So episode 3 ended with Tuna getting the video from Mete of her and Deniz disposing of Uncle’s body. Demir and Ceylan ask what’s wrong but she says its just an email reminder. She goes to her office, takes note of the number that sent the video and then deletes it.

Demir gets a call about Nazir collapsing and he leaves, Tuna goes straight up to Deniz’s room to ask her who she was with as she has received a video. She tells her its Mete. Demir rings to say that Nizar has passed away. Tuna blames everything on Deniz even though she is already struggling mentally.

Efe waits for Verda to finish work and takes her home. On the way they stop to eat . Verda wants to eat chickpeas with rice at a street vendor. Efe looks horrified. I love how Verda is showing him how real people live, taking the airs and graces from him. Meanwhile, Tuna calls Yilmaz and gets him to go and search Mete’s room while they are at the hospital for any evidence of the video.

Melek has gone to the offices and meets with the scientist who helped her father with the scents. She shows her the box with the scents her Dad was working on and asks if they can continue this but under strict privacy. Meanwhile, Deniz has cone to breaking point and rushes out of the house and gets in her car. Verda tries to stop her. She goes to tell Efe what she as seen and they both go to find her.

Erkan had sent Melek a basket of flowers to welcome her to the business. She realises that the missing ingredient to the perfume that she has been missing is Gardenia… you just know Ekan will love this. She rings to thank him and asks him to call a meeting asap with the man who wants to buy into Seb-i Verda. Efe and Verda find Deniz at the families chalet, while she sleeps they get closer together. Efe makes the mistake of telling his Mum where they are.

Yilmaz, Tuna’s man has gone to fine Mete at the funeral. He takes him for a walk and searches and threatens him at gunpoint. His brother is stood behind a tree watching them. Mete is telling the truth when he says that he hasn’t got any more video copies. A little later his brother approaches and gives him a USB. He had taken it from Metes computer. He tells Mete that he should use it.

Melek and Erkan meet the potential buyer and after he smells the scent he agrees to buy into the business. Ceylan arrives at the office and sees Melek leaving. She is more disappointed that he is with Melek again. We see Efe’s ex-girlfriend, Ezgi the model has got a job dancing on a new music video but can’t dance. So she will be taking dance lessons, we just know who will be teaching her.

Tuna arrives at the chalet she is obviously scared that Deniz will tell Efe about what she is so upset and depressed. When she sees Verda is also there. She insults her accusing her of trying to get into the family as a spy for her mother. She also tells Efe to stay away from ” her kind ” and is so rude to Verda. Verda leaves and Efe drives her home despite Tuna calling him back. When she arrives home her Mum and brother tell her the good news about the scent just as Tuna knocks on the door. She just has to be bitchy and make trouble, telling Melek and Cem about Efe and Verda making out that it was more than what it was.

Back at the house. Ceylan has told Tuna and then Demir about her going to Erkan’s office and Melek was there with a buyer for the business. Tuna is furious. Demir looks like he is secretly happy. A little later Demir is out walking and comes across Akif. He asks him if he saw people across at the jetty the night Uncle died. He appears now not to be sure and says his eyes are old. Demir looks confused, as its obviously a clear line of sight to the jetty. On returning to the house, he questions Tuna about the cufflink that Melek found and also tells her what Akif said about thinking he saw someone that night. She tells him to stop thinking like that and asks him directly if he thinks his death wasn’t an accident. Demir answers he doesnt know.

Cem is in the greenhouse and Deniz arrives, she thanks him for helping her, and she kisses him, poor Cem has a dopey look on his face, one of happiness and disbelief. Melek and Erkan are waiting at the company for Mr Sedat to arrive. Ceylan, Demir and Efe are also waiting in another room. Melek gets a call from him saying he is pulling out of the deal. We see Tuna arriving at the offices walking like the cat that got the cream. We see that she has been to visit  Serdat and has told him not to go into partnership, he wants to but she tells him she has the documents where he falsely declared a cargo shipment. She would inform the authorities if needed. She meets Demir, Ceylan and Efe and they walk towards the meeting she says quietly let the fun begin, Demir hears her but says nothing. Inside the room, they sit waiting at a beautifully presented table. Tuna is still coming out with sly comments.

Melek enters with Erkan, she tells them that Serdat isn’t going to be the new partner. And then informs them the new partner who will be working with them is Erkan. This made me laugh. Erkan even has the cheek to wink at Tuna. The look on Tuna’s face was like she was grinding ginger, Demir bless him looked gutted, Ceylan looked shocked, I really think she will turn to be a bad guy soon like her sister.  And good old Efe does what we all think, he laughs, He knows his mother stopped the deal with Serdat and seems impressed his aunt has come up smelling of roses ( pardon the pun guys ).

Ayca has escaped from her brother in Istanbul and caught the bus to the family home to see Cem. He is out walking and thinking back to the kiss from Deniz. He sees Deniz and they chat, he hugs her calling her his confidant. Ayca sees them as she is walking towards the house.

Hatice the new housekeeper is so funny, describing Yilmaz as a tree that had been chopped bald. She will be fun to watch in the future. As he is leaving the house he drives past Ayca who is stood crying after seeing Cem and Deniz. He stops the car and offers her a lift, she accepts…who in their right mind would get in a car with him??

Good old Ceylan who has started to cast a little trouble informs Erkan that it was Tuna who stopped the partnership for Melek, as Tuna doesnt want Melek here as she used to date Demir in the past. Erkan is shocked.

Verda is giving Ezgi a dance lesson and she is wanting to know about Efe, how he is who hes been dating etc… Verda says she doesnt know she hardly sees him. Then Efe walks in. Ezgi storms out. Efe tells Verda he came to see if she wanted to go and get rice and chickpeas again as he enjoyed it last time. Efe tells her that maybe he knows what his heart wants and they start to get close, just as Cem another one with great timing walks in.

Tuna is out looking for Deniz, she finds her at the lake. She says she feels better there but Tuna makes her go home. As they turn to leave Deniz thinks she sees her Uncle and runs away, in fact its Akif and he tells Tun he knows it was them at the lake the night uncle was killed, Tuna tells him to wait but he says he will go to the police, He rides off on his bike. As hes riding someone knocks him off the bike and hits his head several times on the road and runs away. Melek out walking Romeo comes across him, soon after Demir arrives in his car. Akif opens his eyes and says he saw them he saw both of them.

So another great episode this week as usual. I must admit I do look forward to this one. Who do we think attacked Akif? Mete or his brother? Someone was watching what was happening at the lake that’s for sure, someone who wanted to stop him going to the police. Mete knows that Deniz would be arrested and he wouldn’t want that. We know it wasn’t Yilmaz he was having dinner with …….. I think it’s obvious those two will team up.

Can’t wait for next week.

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Written by: Rachel Labidi






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