The champion about the great love story between Halis Karataş and Begüm Atman, who came together with the legendary racehorse Bold Pilot. Adapted from a true story, the film is owned by the important name in the world of Turkish horseman, Özdemir Atman, and  Bold Pilot is a winning horse that loves horse racing.

Bold Pilot and his permanent jockey Halis Karatas together achieved unforgettable successes. The 2: 26: 22 record in the 1996 Gazi Rally was still not been surpassed. Another success of  Bold Pilot is the presence of Halis Karataş and Begüm Atman. Ahmet Katýksız is sitting in the director’s chair of the film, Serkan Yörük wrote the screenplay. Halis Karataş character is played by Ekin Koç, Begüm Atman is played by the wonderful actress Farah Zeynep Abdullah. The former president of the Jockey Club of Turkey Ozdemir Atman is played by veteran actor Fikret Kuşkan.

Halis Karataş (Ekin Koç) comes from a small Anatolian village and dreams of participating in big horse races as a jockey and becoming a champion. In order to realize his dream, he one day moves to Istanbul, where he meets the recalcitrant stallion Bold Pilot with his owner Özdemir Atman (Fikret Kuskan) and his daughter Begüm Atman (Farah Zeynep Abdullah). Halis and Bold Pilot are fast friends and driven by the same ambition. In addition, the budding jockey falls in love with seriously ill Begüm and decides to dedicate his victories to her, so that she regains her new life courage. Halis and Bold Pilot create an incredible winning streak, giving new strength not only to Begüm but to all of Turkey as well which is currently undergoing a difficult period of political turmoil.

Sampiyon is a joint production from Ay Yapim and Medyapim. It has already received excellent reviews from critics.

Written by: Rachel Labidi

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