Episode 5 started exactly where episode 4 ended with Sancar and Gediz fighting at the harbor and everyone watching them. When Sancar heard Gediz say that he is in love and couldn’t help it and that is why he believes Nare, Sancar absolutely lose it.

Sancar told Gediz that their friendship and partnership is pretty much over.
They went inside, changed their clothes and Sancar asked for the lawyers. Nare, Dudu and all other employees were waiting to see what will happen. At the meeting with the lawyers, it was said that the everything will be split equally between Gediz and Sancar and Sancar gave up the harbor and olive field will be his and the harbor will be Gediz’s. Gediz looked so devastated and upset. While Sancar looked more angry and upset. It was settled, then Nare comes in with her resignation letter and tells them to call off this meeting and try to make peace because their friendship means alot. But unfortunately it was too late, the meeting was over and the lawyers left.

Gediz was absolutely heartbroken. He could not stop Sancar. Nare also felt very bad about the whole situation, she did not want to see a beautiful friendship and a partnership come to an end like that. She talked to Gediz to try to make it work with Sancar but Gediz knows that Sancar is too stubborn and that he will not change his mind. Gediz became very depressed, which was very sad to see. Then his family relative and his old friend visited the company, they wanted to assure that Sancar and Gediz will dance the zeybek at an event they are hosting. It was mentioned that Sancar and Gediz always danced the zeybek at events and fundraisers. But since they fought publicly and ended their partnership and friendship, Gediz told his family relative that he and Sancar will not participate at the event and this made the two old men very upset because they were counting on Sancar and Gediz.

Meanwhile Sancar arrived at his family home, he gathered his family including his wife for a family meeting. He told them that he and Gediz ended their friendship and partnership and that he gave his shares and his siblings shares to Gediz. At first that made Yahya very upset, especially since Sancar gave his brother and sister’s shares without telling them first. Sancar reminds his family that they were not always this rich and privileged. His mother Halise could not believe that the friendship and partnership is over, she said that will not happen. That they will reconcile somehow. The whole situation made Sancar upset and angry but he did not show his feelings. We saw flashbacks of Sancar and Gediz as their celebrated in the olive field. Their great-grandfathers knew each other and were good friends. Not only is their friendship is affected but their family history is too. Halise blames all of this on Nare. Later she asked the brother of Menekşe for his help in getting Nare out of town and away from Sancar and their families. He agreed to help but for a price. I don’t like him, he is so creepy and just weird.

Gediz left Nare in charge and she would continue working at the harbor. He asked one of his employees to help Nare and to introduce her to the rest of them. There was a big meeting with the Japanese business man and Gediz and Sancar were supposed to sign but since they fought and ended their friendship and partnership this deal is at risk. Nare asked Dudu if she still wanted to work at the harbor, she would be like an assistant to her. At first Dudu was hesitant but later accepted the position. Nare wanted all information on the deal that Sancar and Gediz were going to sign with the Japanese business man and Dudu helped get that information to Nare. Nare tried to convince Gediz to do the zeybek dance at the event and to at least smooth things over and not let a good business deal go to a waste. Gediz wants to fix things with Sancar but he knows Sancar is stubborn and will not change his mind. Nare tells Gediz that she will talk to Sancar and will try to change his mind. He told her try and if Sancar agrees then he will be happy. But he knows it will not be easy because Sancar is angry with him.

Later that day, after receiving the information from Dudu about the business deal and the Japanese business man that Sancar and Gediz were supposed to meet with. Nare went to the hotel and met with the Japanese business man just as he was leaving. She introduced herself and he told her he knew her father when he was the ambassador in Japan. They sat down in the hotel restaurant. Unfortunately he also witnessed the fight between Sancar and Gediz at the harbor and he said to Nare that he is disappointed. He was sure if he wanted to continue working with them. Nare assured him that she will get Sancar and Gediz to reconcile, she asked him if he can give her two days to solve this problem. He agreed, she even told him that she will get them to dance the zeybek at the event too and she invited him too. Nare was glad to work things out with the Japanese business man, however she knew convincing Sancar will not be easy at all. But she knew she had to try her best.

Nare knew she had to Sancar about the meeting with the Japanese business man and that he agreed to give them one more chance to sign the deal and that he witnessed Sancar and Gediz fighting. It was embarrassing. That night she went to Sancar’s family home at the barn. He was not surprised and Nare tried her best to talk sense to Sancar and to try to reconcile with Gediz, especially since they have so much history and it’s not worth to end it based on one fight. She even told him that she will quit her job too but Sancar is just too stubborn. He told her not to come again and to call if she wanted to speak to him. Sancar did not realize that he was being too rude with Nare. He thinks both she and Gediz betrayed him but they did not betray him at all.

The next day, Nare got invited to dinner by the Japanese business man she was so happy until she saw her father sitting and the Japanese business man said this is a surprise and that he wanted to surprise her. So they all saw down and ate together. However we can feel the tension and awkwardness between the ambassador and his daughter Nare. Then after the dinner ended, she questioned why her father is in Muğla, especially since he did not tell her that was going to be there too. She knew he was planning something but did not what. She told him to stay in one of the suites in the hotel which belonged to Sancar. He told her that he got fired and he is no longer ambassador. She found out that he spend all the money that Sancar gave him on gambling and lost them all. Its obvious he is planning something bad and it is not good at all.

Nare meets her daughter Melek and Sancar at his barn. She was so happy to see her daughter. I love their bond, it is so beautiful. Then Nare spoke with Sancar privately and she was honest and told him that she just came from a dinner with her father and the Japanese business man is the one who invited her father to dinner and that she did not know that her father was in Muğla. Sancar was not surprised because he has seen them on the camera footage but he wonders what her father is up to. Nare really wants Sancar and Gediz go fix their friendship and become partners again. Once again Sancar refused so that is when Nare had an offer for him. She told him that she will not leave Muğla but she will let him rent a house for her, she will quit her job and that he can look after her and their daughter and that she will not meet anyone not even Gediz. Except for Melek of course. She believes this is only way that Sancar will not separate from Gediz and will continue their partnership. He agrees, but tells her partnership with Gediz will continue but their friendship will never be like before. Nare and Sancar shook hands. This was a really great scene.

The next day Sancar and Gediz met at the fundraiser event. Sancar still looks angry but less than before. Gediz is a little releaved. However even though the partnership continues the friendship will not even if does it will not be the same as before. That is exactly what Sancar told Nare the night before. Then the Japanese business man arrives and Sancar and Gediz welcome him. The Japanese business man is very happy that Nare kept her promise and brought them together.

Near end of the episode, Nare sneaks in to her father’s hotel room to see if she can find anything about what he is planning on doing. She came across a very important file, we (the viewers) did not see the inside of it but Nare looked so shocked and surprised. It definitely relates to Sancar and Gediz, something financially. It seems like her father took this file to the police to get Sancar in trouble. Nare rushes to the event to warn Sancar and Gediz but she gets stopped by some men linked to Menekşe’s brother, they want to kick her out of town. Thankfully she got in the car and drove off.

In the end, while Sancar and Gediz were dancing the zeybek, Nare who was in a bad state calls their names out loud until she reached them and they stopped. Sancar looks at her and is so surprised, she warns them to run off because police are coming for them. Then we hear the police sirens. Sancar and Gediz were so shocked. What is the secret? Does this involve how Sancar became so rich, especially since he was poor? What an end. Such a great episode. Loved it.




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