Season 2 begins with Episode 22 of Sen Anlat Karadeniz and how exciting it is!  The ending of season one was full of problems that the new three-hour long feature resolves –Tahir’s escape from death is difficult, Mustafa’s freedom from prison comes about from an interesting source, and Nefes doesn’t have to answer to the complaint of forgery. The Kaleli family is together again, enjoying a cookout with their friends because they believe their troubles from Vedat are over.

Murat continues to have feelings for Nazar even though she is married to Vedat.  Her father Cemil is vehement about the Kaleli family, blaming them for Mercan’s paralysis and every other problem the family suffers.  He fights with Murat, threatening him to stay away.  Cemil is an angry man, abusing his wife and daughter. . . he kicked Vedat out of the house in the last episode, but now he wants to get in touch with him… he nurses a desire to take revenge for Mercan ’s situation and he’s willing to do anything or work with anyone to destroy the Kalelis.

Even though Nefes is happy to be back in the family, mother Saniye is not.  She continues with her hateful remarks not only to Nefes but also to Berrak.  She even intervenes in Mustafa and Asiye’s first night together after he returns from jail.  Nefes is worried that Vedat isn’t dead.  She tells Tahir she doesn’t have a feeling of motherhood for Ceylan… what if the child is not really hers… what if Vedat is playing psychological games to hurt her.  Tahir says the only way to discover the truth is a DNA test which they will have done.

Vedat survived his “accident” at sea, but he has a serious physical problem.  He is angry, determined to kill Tahir and all his family, and in that respect, he starts calling people; first, he calls his lawyer telling her to rent him a house and then he calls Fikret, a dangerous criminal.  While Tahir, Nefes, Mustafa and Aisye share many happy hours, Vedat is alone, planning his revenge, specifically something to hurt Nefes emotionally and the Kalelis physically.

Aisye has happy news for Mustafa, and he and the family are elated.  Several months go by and during that time, someone follows Tahir and Nefes taking pictures of them as they enjoy their peaceful life.  These same pictures are in Vedat’s hands as he rehabilitates himself and plots against them.  Cemil has given Vedat news about Mustafa’s wife… so we must wonder why that news is so important.  As the episode closes, Vedat is driven to the Kaleli home where Aisye is enjoying breakfast outside, and Fikret, the ex-prisoner, pays Mustafa a visit at his office.

Why is Vedat focusing on Aisye and what will he do? Who is Fikret and what does he want with Mustafa?  What will the DNA test reveal? What happened to Berrak’s mother at the hands of Vedat? Will Murat express his true feelings for Nazar and will she accept him?  Will Vedat consider divorcing Nazar?  What will become of Berrak and Ceylan? There are no easy days ahead for the Kalelis because Vedat will continue his mental torment and sadistic behaviour.


Written By – Susan Watson


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