Episode 2 of Sefirin Kizi began exactly where episode 1 ended. However Nare does not jump off the cliff, she remembers her daughter and she realizes that she cannot do that to Melek. Meanwhile Sancar and Gediz arrive at the top of the cliff, they try to stop her but she had already made her mind that she will live for her daughter. Sancar was very furious, he noticed that she dropped the seashell and the red ribbon (indicating that she has let go of him and their past). She puts an end to the epic love tale.

He is so furious he yells at her and tells her how can she do that (try to kill herself). I think most viewers were very surprised at his behavior. She tells him that it’s not any of his business. He responds that she is the mother of his daughter. He does not refer to her as anything else. The flashback of Nare in the hospital after her fall from the cliff the first time, as we see she was in very bad condition so broken bones and body parts. It’s a miracle sho survived, viewers learned that Sancar called to ask how Nare is and whether she did fall or flew back to Europe. Akın completely lies to Sancar and he tells him that Nare did not jump of the cliff and that she returned to Europe in a good state and that she went on holiday with the Japanese boy. Sancar on the phone also told him that Nare accused Akın of assaulting her and forcing himself on her, he also lied about that too. Unfortunately Sancar believed all those lies that Akın told him and he did not believe Nare. This is what broke her heart that he could not believe anything that she told him and that he did not believe in her love for him. This flashback was very important and I’m so glad that they included it so that viewers have an idea of what exactly happened.

If I recall, I do not think he has mentioned her name ‘Nare’ once. Either Ambassador’s daughter or she or her. Later on, Nare informs Gediz that she wants to take Melek back and that she has decided to live nearby so that Sancar can still see his daughter. Gediz tells her that her father the Ambassador has called to ask for her and he told her that he and Akın are very worried about her. Nare when she heard Akin’s name, she was so surprised. She could not believe it, that means she is not a killer that she did not kill Akin. Even though she hates him, she is relieved that she is not a killer. She spoke on the phone with her father, he could not believe she did that. He did not even ask her how she is. I dislike her father, not a good man a very bad father. He even lied to the police not for the good intention of his daughter but so that he can do what Akın wants so he can borrow money from him. Nare was shocked and disappointed. Gediz kept on insisting and asking Nare questions on what really happened in Montenegro that made me come back with her daughter. Nare just could not tell him. In a way I wish she did so at least he can try to help her somehow. Nare asks Gediz to help get back her daughter from Sancar. Gediz knows it will not be easy.

Meanwhile back at Sancar’s family state, his mother threw a celebration a feast to welcome Melek (his daughter) to the family. Many people attended, it was very beautiful. In a way Melek enjoyed it too. Sancar also seemed to enjoy spending time with his daughter, he introduced her to the family members. It was a nice scene. Sancar goes outside to speak with Nare, she tells him she came to get her daughter back. He is surprised and tells her she cannot just bring Melek into his life after 8 years and take her back. He wants to spend time with his daughter.

I really liked the scenes with Melek and Sancar, especially the one when told her about his family’s history and their land. Also when he did her hair. It’s very nice to see the father and daughter bonding.
Since Sancar refused to give Melek back, Nare had to come up with a plan to kidnap Melek and she asked Gediz for help. The way Gediz reacted was hilarious.

I absolutely love the mother and daughter scenes, Nare and Melek are so beautiful together. Their scenes are breathtaking.

I really hate Sancar’s wife, when she put her wedding dress in Melek’s room and accused her in front of Sancar’s mother was just horrible. Not only is she jealous of Nare but she is also jealous of Melek.
But I really love Zehra and Elvan. They are adorable.

Unfortunately Nare’s plan to get her daughter back did not work out the way she expected. Her father the ambassador had a plan of his own, the ending of the episode was just heartbreaking. I shed tears especially when Melek yelled ‘father’. How can the ambassador be such a filthy man. So hurtful seeing Nare and Sancar as their daughter gets taken away from them. That look in their eyes, so heartbreaking.

Overall it was a really great episode. Loved it.
Once again Neslihan absolutely amazing.




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