir and Murat, saying that Murat should answer for why he was at Vedat’s house to get a “married” woman, but then, why not? Isn’t Murat doing exactly what Tahir has done, taking a “married” woman? He laughs in their faces, saying Tahir was not a good role model for his brother, but before Tahir can respond, Ali arrives with the police.

At the mountain house, mother Saniye is fussing because she doesn’t know why they are there instead of at their home. Asiye tries to explain, but Saniye says the married couple should be here and they should be at home. Mustafa leaves to meet Osman Hoda about a house he has found for him, but on the way, Ali calls him to tell him about Fatih. Mustafa rushes to the hospital, and once he hears the story, he punches Murat, angrily accusing him because he wouldn’t leave Nazar alone. Murat accepts the blame but says Mustafa didn’t support his feelings for Nazar as he did Tahir’s love for Nefes.

Vedat is in the interrogation room at the police station, but he ridicules Ali because he’s a good friend of the Kalelis. He says he should be questioning Murat who was at his house to take his wife. Vedat claims to be innocent and says he is being held unlawfully. Ali recognizes that Vedat wasn’t present when the shooting occurred, so he must release Vedat. As Vedat is leaving the police station, he calls Cemil and tells him that he will meet him at his office.

When Vedat walks in, he is accosted by an angry Cemil who accuses him of beating Nazar and hanging Mercan. Of course, Vedat turns everything against others, never accepting any blame. He tells Cemil to shoot him, that way he can get out of debt to him but Cemil will still have indebtedness to others. He says he beat Nazar because she was secretly seeing Murat. About hanging Mercan, Vedat implies that accusation is ridiculous since he paid for her therapy and let her stay in his home. He goes on to say that he and Cemil had a deal to destroy the Kalelis, but Cemil didn’t hold up his end of the bargain. He further says that Cemil is caught up in his daughters’ plans: to make him angry so that he would kill Vedat and go to jail, then Nazar could be with Murat. Cemil does nothing, becoming a victim of Vedat’s warped logic and lies, allowing Vedat to swagger out of the office confidently.

Mother Saniye, Asiye and Balim return to the Kaleli home to find Esma waiting. She tells them about Fatih but says he will recover. They decide to go to the hospital, but before they can leave, Nefes and Berrak arrive to change their wedding clothes. Mother Saniye immediately attacks Nefes, blaming her for bringing Vedat and his treachery into their lives. She begs Nefes to leave before someone else in her family is hurt. Asiye tells Nefes not to worry, that Saniye is suffering a great pain. She also tells Nefes not to do anything crazy while they are away at the hospital. Alas, we know that Nefes will feel the guilt and leave. She packs up some things and takes Yigit on a “great adventure” which starts with a hike to Nuran and Idris’s house.

Mother Saniye also laid the guilt on Tahir at the hospital, accusing him of turning against his family for the sake of Nefes. She tells him if he forsakes his family, she will not give him her blessing either in this world or the next. Tahir’s loyalty to his family has become a huge issue, and when he leaves the hospital, he has basically chosen Nefes over his mother. On his way to find Nefes, he receives a call from Idris who quietly tells Tahir that Nefes and Yigit are with him.

Tahir and Nefes confront the issue. Nefes tells him he can’t make his family accept her, that she’s tired of being the cause of conflict with his mother, that he must let her go. He says he can’t live without her and that they will find their own home. Nefes says that living in a separate dwelling will not heal the problems with his mother because she will still blame Nefes for all the pain and suffering the family has experienced at the hands of Vedat. Tahir, however, will not accept Nefes’s argument. He says he will never let her go. Osman Hoda, Ali and Esma come the next morning to get Nefes and Yigit. Osman Hoda says he has a nice new place to live and he wants Nefes and Yigit to stay with him.

Cemil Dagdiveren, at home with his wife and daughters, comforts them and tells Nazar to go to an attorney and file for divorce from Vedat. When the girls go to bed, Cemil tells Turkan that Vedat said his daughters are tricking him, but he says he would rather have his daughters play a trick than believe anything Vedat says. Turkan is thankful that Cemil didn’t kill Vedat because she doesn’t want him to go to jail, leaving her to parent the two girls alone. The next morning Cemil says Vedat claims Mercan hanged herself; he doesn’t seem to care what Mercan has to say. He reminds Nazar to get a divorce petition and then come home. Furthermore, he tells Nazar that she must give up Murat for as long as he (Cemil) lives. Nazar is stunned. Her elation that her father wants her rid of Vedat turns to unhappiness when she realizes she can’t be with Murat, and she cries. Mercan cries because her father doesn’t seem to believe her.

Vedat’s man, the one who shot Fatih, calls him to say he needs to get out of town but he needs money. Vedat tells him to bring the gun he used to shoot Fatih to the “centre” and a man would meet him there. He should give the man the gun in exchange for money. The foolish man is grateful, not realizing that Vedat will set him up to be captured. Vedat calls Ali to tell him of the arrangement so that he can catch the man when he comes for the money

.Cemil receives a call, apparently about illegal guns. He says he will deliver one box to the boat that evening. Later, we see Cemil dragging a box of weapons onto a small boat at the fishing dock. After paying a visit to Nefes at Osman Hoda’s house, a depressed Tahir also goes to the docks and launches a small fishing boat. That night there is a raging thunderstorm, and when morning arrives, a young boy on a bicycle sees a body washed ashore. At the same time, Yigit awakens from a nightmare, calling out, “Baba, Baba, Baba.”

Who is the body on the beach? What will Fikret do with Rustem’s list of Vedat’s crimes and the hidden guns? What is the true relationship between Fikret and Vedat? What will be the outcome of Fatih’s critical injury on his love for Berrak? How long will Nefes and Yigit stay with Osman Hoda? What is Vedat’s next violent act against the Kaleli family? AND when will Asiye have that baby?

Written By – Susan Watson



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