Honestly, this is one of the weakest episodes so far and a real test of patience for the viewer.  There is no plot.  It is as if the story is in a “holding pattern,” waiting for something to happen.  Could it be that the writers are setting us up for a conclusion to this saga?  I hope so because I’m frankly tired of the repetitiveness: Asiye’s never-ending verbal sparring with mother Saniye and her hair flipping, hip swinging flirtation with Mustafa, Nefes’ s never-ending call of “Tahish,” her self-pity and her constant sobbing, Mustafa’s indecision and wrong decisions, Tahir’s impatient and often improvident behaviour, and Vedat’s endless villainy.  The only characters who change and grow are Nazar, who realizes her mistakes, Mustafa, who eventually accepts Tahir’s love for Nefes, and Murat, who matures enough to let Nazar recognize her true feelings. Aside from the slackers, Osman Hoda, Ali and Esma, I like the plaintive music best of all.

When last we saw the Kaleli family, they were standing in the front yard, staring with incomprehension as Vedat forcibly took Yigit away.  Nefes, in distress, screams for her child as she runs after the quickly disappearing car.  Thus, Episode 28 begins with Nefes screaming, “My son, my Yigit, I can’t live without him,” and the plot of the scenario is established.  Tahir will promise to bring the child back.

Yigit does not go quietly. He screams for his mother, tells Vedat he doesn’t like him and he wants brother Tahir to be his father.  Vedat doesn’t really care for Yigit either; rather, he uses the child as an instrument to lure Nefes to him.  When Yigit refuses to cooperate, Vedat locks him in his room and then orders Nazar to play with him while he prepares breakfast.  Mercan, who has kept Nazar company while Vedat was away, has managed to speak Nazar’s name, but this accomplishment is quickly hidden when Vedat returns and threatens her with subtle pinpricks to ensure that she is still paralyzed. As he is preparing breakfast, he notices a brochure about physical therapy. Suspecting that Mercan might be making improvements, he tests her.  Toying with a kitchen knife, he suddenly pretends to throw the knife at Mercan, and she reacts, physically moving her arms and her head.

Aha!  Now he knows the truth… Mercan is slowly recovering. His secret crime may be discovered, but as always, Vedat is a step ahead.  He tells Mercan and Nazar what he believes their plan to be, and now his threat is not so subtle. Nazar is his wife and he can and will punish her if she foolishly puts him in jeopardy.  Meanwhile, Nefes is doing what she does best… sobbing and feeling sorry for herself, and ultimately putting more responsibility on Tahir to honour his promise of getting Yigit back for her.  Honestly, this constant sobbing and recounting of her emotional/physical injuries is TOO monotonous just as Vedat’s evil presence and scheming are losing its impact for dramatic relevance.

The pressure on Tahir is so acute that he entertains the idea of going to prison so that he can make Rustem tell the truth about Vedat.  Only his friend Ali’s wisdom and Nefes’s disapproval prevail upon him to reconsider. Tahir’s desperation makes him illogical, but Vedat’s reasoning functions perfectly.  He pays his father-in-law Cemil a visit to determine two things: does Cemil know or suspect Vedat’s treachery and does Cemil continue to believe that Tahir caused Mercan’s physical impairment. Satisfied that Cemil is none the wiser, Vedat leaves to pursue another goal. . .a meeting with Fikret.  Following Vedat’s orders, Nazar accompanies Mercan to the car that will take her back to her parents’ home.

When Fikret arrives at the meeting place, Vedat tells him that he has reclaimed his son, he will leave the country tomorrow night, and he now thanks Fikret for his help.  Fikret doesn’t seem to be pleased. He says, “All right, but you’re doing this wrong.” What misfortune Fikret will wreck on the Kaleli family or why he pursues a vendetta is yet to be determined.

Not surprisingly, Vedat has a man follow Tahir and Nefes to the valley house where they have gone to escape mother Saniye’s harsh words.  When Tahir leaves to get Yigit’s sweater so Nefes can have her son’s smell, Vedat shows up to provoke Nefes.  He taunts her by telling her he will take Yigit away and if she doesn’t come with them, then Yigit will know that she preferred her husband Tahir rather than her son.

The night becomes a time for conflicting emotions and the need for comfort.  Asiye and Mustafa cling to each other because of joy for their unborn child and sadness for Tahir and Nefes, Tahir wraps a distraught Nefes in his arms and a blanket because of her uncertainty and his feeling of impotence, and Nazar holds a miserably sad Yigit because of his missing mother and her pity for his father’s cruelty.  Only Vedat, who remembers his own mother’s absence and his father’s cruelty, can stand alone without the need for comfort.

The next morning, just as Nefes is on the brink of telling Tahir she will leave him to be with her child, Osman Hoda, the Kalelis, Esma and Ali arrive at the valley house to bring Tahir and Nefes home.  Early morning at Vedat’s house is not so pleasant.  Vedat’s efforts to get Yigit to eat end in fury, causing the child such fear that he wets himself.  At breakfast in the Dagdeviren house, Mercan manages to pick up a glass of water, bringing tears to her father’s eyes.

For all of the good things that happen, we know that Vedat’s evil will prevail in some way.  He tells Nazar to go to her parents’ home for the evening because he wants her out of the way when he leaves with Yigit.  Nefes finally confesses to Tahir that Vedat came to the valley house and offered her an ultimatum… choose her child or her husband. Tahir gets angry, but he tells her to accept Vedat’s offer so that he and Ali can follow them as they attempt to leave and arrest Vedat. Nefes calls Vedat as he is on his way to Fikret’s to accept his offer, but she tells him she goes as Yigit’s mother and Tahir’s wife, not as his companion.

The night is dark and stormy, just the setting for something disastrous to happen.  The lights go out at Vedat’s mansion, and the thunder and lightning frighten Yigit.  One of Vedat’s henchmen brings candles to Yigit’s room and then leaves. . .can fire be far away?  As Tahir arrives to deliver Nefes to Vedat, the curtains in Yigit’s locked bedroom catch fire.

Why does Fikret want to meet with Vedat?  Will Yigit be saved from the fiery bedroom? How does Vedat plan to leave Turkey? When will Mercan tell her parents the truth of her injury? Will Nazar ever be free to express her feelings for Murat? Will Fatih have the courage to show Berrak how he feels? And WHEN will Asiye’s baby be born?

Written By – Susan Watson



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