Turkish Band

The band involves 4 singers, all of them from Ankara. In the group Tuna Velibasoglu is singer and guitarist, Ozan Ozen is bass guitarist, Erdem Ocak is guitarist and Serter Karadeniz is drummer. The band started singing in English covers and compositions then they started singing Turkish covers , in 2001 they made their first song “Degistir Kendini” and in 2003 made their second songs called “Olurum Hasretinle”. The group had its final form with Okan’s joining.

Tuna Velibasoglu

He was born in Ankara in 1981, started his music education at the age of 11 with taking keyboard lessons. In 1995 he started playing guitar and became the solist of an ameteur music group. He is the number one fan of Pearl Jam in the band.

Okan Ozen

He was born in Merzifon, Trabzon in 1984, started his music career with his brother’s encouragement at the age of 11. In his high school years he was the drummer of couple of ameteur music groups. He joined the Seksendort in 2002. His friends say that Okan speaks too little but he does too much work and they add that he is the best guitarist in the band.

Erdem Ocak

He was born in Giresun in 1980, started his music life with his sister’s lute because he didn’t have a guitar. Starting from 1992 he took classic guitar lessons for 2 years then he took electro guitar lessons and was a member of so many music groups in Ankara. Erdem Ocak and Serter Karadeniz lay the foundations of the band Seksendort in 1999. He has the most of the role of their song’s melodies plus he is a huge Pearl Jam fan like the other group members.

Serter Karadeniz

The singer was born in Ankara in 1982, started his music career in 1993 with playing banjo later on he left the banjo and started playing electro guitar. In 1999 he attented to Ankara University faculty of agriculture. He like Pearl Jam too but besides that he likes English sounds and trip-hop music

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