Born: 15th August 1984

Status: Married

Salih was born in Izmir, Turkey. After graduating from the Bornova Anatolian High school he took the entrance exam for university wanting to have a career in advertising. However, his plans changed when he was one of just 10 students that were offered an exam to enter the Conservatory exam.

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His first ever experience of acting came in a movie entitled Miymintilar Krali in 1994 at the age of just 10 he played a small extra’s role. It was 12 years later that Salih appeared on the big screen again in the movie Barda. His TV career commenced in 2007 with the series Elveda Rumelihe played the role of Muzaffer. After this more appearances in series were forthcoming. In 2010 until 2013 he was in the dizi Oyle Bir Gecer Zaman Ki. In 2013 he acted the role of Sehzade Bayezid in the series Fatih.

In 2015 in Kiralik Ask he acted alongside Elcin Sangu, Baris Arduc and Seckin Ozdemir as the character Sinan. He loved working on that series and said that when they started they had no expectations. It was like making a simple meal but it turned out great.

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Currently, Salih is into his third season with the popular series Istanbullu Gelin. He plays one of the sons in the Boran family, Fikret. Over the past 2 years, he has played a full range of emotions with this character and done so well.

In 2007 he met fellow actress Imer Ozgun, they got engaged in 2011 and they then married in 2015. Imer as appeared in Istanbullu Gelin alongside her husband. She was in the second season and played his brother’s secretary. Salih’s character falls for her but he is married. Imer didn’t return to the series at the start of season 3 however the door was left open for her to return in the future.

Salih is very smiley and happy go lucky man. He says that we live in difficult times and when a person smiles it emits a positive energy. However, sometimes you have to fool your soul and smile brazenly.

He is active on social media, his Instagram account has 1 million followers. I’m sure Salih will be in Istanbullu Gelin until the end. He is an important and well-loved part of the cast. He is also currently acting in stage plays as well as filming, a talented and busy man.

Written by: Rachel Labidi



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