In this episode we see a mellowing of characters: Nefes has prevailed in keeping Tahir’s desire for vengeance in check, mother Saniye has accepted Nefes and Yigit as family, Nazar realizes her love for Murat, Berrak has accepted the loss of Ceylan, Fikret expresses empathy for Yigit, and Vedat refrains from using violence. The question is, “Are these character changes long-lasting?”

When last we saw Nefes, she had survived a successful surgery for the gunshot wound but the anaesthesia caused her to experience nightmares, particularly about Yigit. Although she doesn’t know it, Yigit is missing; he has wandered into the woods in search of his mother. When the Kaleli family becomes aware that he is missing, they go in search for him, enlisting volunteers from the town, but they return home empty-handed. In this new episode, Nefes awakens, demanding that Tahir bring Yigit to her. She senses that he is in danger. When Tahir tells her she will see him the next day, she yanks out her IVs and crawls out of bed screaming that she has to see him immediately. Tahir calls her strong, I call her stupid because she’s just had an hours-long surgery. She collapses in the hall.
Apparently, Fikret, Vedat’s friend, has found the child but we don’t know how. He has taken Yigit to his house. In the meantime, Vedat is discussing custody with his lawyer. He wants her to get Yigit back from Nefes since there is no evidence against him for shooting her. When Fikret calls him, Vedat tells him that he’s going to “play” nice, get custody of Yigit, then take Nefes and Yigit back home. He doesn’t know that Yigit was missing and then found by Fikret.

Tahir joins Mustafa and the slackers in the search for Yigit while Asiye, Osman Hoda and mother Saniye wait at home. Berrak has left the house and seems to be making plans after talking with Esma. I’ll just bet she’s going to do something foolish like going to confront Vedat. She’ll probably end up beaten and tied up just as before.

At the Dagdeviren home, Turkan doctors Nazar’s wounds from the beating. When she leaves the room, Nazar begs her sister Mercan to get well so she can tell the authorities that Vedat hanged her. She says that is the only way they can get rid of him… she says, “Please, save me.”

Yes, Berrak stupidly goes to Vedat’s house and does nothing but accuse him of kidnapping Yigit. Ahhh, this is the first time Vedat has heard that the child is missing, and, of course, he dashes out. His destination is the Kaleli home where he threatens them all for losing his son. He has left Berrak at his house with Nazar. Berrak tells Nazar the Murat is very much in love and Nazar must find a way to escape Vedat so that she can be with Murat.
Having left the Kalelis, Vedat goes to Fikret to ask for help in finding Yigit, but Fikret puts him off. When Yigit awakens, Fikret assures him that he will take him to his mom but he must sleep a bit more. Fikret then calls Tahir, who is searching the forest at night, to tell him that he has found Yigit. He gives Tahir his address.

When Vedat returns to his house, he is angry. He taunts Nazar, accusing her of being glad that he is upset, as he turns on the Mozart music he played when he beat her before. Nazar isn’t afraid, though, because she flings the taunts right back to him, calling him a loser. Surprisingly, Vedat stares at her, then leaves her alone, but he isn’t cowed by her taunting. The next morning he tells her not to get used to talking back to him. Nazar tells him that her mother has seen her bruised back, but her father Cemil doesn’t know about the beating. He never will if Vedat gets a specialist to help Mercan recover some mobility.
Tahir arrives at Fikret’s house and, after thanking him for finding Yigit, he takes Yigit to his mother. Fikret recognizes the love Tahir and Yigit have for each other and says, “He’s with his father now.” Then he speculates what Vedat will do once he realizes Yigit is reunited with the Kalelis. Fikret calls Vedat to tell him that Yigit has been found and is safe with the Kalelis. Fikret seems to be playing games with Vedat, provoking him into some sort of sinister action. This is very confusing because he seems to have an empathetic nature, but he tolerates Vedat’s cruelty and helps him. Fikret is a craftsman, apparently, because he appears to be making a musical instrument and as he does so, Vedat arrives to question his returning Yigit to his mother, stating emphatically, “I am his father.” Fikret then gives Vedat a stern lesson on what it means to be a “father,” citing all of the lessons that a child should learn from his father, lessons that Vedat has never taught his child.

Vedat calls Fikret from Istanbul to tell him he will get custody of Yigit and take the child and Nefes far away where Tahir will never find them. Fikret realizes his “lesson” on fatherhood fell on deaf ears, and as he plays his instrument, tears fill his eyes and slide down his cheek. Strange! Are Fikret and Vedat related?

When Turkan goes to the bazaar, Nazar stays with Mercan and discovers that she can move her toes. She asks her mother if she can take Mercan to her house because Vedat is away for a long time. Turkan agrees, hoping that Nazar can help Mercan continue to improve physically. Berrak comes to visit and tells the sisters that Yigit and Nefes are together and both are in good condition.

Mustafa and Tahir go to the docks for work. They invite Fikret for dinner to thank him for finding Yigit, and Mustafa comments that Fikret is a weird one. Shortly after, Komisar Mithat comes to tell Tahir that the rifle Vedat used to shoot Nefes has not been found, so there is no evidence to charge Vedat with the crime. Mustafa invites Mithat to dinner, explaining that the feast is to thank Fikret for his help. I’m sure that Mithat will probably investigate Fikret and discover that he’s the one who shot Tahir’s namesake uncle over the woman he loved, Sakine.

The interplay of sarcasm and accusation between mother Saniye and Asiye continues and is a bit tiresome now, but Mustafa is usually caught in the middle and that can be amusing. They prepare for the dinner and Fikret arrives to share the meal with them. He gives a gift to Yigit, an heirloom watch, and says rather pointedly, “Your father can teach you to tell time.” Yigit is confused because he knows Vedat is his father, but he loves Tahir as his “real” father.
Mercan is working with a Nazar and a physical therapist, Vedat is getting legal custody of Yigit, Fikret is buying sand from Mustafa, and Tahir and Nefes are busy parenting Yigit. One month later, however, these peaceful days are over. Vedat has returned. He calls Fikret to tell him that he’s back to take Yigit to America. Somehow he has managed to get custody without going to court or notifying Nefes. The scene ends with Vedat arriving at the Kaleli home and forcibly taking Yigit from the family. The last scene shows Yigit struggling in Vedat’s arms and calling out “Father” to Tahir as Vedat takes him away.

We are left with many questions. What, if any, kinship is there between Fikret and Vedat? Are they blood relatives? Why does Fikret wax philosophical about fatherhood? Why does Fikret call Vedat “son” when he clearly disapproves of what he has done and what he plans to do? Why does Fikret want to get close to the Kaleli family when he bears a grudge against them? Why isn’t he wary of them? When will the family discover who he really is? How did Vedat regain custody of Yigit? Will Mercan’s physical improvement include her ability to speak clearly and coherently, and reveal Vedat’s guilt? What will Cemil Dagdiveren do when he discovers that Vedat is going to America, leaving his daughter Nazar behind?

Written By – Susan Watson



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