Age: 36
Status: In a relationship with Demet Özdemir

Seçkin Özdemir was born in 1981 on August 25th. He was born in Istanbul, Turkey. He completed his post secondary education with an Economics degree from the University of Kocaeli.

Before he began his acting career, Seçkin Özdemir worked as a radio host on a music radio show. His interest in music made him become a DJ for a while. Seçkin Özdemir played at different parties and clubs in Turkey as a DJ.

Seçkin appeared in several commercials, after receiving acting classes his began to appear in minor roles in Turkish series. In 2011, he acted the male lead in the romantic drama Al Yazmalım (2011-2012). The role he first got recognition for was ‘Korkut Ali’ the male leading role in drama Bir Ask Hikayesi (2013-2014). His acting career took off from that series on and has attracted fans with his talent. He is well known for his following roles, he acted in Günahkar (2014) alongside Turkish actress Hazal Filiz Küçükköse. Following that he acted in the 2015 series Acı Aşk. In 2016, he also acted in a few episodes as ‘Pamir’ in the second season of the popular romantic comedy series Kiralık Aşk (2015-2017). This was the second series that he acted alongside Turkish actress Elçin Sangu.

Seçkin Özdemir was the main lead actor in the popular 2017 summer series Ateşböceği, acting alongside Nilay Deniz. His played the character of ‘Barış’ a successful divorce lawyer. He performed the role very well. I really enjoyed this role of his. Great acting from him. He formed a nice friendship with co-star Nilay. He even attended her wedding in September 2017. Earlier this year he played the lead role ‘Alper’ in the series Tehlikeli Karım (2018). Due to ratings the series ended after a few episodes.

His hobbies and interests outside of acting include traveling, music (involving being a DJ at various events) and radio programming.

Seçkin Özdemir is currently in a relationship with actress Demet Özdemir. It is a very nice coincidence that they both have the same last name. They make a great couple. Seçkin Özdemir is a great actor. Looking forward to his next project.

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Written By : Raghad A.K


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