This episode seems to be winding down the story. Nefes is no longer as tenuous and fearful, Tahir is less boastful and belligerent, mother Saniye is not as combative nor as righteous, Mustafa is no longer as angry and vengeful, Cemil is less confident and aggressive, Fikret is now the shadow manipulator of Vedat, Mercan is more responsive and involved, Nazar is more resilient and determined against Vedat’s anger, and Vedat himself is facing failure on several fronts.

Vedat’s plan has worked thus far. Nefes is behind bars with the lady lawyer offering her a means to get out. She explains that if Nefes refuses to sign the document, by the time Nefes is released, Yigit will be 15 or 16 years old and she will never be able to make up the lost years with her son. No doubt, the document is a petition for divorce. Vedat is determined to separate Nefes and Tahir.

At the same time, Vedat is offering Tahir a way to solve the family problem. Very simply, he can divorce Nefes. The scene shifts first to the morning that Nefes is arrested, then to the authorities searching the ship for the illegal weapons, and finally, to Vedat’s mansion. Vedat is in his glory, and after a call from Cemil, he sends Nazar to her family home to “chat” with her sister while he meets with Tahir. He is already aware that Mercan can talk, so he insinuates that he knows Nazar and Mercan are planning to do something.

Back at the Kaleli home, Tahir, in his typical fashion, tries to prohibit the police from taking Nefes, and when that fails, he follows the police van to headquarters. As soon as they arrive, Ali and Esma drive up. They have been alerted by Mustafa. Ali tells Tahir to stay outside while he and Esma check out the situation, but naturally, Tahir’s hot temper gets the better of him and he leaves to find Vedat. Ali discovers that the chief prosecutor did not want him alerted about Nefes’s arrest because of his close ties to the Kaleli family, and Ali will not be allowed to conduct the interrogation for the same reason.

As the family gets the children ready for school, Yigit wants to know about his mother and Tahir. Asiye and Mustafa say that they’ve gone to the Bazaar, and he shouldn’t worry. At that moment, Mustafa’s phone rings and a worker on the docks tells him the police are swarming the ship, but they won’t give him any reason for the search. Mustafa quickly leaves without explaining anything to Asiye.

When Mustafa reaches the docks, he is forced to wait until a policeman comes to tell him they didn’t find anything. Mustafa is told that the authorities had received information that he was smuggling weapons. His worker says, “It must be that Vedat.” There is a double scene shift at this point. We see Mercan walking haltingly at night when she overhears her father talking to someone about putting the weapons on the Kaleli ship. She returns to her room and calls Nazar who, in turn, calls Murat and tells him to go quickly and remove them. She admits her father did it, but makes him promise not to involve him even though he is wicked. The slackers leave immediately, and when Nazar calls Murat the next morning, he tells her they have successfully taken the weapons off the ship and hidden them.

Back on the docks, Mustafa is angry. In typical hotheaded Kaleli fashion, he jumps in his car and rushes to confront Cemil. He tells Cemil that he is being controlled by that “bastard” Vedat, and if he wants to be his enemy, he should act like a man. When Mustafa leaves, Cemil calls someone to see if the weapons were found. When he is told no weapons were found on the ship, he slams the phone down in anger. Mustafa goes home, and when Murat and Fatih come, they tell him what they have done.

Tahir arrives at Vedat’s mansion and immediately manhandles Vedat. When Vedat doesn’t flinch under Tahir’s physical threats, Tahir calms a bit and listens to Vedat’s offer. Without signing the petition for divorce, he leaves and goes to the jail to see Nefes. Together they decide that their greatest strength against Vedat is their marriage and Tahir’s ability to act as a real “father” to Yigit. Ali enters to tell them they have visitors. The Kaleli clan has gathered outside the jail to offer support for Nefes.

Vedat visits Cemil to ask why there has been no news of Mustafa’s arrest. Cemil tells him the police didn’t find anything even though the guns were put on the ship. Neither man is happy. Cemil complains that Vedat keeps putting him off and he is having a difficult time with the gun runners. His business is floundering and his cash flow is depleted. Vedat is not sympathetic. He tells Cemil that he had a simple task to do which he failed, and yet, he wants money from him. Vedat is annoyed, but he says he will send money to Cemil’s bank account. As he leaves, Vedat says he’s bored with both of the daughters. He goes to the Dagdeviren home to get Nazar. When she asks why, he threatens to hit her, but Mercan stops him. Turkan sees this and hears Vedat’s threat. She picks up a shovel and tells him to leave. Her daughters are staying at their home.

Aha! Now we get to see the master manipulator, Fikret, who is enjoying a barbecue while he talks with Vedat’s lady lawyer. He wants to know if she has the evidence, the gun and bullet. She says she does and asks what he wants her to do. Fikret says he doesn’t want her to do anything, just pretend to be working for Vedat. Shortly after the lawyer leaves, Fikret tells his men to prepare his car. He goes to the Kaleli home and tells Saniye that he’s sorry about Nefes’s arrest, and if he can help, he will. He says that one day “all will be revealed.” He hints that her family will learn the truth of the past.

The Kaleli family follows the police van to the prosecutor’s office in a convoy. After her interrogation, Nefes is released until trial in about a month, so Tahir and Nefes plan to get Yigit from school and return with the family to their home. Vedat’s lawyer calls him to give him the news, and he says that’s good for they will have time, a month, to make plans to shake the Kaleli confidence. He goes on to ask the lady lawyer if Fikret knows, and when she says no, Vedat says “that’s good; he’s been annoying me of late.” The camera pans over and we see Fikret sitting in the car with the lawyer. Fikret utters some cryptic words and dismisses the lawyer before receiving a call. He tells the speaker to make a scene, get the person, “rough him up enough to make him scream but keep him soft enough to make him useful.” We discover later that the person he talked to was a prison guard and the person/”package” Fikret mentioned is an inmate who was beaten up and taken to a hospital.

The following scenes are contrasts in mood and character. Vedat sits pensively at his dinner table, alone in his huge mansion. At the Kaleli home, the happy crowd is revelling at a table laden with delicious-looking food; their arms are outstretched, serving plates as they talk loudly. The meal has been prepared undoubtedly by mother Saniye, Asiye and Nefes, but Saniye is not at the table. She is in her room crying as she looks at a photo of herself and Sakine. When Tahir checks on her, she says she has a headache and will rest. The happiness continues around the table with Asiye singing a happy folk song while the others join in. Later in the evening, Tahir, Nefes and Yigit play before bedtime, Mustafa and Asiye tease until their daughter joins them in bed, and Murat and Firat sit outside, talking about love. Murat tells Firat that he will get his girl (Berrak) too, even though he isn’t as handsome as he is.

Fikret sends some men to the hospital to pick up the “package,” but he tells the men to make their retrieval look like a prisoner-escape rather than a kidnapping. Then he calls Vedat for a little “brotherly” chat. Vedat is still annoyed and unaware that Fikret knows all about his plans. Who is the prisoner that Fikret wants to be brought to him? He will have to be someone who knows everything about Vedat.

At the Dagdeviren home in the evening, a sullen Cemil sits alone, refusing to go to bed. In the girls’ bedroom, Mercan has apparently made a full recovery, for she lounges on her bed naturally and speaks easily, telling Nazar to call Murat because she loves him.
Morning brings a series of different scenes of each household: Asiye and mother Saniye quibble about folk songs, and Osman Hoda tells a moral about a demon, an angel and a donkey. Fikret asks about his “package,” the prisoner, and tells his man to let him know when the man awakens. Nazar returns to the mansion and argues with Vedat, telling him that he’s a loser. Cemil tells Mercan he knows that she told the Kalelis about the guns and that she and Nazar may have saved the Kalelis, but they have ruined him.

That same morning Murat and a friend remove the guns from the hiding place and put them in a delivery van, Fikret pays Mustafa a visit at the docks, and Tahir, after taking Nefes to Esma’s office, calls Vedat to tell him he will divorce Nefes if Vedat will give him the gun and the bullet. Of course, Vedat thinks that is ridiculous, so Tahir suggests meeting in the park, a public place, to talk. Meanwhile, a delivery van arrives at Vedat’s mansion and the driver tells the guard that he has a delivery for Mrs Nazar. Nazar signs the papers and tells the men to take the boxes upstairs. At the park, Tahir receives a call and then shows Vedat the packages at his house. This is Tahir’s threat. He tells Vedat to call his lawyer to give the gun and bullet, his evidence against Nefes, to Firat who is with the lawyer or he will call the police. Vedat dashes home to locate the boxes. When he opens one, he finds dried apricots and a note that tells him that he is, at last, receiving the request he made of Komisar Mithat when he (Vedat) was jailed.

Murat and his friend take the crates of weapons back to Cemil, telling him that they want to help him stay out of trouble. Fikret, now at his home, receives a call from the lawyer telling him that the Kalelis have the evidence just as a henchman comes to tell him that the prisoner is awake. Fikret goes in to question his “guest,” who is none other than Rustem, the man who went to jail for Vedat’s crimes.

The final scene takes place on a pier with Nefes and Tahir sitting in their truck. Ali drives up and asks for “his” gun and Tahir takes it from the glove compartment. Of course, it’s the “evidence” against Nefes. When he leaves, Tahir and Nefes get out and kiss before a sign that reads “ Trabson.”

What will Fikret ask Rustem and what will he do with the answers? What and when will Fikret reveal the truth of the past to Saniye’s family? What will Vedat do now that his illegal weapons caper and his divorce schemes have failed? Will Nazar and Mercan tell Cemil about Vedat’s brutality? Will Firat and Berrak confess their feelings for each other?.. and….When will Asiye have that baby?!

Written By – Susan Watson



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