New series Sefirin Kizi (The Ambassador’s Daughter) began on December 16th on Star TV. Starring two powerful performers, Neslihan Atagül and Engin Akyürek. It is a very emotional, strong but unique storyline. The music is just absolutely beautiful. Of course, the acting of the cast is outstanding especially lead actress Neslihan just phenomenal performance in the first episode.

Neslihan Atagül plays the main female character Nare, she is the Ambassador’s daughter. She has a young beautiful daughter named Melek (Angel). After a horrible incident which Nare believes she could go to jail for. She tells Melek that she will take her to her father whom she has been asking about for years. Nare believes she killed the man even though it was self-defense, she knew she had to keep her daughter safe if anything would happen to her, so she thought of Sancar.

We see Nare with a knife with blood on it and a man bleeding on the ground with stab wounds. At this moment viewers have many questions but no answers.

Next thing we see Nare as she drops off a garbage bag at the embassy for her father. It is obvious what is inside that bag. Nare believes she killed the man even though it was self-defense, she knew she had to keep her daughter safe if anything would happen to her, so she thought of Melek’s father Sancar whom she has not seen for years since their wedding night. We see Nare and Melek at the airport as they fly to İstanbul and then to Muğla (where Melek’s father and Nare’s former lover lives, Sancar).

Meanwhile in Muğla we meet Sancar Efe.
Engin Akyürek plays the main male character Sancar. Sancar has a brother Yahya (played by Doğukan Polat) and sister Zehra (played by Cemre Öktem). They have a beautiful siblings bond, they love and care for each other very much. It is Friday and it is the wedding of Sancar. As viewers can see that Sancar is not looking that happy on his wedding day. While he has a traditional village wedding, his family prepares for the ceremony and he picks up his wife-to-be in a horse. Sancar is eager for his close friend and work-partner Gediz to arrive. They all wait for Gediz before they can begin the wedding ceremony as he is Sancar’s witness. However a friend of Sancar named Kavruk advises Sancar not to marry because he is still in love with Nare but Sancar does not listen to him.

Gediz makes a great entrance, we first see him at the airport and he tells his sister and Sancar that he is getting on the plane and will be at the wedding as soon as he can. He tells Sancar that he will not leave him on his big day and that he finished the business in Japan. Uraz Kaygılaroğlu plays the character of Gediz. From this first episode, I really liked Gediz even more than Sancar. Seems like a fun and a great caring character. He lives with his mother and sister in a big villa.

Coincidentally, Nare and Melike and Gediz are on the same airplane flying from İstanbul to Muğla. Gediz finds Nare beautiful and starts speaking with her then he tells her his name and she introduces herself and says I’m Nare’. Gediz is surprised to hear that name, he then tells her about the epic love story of Nare (The Ambassador’s Daughter) and Sancar. He tells her this and he has no idea that she is THAT Nare the Ambassador’s daughter. He tells her that these two young people loved each other very much, came from different places and ended up getting married. However this epic legend love tale is said that she either died from falling in the sea or flew back to Europe. He tells her that people in their town still talk about this epic love story because no one knows what exactly happened to Nare the Ambassador’s daughter. Of course, Nare listens to all this and knows that this is about her and Sancar. He says it’s a tragedy because she left Sancar. Nare continues to ask questions because she is curious.

This is a little emotional for Nare as it brings back beautiful but painful memories. The flashbacks really helped explain the backstory of Nare and Sancar. Especially the last flashback which answered questions that viewers probably had while watching the first episode. Nare tells Gediz that she is taking her daughter to her father and that she and he separated at a young age.

Back at Sancar’s wedding everyone awaits the arrival of Gediz. Finally he arrives, Sancar is very happy to see his close friend and then the official ceremony began and meanwhile Nare drives her car to the family state of Sancar. To her surprise she was shocked to witness Sancar as he got married. It felt like a knife to her heart. She fought back her tears but it was hard to witness. This was very emotional. Then Sancar and his brother and friends danced the traditional Zeybek dance. It was very nice and well rehearsed. That’s when Nare interrupted them and she stood in front of Sancar, that look on his face. Absolute shock! He has not seen or heard from her since the night she disappeared. He was so shocked and surprised. Everyone else at the wedding were surprised too, even Gediz asked if this is the Ambassador’s daughter. Same girl he met on the airplane but of course she did not tell him that she is Nare the Ambassador’s daughter from the epic story. Nare in front of everyone says to Sancar that she has brought him his daughter.

After the wedding got crashed, Sancar is full of emotions. Nare tells him that she has brought him their daughter and that he will take care of her from now because she cannot anymore. Of course Nare does not tell him the exact full truth of why she cannot take care of Melek. Sancar out of anger and his feelings from their wedding night returned, he tells her that this is not his daughter. He does not believe Nare at all. He was so angry that he ended up kicking Nare out of his family home. It was a very hard to see, their daughter was standing there and witnessed how her father treated her mother and she yelled that she wishes she was not his daughter.

I loved the flashback the beach scene where the two lovers met and he told her that he wants them to get married. It was very beautiful scene. I also really loved the siblings scene at the barn when Yayha and Zehra were comforting their Sancar at his most vulnerable moment. It was a really nice scene.

Gediz ends up taking Nare and Melik to his family home with his mother and sister. He felt bad that Sancar kicked her out. It was a very generous gesture of him to do. So we find our that Gediz’s sister Müge knows Nare from years ago. So glad that Nare has these two on her side. Gediz sends a message to Sancar and tells him that Nare and Melek are staying in his family home. This made Sancar more upset and more angry because Gediz is his friend, Sancar does not understand why Gediz is doing all this.
Sancar agrees to do a DNA test, Nare 100% knows that Melek is his daughter. Finally when the results came it shocked Sancar. Nare was not surprised at all. That is when Sancar began to change his behavior towards Melek, because she is his daughter. He agrees to take care of her, and Nare tells him that she is entrusting Melek to him and that he should love and care for her always.

Neslihan’s performance in the video clip of Nare speaking to the camera (for her father the Ambassador to hear). It was so powerful and emotional scene. We learned that the man she stabbed is a close man to her father, he is like a brother to her. It seems like he has forced himself to Nare before without her consent and forced himself on her. This time as we see in the video as her father the Ambassador watches what his daughter has done, the man is trying to force himself on Nare and she is running away from him. He rips her top off, she then runs and grabs a knife and stabs him several times and yells “Not this time”. It was even more powerful when we learned that when she told Sancar about what this man did before, he did not believe her and she got her heartbroken also her own father did not believe her. We hear in the video as she tells her father that she is going to entrust Melek to her father Sancar and that he her father made her a killer for not believing in her. The Ambassador was in absolute shock. But seriously what an amazing performance from Neslihan. Bravo. This scene was outstanding and full of emotion.

Near the end, the scene when Nare bids farewell to her daughter Melek. This was also such a beautiful and emotional scene. Nare said some very meaningful words to Melek, she told her that “no matter what situation you are in, when you encounter something you do not want to do, you should be able to say NO”. This relates to what Nare has been going through with that man who has been assaulting her. Melek cries for her mother as Sancar takes her in. So emotional scene. Then Sancar introduces Melek as his daughter to his family including his new wife. Sancar gets another shock when Gediz tells him that Nare is planning on ending her own life which is why she brought Sancar their daughter.

The last scene was just breathtaking, what an end to the first episode. Especially that last flashback, just heartbreaking. The entire episode 1 was very emotional but very good too. I loved the acting and the beautiful music. I’m very fascinated by this unique storyline. I’m excited to see where this storyline leads.




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