This weeks episode commences with Akif who has been assaulted telling Demir that he saw both of them. We then see Tuna back at home looking out of the window when a police car arrives followed by Demir’s car. She obviously thinks that the secret is out and they have come to arrest her. She goes downstairs takes a long last look at her home probably thinking its the last time she will see it. As she goes outside Melek and Demir are there and Demir tells her that Akif has died. She has a look of disbelief and shock on her face. Deniz thinks Tuna has had Akif killed. We do see that she tried to call Yilmaz but couldn’t reach him.

Mete is chopping wood, his brother tells him that Akif has died after being struck by a car. We get a flashback where we see that it was actually Mete who assaulted him. His brother reprimands him for using his gloves to chop wood and makes him give them back. It looks like those gloves will have DNA on them.

Cem tells his Mum that Verda got fired from her job. Melek is furious with both of them. She warns Verda again that she must not see Efe and also tells Cem that he has anger management issues. I love seeing the interaction between these three. I have 2 children a boy and a girl the same age as Cem and Verda and they remind me so much of them. Love each other dearly but still like to play against each other. Melek is hoping to sign the contract with Erkan, but we see that he is having issues that she used to be in a relationship with Demir. He cancels the meeting for the day leaving Melek confused.

Verda is out walking when she is jumped on from behind and threatened with a knife. Its …… brother, he wants her to call Cem and his sister. Verda tells him that she hasn’t seen his sister. As they are struggling Efe drives up and fights with him. He gets a wound to his arm but manages to warn him off. Cem and Deniz are messaging each other and Deniz tells him to meet up.

Yilmaz asks Tuna if she has a job for a friend of his. She says that they need someone at the mansion and for Ayca to go for an interview. Meanwhile, Erkan goes to the company and comes across Demir. Demir asks him why had he agreed to sign and become involved in Seb-i Verda. Erkan appears to get the feeling that Demir is trying to warn him off signing. He goes in to see Melek and agrees to the partnership as a direct result of his conversation with Demir.

Verda cleans and dresses Efes knife wound and goes to the pharmacy for medication. When she returns she needs to change the dressing again. Efe kisses her neck, she gets her things and leaves in a hurry. However, that kiss lasted an awfully long time before she did move. Poor Efe is left stunned sat on the sofa. Cem and Deniz are out enjoying themselves in Istanbul. Cem shows her the real side to Istanbul instead of just passing by in a car. She tells Cem that she is leaving. He’s gutted.

Melek and Erkan signed the partnership and the chemist from the laboratory goes to Demir with a list of the things needed to make the new scent. After just speaking with Tuna regarding Erkan he decides to sign off the request. Tuna was all for dismissing Erkan as their lawyer as she thinks he is being disrespectful working with Melek. Demir tells her that they should act professionally and not fire him.

Melek goes to visit her friend…….. she tries to tell her that Erkan is interested in her but Melek doesnt appear to be interested at all. Meanwhile, Ceylan is having her hair done and calls Erkan to say she will see him at tonight’s gathering. He says that he won’t be attending and has had ” an offer he can’t refuse” from Melek. Ceylan is furious and takes it out of the poor hairdresser. I did say from episode 1 that she would turn out to be as bad as her sister.

Melek has invited Erkan for a meal at home with Cem and Verda. He arrives with a gift. He has got the patent for the Seb-I Verda fragrance. Tuna is talking to Ceylan. Ceylan blames Tuna for Erkan getting close to Melek. Deniz is in her room on the laptop booking tickets to go abroad. Tuna goes to her office. She has had the product itinerary sent for Seb-i Verda, she obviously is not happy that Demir signed it off. Demir arrives home and she confronts him and asks why he has signed the itinerary form. Finally, Demir stands up to her, she rips up the form and he tells her he wants a divorce ( way to go Demir ) and walks out of the room. Tuna appears to be in a state of shock and disbelief that he would actually say that.

Yilmaz brings Acya to the house to meet Tuna. Tuna hires her on the recommendation of Yilmaz and gives her the job of running the mansion. He takes her to the old house where she will stay and introduces her to the other staff. Her attitude completely changes, and Zafer obviously likes the look of her. Verda has gone for a job interview, She gets the job but on leaving she forgets her scarf. As she returns to collect it she hears the manager talking to Efe on the phone, it’s obvious he has set the job up for her.

Melek finds out that Tuna has stopped the order for the materials she needs. She calls her but Tuna declines the call. Deniz meets Cem in the woods to say goodbye and tells him that she is leaving for London. Unbeknown to them Mete is watching as they hug. Demir returns home and packs his suitcase, Ceylan sees him and tells Tuna who goes up to talk to him. Demir makes it clear that he will be leaving for a few days and then they can begin the official divorce process.

Mets brother accidentally comes across Deniz’s suitcase in the boot of her car. He calls Mete to let him know. He arrives and threatens Deniz. Melek is on her way to the mansion to confront Tuna about the material inventory she destroyed. Cem sees her and goes with her. She confronts Tuna who is her usual arrogant self. Deniz walks into the room holding hands with Mete. Everyone looks shocked as Mete says they want to get married.

In summary…

So that’s the end of the penultimate episode. As we now know episode 6 will be the final. I am so disappointed. If this series had commenced at the start of the season in September then it would have done great. In my opinion, a poor air night and the timing sealed its fate with viewers already involved with other series that commenced weeks ago.

I think the storyline had lots of scope for expansion. I believe that Verda is actually Demir’s daughter and that’s why Tuna and Melek try so hard to keep them apart. The necklace would have played an important part in this. Melek says it was a gift from Verda’s Dad but too much emphasis was made of it to just be from her late husband. Obviously those of you who want to see the big Efe and Verda romance will disagree. The relationships that were developing, Cem and Deniz especially. Cem knows she was eager to leave and minutes later she arrives to say she is marrying Mete. He realises it’s against her will. I would love to see how Cem deals with him.

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Written by: Rachel Labidi







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