Perhaps we should call Episode 26 a “dream” episode because many of the scenes are internal reflections about love, hopes for the future, and nightmares of the present. Both Tahir’s conscious thoughts and Nefes’s unconscious dreams examine the realities and the possibilities of their lives. Much of this episode takes place in the hospital, and while that is reasonable given Nefes’s injury, it becomes tiresome watching Tahir grieve and Mustafa offer platitudes.

An operating room: Nefes is dreaming. She speaks of love; that is, men saying that they love women, they can’t live without women, and yet they hurt them. Men say “they love women to death, and yet, they love deathly [sic]. They mistake their sick passion for love. They are wrong but women get punished.”

A car speeding through the night, an emotional Tahir babbling about the future, and Nefes lying on the back seat semiconscious starts the action of this episode. A car pulls up beside them, the driver shouting, ”Is my wife alive?” Vedat! In his attempt to kill Tahir, he has shot Nefes in the back. Tahir swerves the truck forcing Vedat off the road, presumably causing a crash. Is he dead or injured?

Yigit, who doesn’t play a prominent role in the scenario until the very end, is in Esra’s office, quietly crying while drawing when Ali joins them. Ceylan’s father has taken his little daughter and Esra thinks Yigit is sad because he has lost his friend. When Ali says that he shouldn’t be sad because they will visit each other, Yigit says he isn’t crying because of Ceylan, he just feels like crying.

At the Kaleli home, mother Saniye is fussing because no one is there for supper and she has to keep re-heating the soup. They eat a lot of soup. . .have you noticed? Asiye can’t get Mustafa on the phone and no one knows where Tahir, Nefes, Berrak and Ceylan are. The slackers arrive and insinuate that something has happened and Vedat is involved, but neither will talk in front of their mother. Ali and Esra arrive with Yigit to be assailed with questions about Tahir, Nefes and Mustafa, but they don’t know anything. Asiye tells Fatih that he and Murat must go looking for the missing family.

Tahir drives up to the hospital emergency entrance and yells for a gurney as he takes Nefes from the back seat. She is taken into surgery immediately, and Tahir waits in the hallway, bemoaning his guilt for causing her injury. His grief and fear is a bit overdone, I think. It adds minutes to an already slow pacing.

Mustafa has come to police headquarters where Komisar Mithat is saying goodbye to his fellow officers. He asks Mithat if Tahir is there. He thinks Tahir has gone there to surrender for “killing” Vedat even though they found an empty grave. Mithat is confused at first, but when Mustafa assures him that Vedat was rescued, Mithat says that someone is protecting Vedat, someone who is more dangerous than Vedat himself. At that moment Mustafa receives a call from Tahir who tells him that Nefes has been shot and they’re at the hospital. Mustafa and Mithat rush to the hospital.

Vedat survived the car wreck, of course, but he can’t call for help because he has no signal. Shouting expletives, he starts running and steps in a bear trap (I laughed. . .good enough for the evil b—ard). I hope he suffers and dies. But he won’t. Mithat has sent men to look for him.

Fatih and Murat return home without finding Tahir, Nefes or Mustafa. Firat tells his brother to stop pining for Nazar because she’s married, but Murat says he’s looking for a sign that she cares about him.

Nazar talks on the phone to her mother Turkan as she tries to cover up some of the injuries inflicted by Vedat. When Turkan asks her if he has mistreated her, she says no, but when the call ended, Nazar says she hopes Vedat will suffer terribly before he dies as retribution for the pain he has caused.

Dream… .On the operating table, Nefes dreams that Vedat takes Yigit and Tahir calmly watches and does nothing while she screams for him to save her son. In the hospital waiting area, Mustafa gives Tahir a pep talk, saying Nefes is strong and will survive. Tahir is mute and unresponsive, but he perks up when Mustafa tells him that Mithat believes someone is protecting Vedat.

That’s a lead-in to the next scene where Vedat’s lawyer is talking to the “protector,” Fikret, telling him that Vedat shot Nefes, dropped the rifle and chased Tahir. Fikret apparently had a man watching Vedat at the mountain-top house. The man recovered the rifle but he couldn’t follow Vedat. He did know that Nefes didn’t die. Amazing, isn’t it, how quickly news in the middle of the night can spread. Fikret said he was tired of following “that boy” (Vedat), and he tells the lawyer to turn off her cell phone because he knows Vedat will go to the hospital and then call her for help.

Well, yes… .Mithat and his men find Vedat and take him to the hospital while Tahir ruminates on the rocky pilings on the shore of the Black Sea. He thinks (dreams) about a happy future for all of the family, walks on the beach, family gatherings around the table, dancing and mother Saniye knitting baby booties.

Vedat is behind bars, the Kaleli family is in the waiting room, and Nazar is going to the hospital to meet Murat. Just as she arrives, the nurse comes out and tells Tahir and Mustafa that the surgery is progressing but they need B negative blood. Nazar knows that Mercan has that blood type, so off Murat and Nazar go to bring Mercan to the hospital.
Vedat is desperate to get out of jail. The lawyer doesn’t answer his calls, so he calls Fikret who tells him to stay there for a while and calm down. Mithat is suspicious about the person Vedat calls. He finds the number and calls Fikret, but Fikret, too, is suspicious and doesn’t answer. To mask his identity, he assumes the identity of one of his men.
Nefes has survived the surgery and she’s taken to intensive care. She dreams that she’s wandering in a forest looking for Yigit who is lost.

She becomes agitated and her blood pressure rises dangerously (it takes forever for the doctor and nurses to respond to the alert. . .blood pressure 240/90. . .really?. . .and she didn’t have a stroke? A defibrillator?). At that moment, Yigit awakens, crying and calling for his mother. He goes out to look for her; at the same time, the doctors are trying to save Nefes. Yigit decides to walk in the woods and of course, he gets lost. When Asiye finds him missing, the family goes into search mode, passing out leaflets in the village and calling everyone to help them search in the woods. Some believe that he’s been kidnapped by Vedat.

The lady lawyer gets Vedat out of jail, and, despite her telling him that Fikret wants to see him, Vedat goes to the hospital instead. In the intensive care unit, he sees Tahir with Nefes, but Fikret’s men pull him away.
Wonder of wonders… .Even though she went through several hours of surgery and blood transfusions, Nefes can go home tomorrow. Don’t you just love the medical miracles of Turkish dizis!

Fikret goes to the grave of Sakine, the woman he loved but killed. His men bring Vedat to him in the cemetery. He tells Vedat that the woman he loves will always be with him whether dead or alive. He needs to give up his plans and go home. After Vedat leaves, Fikret calls a man over and says, “We have a work to do.” Hmmm, I wonder what he is planning.

Vedat, returning home, discovers his house is empty and learns that Nazar is with her family. While she is sleeping, Turkan decides to treat Nazar’s sniffles. She’s horrified when she lifts Nazar’s sweater and sees the terrible bruises on her back. Nazar makes Turkan promise she won’t tell her father Cemil because she will only complicate matters.
Thank goodness Yigit doesn’t know how to use a lighter. Otherwise, he might start a forest fire or hurt himself… .but wait… .maybe he will start a fire and the searchers will find him by following the smoke.

What is Fikret’s next move? Will Nefes learn that Yigit is missing? What will Vedat do to punish Nazar for leaving the house? Will Vedat face charges for shooting Nefes? Will Turkan keep her promise and not tell Cemil that Vedat has hurt Nazar? Who will find Yigit? And, of course, how quickly will Nefes recover from her serious injury? Stay tuned if you have the patience of Job.


Written By – Susan Watson


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