Episode 3 of Sefirin Kizi began exactly where episode 2 ended as Melek gets taken by the ambassador against Sancar and Nare’s approval. It was a very emotional scene. Sancar gets very angry at Nare and tells her why her father the ambassador has full custody of Melek. They know that the ambassador will try to take Melek out of the country and back to Europe. Sancar is furious and heartbroken, he asks Nare for Melek’s passport and he ripped Melek’s passport in front of his family, Nare and the officers. Of course the officers had to arrest him even though they warned him not to rip it but he ignored them. Both were arrested and placed in prison until his lawyer got them released.

In prison, this was a very touching scene. As Sancar and Nare were in a cell beside each other. Sancar is emotional but angry at Nare for not only keeping his daughter away from him for all those years but also giving custody to her father. He gets emotional when he says that Melek called him ‘father’ for the first time and he could not do anything to stop it. He tells Nare that she should not cry because he tried that and crying did not help him.

We get another flashback it explains how the ambassador got custody of her daughter Melek. It was during the time that Nare was in the rehabilitation center and after she had given birth to Melek. She was not physically or mentally stable but she was trying for her daughter. The ambassador and Akın took advantage of that.

With the help from Gediz and their lawyer, Sancar and Nare were released. They realize that despite their frustration at each other they decided to put their differences aside and get their daughter back. The ambassador with his connections made a new fake passport for Melek. Although the tension between the close friends Gediz and Sancar is escalating quickly.
They bought plane tickets and flew back to Europe. Nare and Sancar are willing to do whatever it takes to get their daughter back.

Meanwhile at Sancar’s family home, Yahya gets Sancar’s passport. Sancar’s mother and wife were so upset and furious when they heard that Sancar went with Nare to Europe. Yahya tells them that it’s only to get their daughter back. His wife Menekşe her family heard about this and they called it a humiliation and a scandal. Her mother came and took her back home to her village.

Sancar cannot seem to say Nare by her name, because he swore and it hurts him. So he calls her Ambassador’s Daughter (Sefirin Kızı). They arrive in Europe, he seems to easily find her home. That is when she realized that Sancar has come before to see her.

We get another flashback, Sancar about a year after she ‘left’ her accident did fly to Europe to visit her and to hear the truth from her. Unfortunately Akın on purpose lied to Sancar and told him that Nare is doing great and that she went on vacation with her new boyfriend. When in fact she is getting recovered at the rehabilitation center. Unfortunately Sancar heard her say “who is that love” when he called her and a man picked up. It was all a setup by Akın. That is when Sancar closed his heard and did not want to say Nare’s name. Nare could not understand how he can believe in the lies told by Akın.

They try to find Melek on their own. Gediz helps them too. With the brief phone call, they heard Melek say something about a lake house. While trying to find the lake in the surrounding area. This scene was nice as for once Nare and Sancar were working side by side, even their conversation on who Melek resembles the most was very nice.

Gediz was able to locate the exact location of the lake house, he told Sancar on the phone.
Sancar was able to get his daughter back and Nare was so happy. They settled everything with the officers and were able to return back to Turkey.
Near the end Sancar returned home with his wife.

It was a very beautiful episode. I loved it. The music is just amazing. So perfect.
I really find the flashbacks very interesting and it really gives an insight on questions we may have.
I’m really loving the character of Gediz, he is so good. The actor Uraz Kaygılaroğlu is doing so well very talented and I really enjoy his acting.




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