The opening scene of episode 4 was so intense and heartbreaking. Neslihan with another emotional and powerful performance. Nate with lots of pain as she digs her fingers in the tree that she and Sancar carved their names on. This was a symbol that their love story is over. There is no more Sancar and Nare, her fingers all had blood on them. Its rage and sadness too. Because she knew that he is spending the night with his wife, that this was the end for them.

We see a flashback as she remembers the moment they carved their names on that tree. A very big symbol that signifies their love but now that he is married she tried her best to take that away. Absolutely heartbreaking scene to watch. It’s like I’m right there, feeling her pain too. Nare does not think of the hurt but the betrayal of it. That Sancar betrayed her when he ended up spending the night with Menekşe. The pain of Nare is not just physical but emotionally and mentally. Later on when Sancar had seen what she did to the tree to the carvings of their names, he was upset and furious because he knows how much that meant to them.

The next day, Sancar did not look happy at all. It seemed like he regretted spending the night with his wife Menekşe. He just wanted to see his daughter Melek and bring her home. He got angry when Menekşe mentioned that it will be nice if they have a baby brother for Melek. Sancar did not like that idea, he told her that she should not be thinking of that now because he already lost time not spending it with Melek and that he is trying to make up for that lost time. In a way I totally understand his point especially since he did not know that his daughter Melek existed. So now he is trying to make up for all those years. She tells him that she came back with him the night before because he told her that he wants to forget and he wants her to make him forget. She tells Sancar to not be unfair to her. That they are still newly married and that they should enjoy that. In a way she is saying that he should not always have to be thinking of Nare or going after her whether it’s an argument or not. As we have seen Menekşe is two-faced, she pretends to be nice and caring but no she is bad and rude especially to Melek.

Meanwhile at Gediz’a family mansion, both families have gathered for breakfast. Narin gets Melek ready so she can see her grandmother and aunt and uncle. Narin did not want to see Sancar’s mother Halise she wanted to avoid seeing her but her daughter Melek encouraged her to put a smile on and she took Melek down to see them. It was awkward because right away Halise shouted at Narin for taking too long to let her see Melek. As things escalated and bad words were said, Narin leaves Gediz’s house to get fresh air that is when Sancar appears to get Melek to take her home. He asks her several time what happened to her hand because of the earlier incident she had bandaged on all her fingers. She is already upset and did not want to talk to him. He kept asking and she did not tell him. Then Melek overhears them, Narin tells Sancar that she will try to find a job and Gediz will help her so that she will get her own place so Melek can live with her. He did not like that idea at all. He says he wants Melek to live with her and he wants to see her more. Narin said he can still see her on weekends and holidays and such. He got angry and said something he regretted instantly which surprised Narin very much. He paid the ambassador money (the gambling debt) to release Melek before. He is like I did not that money to not spend time with Melek. He knew what he said was wrong and very bad. He is like I regret it alot. Anyway then after he took Melek home.

Nare tried to find a job so she can get her own place for her and Melek to live in. Gediz took her to a hotel which his relative is a manager of. He asked him to hire Narin if possible since they are all family. Narin says she studied and has a bachelor degree, she speaks 8 languages and has interacted with people from many different countries. At first the man asked if Sancar knows about this because he does not want problems with him. He did tells him he does and do not worry. He hired her and Narin was very happy. Unfortunately Sancar is very much against the idea of Narin staying and working in the same place. He was furious when he heard that she got a job and was hired by a man that he knows who also happens to be a relative of Gediz. He went straight to the man and told him to fire Narin or he will cut business and supplies ties with him.

Gediz does not really understand why Sancar is so hard on Narin and why he does not want her to work. While he was working, Gediz went to Sancar. He told Sancar “what’s your problem?” Sancar tells Gediz that he does not want to see her around. He believes that it’s best if Narin leaves and goes somewhere else.

The main real reason is that it’s very hard for him to see her around and that he cannot control himself. Sancar does not trust himself. In a way it seems like he still loves her but does not want to especially if she is still around. Gediz felt bad for Sancar and promised Sancar that he will help to convince her to leave.

After being let go from the job she got hired. Narin began to look for a job again but this time by herself. She went to many places but unfortunately nobody would hire her. They all got the memo from Sancar. The scenes where she was looking for a job and being rejected it was sad to watch. It was heartbreaking to see her trying but no one would hire her because of Sancar. In the end she lost hope.

At the cabin, after Sancar found out why she did that to the tree and to her fingers. He was upset at the whole situation. They argue again and he tells Narin why she did not tell him right away why did she wait till they got married and he told her why she got married right away. He said that she should have told him and postponed getting married and deal with it together even maybe complain to police. It seems now he is starting to believe but he wishes that she told him earlier before they got married. But Narin thought that she would be saving Sancar from committing a crime or going to jail and that he would spend his time helping her heal.

Unfortunately it did not the way she hoped. She is angry now more at him because he betrayed her for getting married and spending the night with his wife. She tells him that she did not betray him but he betrayed her. This was very emotional scene.

Later that night, after Narin had no luck finding a job. She went to Gediz’s family home. While in a tight situation she ended up confiding in Gediz. She tells him the truth of the night she got raped by Akın and how Sancar did not believe her and that led to her jumping off the cliff. The flashback scene was so intense and heartbreaking as we saw the moments before and after. Narin was so hurt and emotionally damaged after. The ambassador saw her in that state and he saw Akin and he believed Akin instead of Narin. He told them that they will get married in a week or so. Akin says that he was drunk. I could not believe this Akin, he is a monster. So evil. Gediz could not believe it either. He had tears in his eyes, he could not believe that not just her father but how Sancar did not believe her. He felt bad for her and for what she went through after. He got angry at Sancar for not believing her.

The next day, Gediz wakes up Narin and tells her that she has to get ready for work. That he picked up some outfits for her as there is an important business meeting. Narin looked so helpless and tells him that she gave up on the idea of working because she lost hope and who would hire her because all seem afraid of Sancar. He tells her he handled the situation. He was amazing here. I love him. Such a beautiful amazing character.

Towards the end of the episode we finally saw the beautiful young actress İlayda Ildır. She plays the character of Dudu. She had a great resume and since her family knows Sancar’s family he hired her in his company for the position of Songül (who left to have a baby).

I loved the scene with all four of them in the office. So when Sancar takes Dudu to the company to her office he opened the door and saw Gediz and Narin there. Gediz says to Sancar “Partner we found a new employee in place of Songül”. Oh my this was intense!! Not only did two girls got hired for same position but Gediz hired Narin to work with them and he did not even warn Sancar. Sancar was so furious and both girls were confused too especially Dudu. Sancar and Gediz head outside near port in the rain and their families and workers watching them. No only is Gediz angry at Sancar for not believing Narin but he is also angry at himself for falling for her. They fought and in the end Gediz’s words really meant something as he said “if you love you believe”…

Such an amazing episode. Loved it! Now the relationship and friendship of the two close friends and partners will not be the same. Will it be possible to fix it? Will Dudu and Narin become friends? I think they well. Narin needs a good close girl friend and Dudu seems lovely.




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