We learn some new information in this episode: the identity of Fikret, something of mother Saniye’s past, and the newest plan of Vedat. The intro repeats part of the ending of episode 28, and although lengthy in exposition with happy family moments, the story seems to move a bit closer to a conclusion.

The Vedat villa is well-lighted in the gathering storm as Nefes and Tahir approach, but a clap of thunder brings sudden darkness and fear to Yigit who calls for his mother. A Vedat henchman climbs the stairs with two lighted candles and places them in Yigit’s room before locking the door. Remember, Vedat has gone to meet Fikret before his planned escape.
The storm intensifies with lightning and thunder, and the wind howls through an open window, blowing the thin curtains and one of the candles to the floor. The curtains catch fire and Yigit panics. He tries desperately to open the door as the fire quickly spreads, his cries unheard by the men below. Nefes, approaching the gate of the now-darkened mansion in the midst of this storm, immediately sees firelight glowing in an upstairs room. She climbs the fence and rushes toward the house with Tahir following. No one appears to answer her screams and pounding on the door, so Tahir breaks the glass door and they rush upstairs. Yigit is saved and taken home.

Back at the Kaleli home, Ali reminds Tahir that he has broken the law, but Tahir says he doesn’t care about the law. He is protecting a child who calls him “father.” Having heard the word “fire” as Nefes takes Yigit upstairs, Mustafa and Asiye are surprised and curious, but Tahir doesn’t explain how or why they have Yigit. Mother Saniye also reminds Mustafa and Asiye that Vedat will soon come with police to take the child again, a fact they find depressing.

A t their meeting, Fikret tells Vedat he is surprised that Nefes agreed so easily to come to him, but despite Fikret’s suspicion, Vedat says her decision is based on her motherhood, she can’t be separated from her child. He smiles rather smugly, thinking that he knows Nefes very well. Just then, his phone rings with a message about fire at his house. He thinks his men are careless with the alarm and he takes his leave of Fikret.

Arriving at the mansion, Vedat sees swirling red lights of fire trucks and firemen on the porches. He furiously demands to know where his son is, but his henchman says he doesn’t know, he didn’t hear anything. After searching for Yigit, Vedat leaves in a hurry to retrieve the child, yelling into the phone for Nefes to answer. When she answers, Vedat accuses them of kidnapping, but Tahir says he was protecting a child that calls him “father.” Screaming and throwing the phone, Vedat tells the driver to go faster, but up ahead they come to a road block. Fikret and his men are standing in the middle of the road. Vedat gets out of the car, yelling at him that he’s worried about Yigit, that he may be hurt. Fikret tells him two things: 1) that Yigit is with his mother, so he’s safe 2) that he has warned Vedat twice to stop trying to take the child and he has ignored the warnings. Turning abruptly, Vedat leaves. He returns to the darkened mansion and goes upstairs to remove a box from a safe. He takes out a bullet fragment which he promises to use against Nefes.
While Nefes and Tahir await Vedat’s arrival, Nefes remembers the last words she said to her own father, “Father, don’t let him (Vedat) take me,” the same words that Yigit screamed as he was taken away.

At the Dagdemir home, Turken doctors Nazar’s bruises and Mercan speaks. Turkan is happy, but she fears what Cemil will do when he learns that she has kept Nazar’s secret. When Turkan leaves the room, Nazar calls Nefes so that Mercan can speak to her. Mercan simply says, “I keep my promise. You keep your promise.” Nefes is shocked and happy that Mercan has made so much progress. The next morning, while Nefes, Yigit and Tahir snuggle in bed, Mercan, with the help of a walker, goes to her family breakfast table. She says, “Good morning, Father,” but just as they begin their breakfast, there is a knock at the door. When Turkan answers it, she sees Vedat.

Angry, she pushes him, telling him she knows what he has done to Nazar, although she hasn’t told Cemil because Cemil would tear him to bits. Vedat isn’t worried, he says, because she knows what he can do to Nazar. Vedat brazenly goes in and sits at the table, asking Mercan menacingly how she’s doing. Cemil tells Mercan to greet him, but Mercan remains mute. After breakfast, Vedat joins Cemil for coffee and tells Nazar to close the door. In privacy, he reminds Cemil that Tahir destroyed not only his smuggled weapons but also Mercan’s joy of life, but Cemil says he hasn’t forgotten, that he has been waiting for Vedat to settle himself so they can carry out a plan for revenge on the Kalelis. Vedat says he never forgets those that hurt the ones he loves and the time has come. He tells Cemil to get a huge shipment of illegal weapons that they will plant in one of the Kaleli ships. When the authorities discover the guns cache, Mustafa and Tahir will go to prison. Cemil says that his reputation with the weapons smugglers has been damaged, but he will see what he can do.

At the Kaleli home, the slackers are absent from the breakfast table. Apparently, they have had a raucous evening, for they now are seated on a bench overlooking the Black Sea, nursing their bruised faces and aching bodies. They recall a fight with strangers but can’t remember exactly what started it. As they ponder this, Mustafa calls Murat and tells them to meet him at the office.

Tahir and Nefes ready Yigit for school, acknowledging that Vedat might go to the school to take the child, but Tahir says Vedat has custody, so they can’t worry about that. Nefes says she will visit with Mercan since they are “blood” sisters and she’s so happy that Mercan is recovering. Before she can leave, mother Saniye reminds Nefes that as mothers, they both worry about the well-being of their sons.

At the Kaleli office, Mustafa and Tahir discover their battered brothers and demand answers. When the boys can’t identify who fought with them, all of them jump into vehicles to find the culprits. They arrive at the resort hotel just as the five strange men are leaving and a fight ensues. Meanwhile, Nefes visits Mercan who says she wants to tell her parents that Vedat hanged her, but she’s afraid that he will harm Nazar. Turkan apologizes to Nefes for being disrespectful and failing to believe her.

While shopping at the market, mother Saniye receives a note from Fikret which says “You have ruined Crazy Tahir, Sakine, me, and yourself.” Then she is told to get in a car to meet the person who sent the note. As she is driven to meet Fikret, she has a flashback. She remembers the day, long ago, when she, as a young woman, told Sakine’s father that his daughter had run away with Crazy Tahir. She hands the man a note with an address in Istanbul where the two lovers were hiding. A young man, Fikret, takes the note from Sakine’s father. The scene shifts to Fikret waiting by Sakine’s grave. When Saniye arrives and wants to know the meaning of the note, Fikret reminds her that she was in love with Crazy Tahir, and when she learned that Tahir and Sakine had eloped to Istanbul, she decided that if she couldn’t have Crazy Tahir, no one would. Fikret tells her that she killed two people by making him “the gun.” He asks her how she can pray and cry at the grave of the man she “killed.” He says he had slept only 2 or 3 hours a night for the last twenty years, mourning for his love Sakine. He tells her to pray for Sakine, then warns her not to tell anyone of their meeting.

Vedat meets with his lady lawyer and shows her the box with the gun and bullet. He tells her that Nefes time has come. He wants her arrested for shooting him. She reminds him that Nefes could be sent to jail for 8 years… does he really wants to separate mother and child for that long? He doesn’t answer, he just says wait for word from him for the accusation is to be made. When she leaves, Vedat calls Cemil to see if the gun shipment is arranged.

The Kaleli brothers and the strangers are at the police station, having been arrested for public disorder. When the strangers leave, the brothers enter to find their friend Ali is the new commissioner. Ali tells them the other men will not sue them if they apologize, a price the Kalelis find difficult to accept.

Nefes calls Nazar and arranges a meeting. When they meet at a tea garden, they discuss the pain Vedat has inflicted on their lives. Nefes knows that Nazar doesn’t tell her father about Vedat’s brutality because she, Mercan, and Turkan have been threatened, but she tells Nazar not to worry, that one day a man will love her and help her to heal. While they are speaking, Nefes sees mother Saniye who has been returned to town. She is staggering, disoriented from her emotional meeting with Fikret. They rush to help her and she looks at both young women, remembering how cruel she was to each as they take her home.

Mustafa has written a check for Vedat, the last instalment of the money they owe him, and he tells Tahir to take it to him. Before Tahir can arrive, Nazar returns to the mansion. Vedat instructs her to go to her room because Tahir will come soon. When Tahir gives Vedat the check, Vedat rolls it up and burns it. He tells Tahir that he will take something more valuable from them.

Asiye takes Nefes shopping for clothes in preparation for a special evening out with Tahir. Dressed in her elegant new gown and hairdo, the couple goes with Yigit to a fancy restaurant where Tahir gives Nefes a diamond ring, explaining that their marriage happened so suddenly before he could present her with this token of his love. After dinner, they take a sleeping Yigit home, and then they leave for a secluded house where they declare their “burning” love. First, the snow falls as they dance, and then they are seen walking in the surf of the sea as fireworks are seen in the distance. Next, a warm sun rises as the lovers walk on the beach before they return home. The next morning, Tahir and Nefes are sleeping peacefully in each other’s arms. I don’t know… I guess this is the director’s way of indicating the consummation of their marriage… overdone, I think.
While the young Kalelis are having a romantic evening as a family, Vedat receives a call from Cemil telling him the weapons cargo will soon be in place. Next, we see a van pull up on the Kaleli dock and men open a cargo door where stacks of crates are waiting to be unloaded. As the evening wears on, Vedat, at home, calls the lawyer and tells her to make the complaint about Nefes first thing in the morning.

As the lovers sleep, police cars arrive at the house and a pounding on the door brings Aisye and Mustafa down. When they open the door, the police demand Nefes. They have a warrant for her arrest.

Is there a purpose in the fight between the strangers and the slackers? Having confronted Saniye with the truth, is Fikret finished with the Kalelis? How will mother Saniye deal with Fikret and her past? Will Mustafa, Tahir and Nefes be put on trial for crimes as Vedat has planned? What will happen to Yigit? Will Cemil learn the truth about Vedat? And, WHEN will Aisye have the baby?

Written By – Susan Watson



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