Born June 17th 1975

Selim was born in Iraq. His Dad was Turkish but worked for an oil company in Iraq. He has an older sister. He completed his primary school education there, and loved to do gymnastics and performed in many competitions. While still at school a body double of Sadam Hussein visited the schools in the area recruiting boys into the army. Selim’s family hired Kurdish paramilitaries to smuggle him out of Iraq and into Turkey. While there he completed his high school education and attended theatre workshops too.

He graduated from Hacettepe University and then went on to perform in the circus as a clown for one year, he could ride a unicycle while juggling at the same time.  He was invited by the circus owner who had been writing to Selim for years after he made a trip to see the circus with family.  He did many overseas tours. He then worked in state theatre.

In 2005 Selim married musician Bihter Hanim. His TV career started in 2007 with the series Kopru. In 2011 came the role that we probably all know him for…Sumbul Aga in Magnificent Century. One of my favourite ever characters, real laugh out loud moments, you can be sure he made a good clown in the early days at the circus. He has appeared in many movies and series since then including Ask Sana Benzer ( movie ) Gecenin Kralicesi ( series ) Istanbul Kirmizisi ( movie ) Cingoz Recai ( movie ) Ufak Tefek Cinayetler ( series ) Coban Yildizi ( series )

In more recent work he has a film that will be released on October 5th 2018… Sevgili Komsum.

Selim’s grandfather was a scholar of Islamic law and he was taught Kurdish, Arabic and Ottoman Turkish. While on the set of Magnificent Century Selim helped out with the calligraphy. He said about his character Sumbul Aga..” He is a survivor, he survived having his bits chopped off and cauterized with boiling oil ”  Ouch !!

Selim isn’t active on social media and is very private about his personal life. I loved him in Magnificent Century but also he was very good at playing the bad guy in Coban Yildizi. Selim is a gentleman who has had a very interesting life so far and I’m sure we will be seeing more of him in the future.

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Written By : Rachel Labidi


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