As the episode opens, we see Mustafa screaming and shooting his gun into the air.  The cause of his distress is twofold: Vedat’s demand that he shoot Tahir, and Vedat failing to reveal where Asiye is hidden. The death of Tahir will guarantee Asiye’s safe return.  Tahir has told Mustafa that he must shoot him because his pregnant wife is more important.  Mustafa, desperate, has pulled the trigger.

Vedat and Nefes watch the dramatic moment on screen in Vedat’s house. Nefes is distraught and pulls a gun from her purse to kill Vedat, but he begins a lecture on the purpose of his plan: he wants Mustafa to suffer for the loss of his wife just as he, Vedat, has suffered; he wants Tahir erased so that Nefes will not have a home because once Tahir is gone, the Kaleli family would have no reason to protect her; if she kills him, she will go to jail and Yigit will be orphaned.  They circle each other in a dance of the ridiculous. Her opportunity to kill him is evident, but to do so would kill the series.

When Vedat stops talking, Nefes begins.  She tells him what has been patently obvious from the beginning… she doesn’t love him and he’s a psychopath.  She almost loses her chance to shoot him when he walks away from her, but she recovers and shoots. The sound brings not only Vedat’s henchmen but also his gangster friend Fikret with his cohorts.  

Meanwhile, one of Vedat’s men approaches Mustafa and puts his phone to Mustafa’s ear.  The voice of Vedat tells Mustafa now he knows what it feels like to lose a wife, that he shot his brother for nothing because Asiye is drugged and in the chest behind him. Then the man shoots Mustafa in the leg. Vedat says  Asiye will die if he doesn’t get her to the hospital, but…oh, my…he can’t carry her with his wounded leg and he has no car. The man takes Mustafa’s cell phone as Vedat’s voice says, “And with no phone, you can’t call for help.”

Ali has gone to the police station to tell Komiser Mithat that Nefes stole his gun for the purpose of killing Vedat. They leave for Vedat’s house, but when they arrive, they find the house empty, the floor has been cleaned and a bullet has been pried from the wall.  Upstairs they find Nefes comatose on the bed with her hands and feet tied and a gag in her mouth.

Mustafa drags the chest out and opens it to find a still drugged Asiye.  He then checks on Tahir and finds him alive because Tahir wore a bullet-proof vest at Ali’s insistence.  Tahir picks up Asiye and because the tires on their vehicles have been shot out, he begins walking down the mountain with Mustafa hobbling along. They manage to walk to a road where a truck picks them up and takes them to the hospital.  

Of course, Vedat didn’t die.  His friend Fikret cleaned the house and took Vedat to an apartment where a doctor treated his head wound. Vedat had Rustem take the blame for everything,  Necip’s murder, the kidnapping, and Mustafa shooting Tahir. Now, with no charges against him and Tahir dead, Vedat plans to get the children and Nefes when the Kalelis kick her out.

Asiye is declared healthy and her baby unharmed, so the family take her home.  Tahir and Nefes reunite after an argument about her taking Ali’s gun and going to Vedat; after some quiet time, they pick up Yigit and return home to an annoyed mother Saniye who continues to express her dislike of Nefes.  Saniye says naming her son after his crazy uncle Tahir was a big mistake. A flashback explains what happened to the elder Tahir, and at the same time, Fikret visits the grave of a woman named Sakine.

In the garden, that evening, the family, Osman Hoca, Esma, Ali and Komisar Mithat discuss the kidnapping while Asiye rests in the bedroom upstairs.  Asiye tells Nefes that Mustafa didn’t name Vedat when he spoke to the police. She is afraid that Mustafa will kill Vedat, go to prison or die himself.  Nefes tells Tahir who suspects Mustafa has plans. Murat and Fatih arrive after taking the vehicles to the repair shop to have the tires replaced. Tahir and Fatih leave to get the vehicles, and while they are gone, Vedat brings flowers to Asiye and condolences to the family for Tahir’s death.  He quickly learns that his plan failed. Mustafa confronts Vedat with a gun, but Asiye and the family stop him from shooting Vedat. Now Vedat threatens to file charges against Nefes for attempted murder. Before he leaves, he pretends to call Nazar just to upset Murat. On his way back home, Tahir sees Vedat and stops him.  Vedat taunts Tahir, telling him that he won’t kill him because he will suffer more pain when he loses Nefes. Tahir jerks him around before the police arrive and stop the scuffle. To tell the truth, I’m a bit tired of Vedat getting away with his murderous plans and people stopping Mustafa and Tahir from killing him. Tahir, Nefes and Mustafa have had endless opportunities to kill the villain, but they never do it.

Cemil tells his wife to get Nazar ready because Vedat is coming to get “his wife.”  Nazar doesn’t want to go with him, but Vedat threatens her physically. He says he is capable of many things, including a threat against Murat, saying Murat is too young to die.

Tahir, Nefes and Yigit leave the Kaleli home because mother Saniye won’t stop berating Nefes and complaining of all the trouble she has caused.  They go to the valley house for the evening. Vedat drags Nazar into the house and locks her in an upstairs bedroom. He goes downstairs, puts a Vivaldi disc in the  CD player before returning to beat Nazar with his belt. The next morning, Nazar’s mother, Turkan, comes to give her the cell phone she left at home, but Vedat says she’s not there, she’s out shopping. Turkan thinks that is odd since it’s too early to shop.

Mustafa goes to the valley house to talk Tahir and Nefes into returning to the family if not that evening then for a family breakfast the next morning. He promises to make a cheese dish that everyone loves. After breakfast the next morning, Mustafa leaves for work, but Tahir is suspicious.  He sends Murat and Fatih to accompany Mustafa. Although the boys are supposed to stay with him, Mustafa manages to leave. When Tahir comes to the office and finds Mustafa missing, he’s concerned. He goes to Komisar Mithat to tell him Mustafa is up to something. Mithat tells him not to worry because the police put a tracking device on Mustafa’s cell phone so that they can keep up with him.

Mustafa calls Vedat and invites him to a restaurant so they can talk. Vedat agrees to come, but when he arrives, Mustafa is not at a table.  The waiter says he has gone to the restroom. Vedat waits for a while, but then goes downstairs to the restroom to find Mustafa. When he pushes a stall door open, Mustafa is there pointing a gun at him.  Vedat is forced to leave the restaurant with a gun in his back. When they reach the car, Mustafa knocks him out and puts him in the trunk of his car.

Mercy!  This “cat and mouse” game has lasted for 24 episodes.  If the second season has 20 more episodes of this, I may have to stop watching.  What has been an exciting and emotional rollercoaster for serious entertainment is becoming formulaic:  Vedat’s villainous plan, an exciting rescue, a return to the family, then another evil plan, another rescue, and another family reunion. . . this continues ad infinitum.

We are left wondering what Mustafa will do with Vedat.  Will Tahir interfere with his plans? And Nazar? Will her parents get to see her or will Vedat keep her hidden?  Will they learn about the beating that has left her scarred? What will Murat do when he finds out that Vedat has treated Nazar cruelly?  Will Turkan Dagdeviran allow Nefes to visit with Mercan? Will Mercan be able to express her fear and loathing of Vedat to Nefes? What has happened with the DNA test?  Will Vedat confess that Ceylan is not Nefes’s child? Stay tuned.


Written By – Susan Watson


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