Hello. Well, its episode 3 and I must admit I have been looking forward to what will happen this week. So let’s see…

Its starts as it ended, with Mete threatening Deniz. Showing her the film that he had taken of her and her mother disposing of uncle Mihat’s body in the lake. He blackmails her and says that she will marry him.

Ezgi is still in the hospital recovering from her attempted suicide. Efe has waited outside the room for her to wake up. She tells her friend she doesnt want to see him, but he goes into the room and tells her that he will look after her.

Melek is at home when Sherif calls to collect her father’s books for Demir. He tells Melek that her father was still working on perfume formulas right up until he died. Melek while searching in drawers finds some notes and a small sample bottle of perfume. Later she tells Verda about the perfume and says its incomplete something is missing from it. Verda tells her they really should carry o with the business. Melek wants to but they will need money to do it. Verda tells her she has a part-time job as a dance teacher.

Tuna and Demir are waiting for Efe when he gets home. He has taken Ezgi to his place to stay. They insist that she attempted suicide to get his attention, he disagrees and tells them that he will be looking after her until she gets better. Unbeknown to Efe his Mum has had her man follow him and Ezgi and she knows that she is staying with Efe. Tuna calls him and says he is needed at the company. When he leaves Tuna arrives and show Ezgi a video. She tells her that she will end it with her son. When Efe arrives home later he lets his Mum and Ceylan listen to a voice message he has received from Ezgi saying that she is leaving him. Ceylan knows that Tuna is behind this, she mentions that Tuna did the same to her with a man called Tariq. Tuna then appears upset saying Ceylan doesnt know what its like being married to a man who doesnt love her.

Demir meanwhile meets up with Melek’s friend he really wants to help Melek with the business but knowing Melek won’t accept his help he asks that her friend pretends it’s her who is helping. …… She goes to visit Melek and Verde and in the end, she agrees that she will write a list of what she needs and….. will pay for it. Demir sends some money via the app on his phone. He is in the bathroom when Tuna enters and sees a message pop up. She looks and sees its a message from the bank. She takes picture of the screen. The message says Nulifer’s name and she realises that he is sending her money.

The next scene is my favourite one of the week. Veda has been shopping and walking home comes across an injured dog, as she is struggling to help it, Efe pulls up in his car. He has no interest in dogs whatsoever ( I don’t like him then !! ) She asks if he can take her and the dog to the vets, he moans he doesnt want his car dirtying but agrees to take them. At the vet’s, it’s not serious and Verda asks the vet to make sure the dog gets a good home. The vet explains he will try but it’s not always possible. On leaving she is short of money to pay the bill. Efe gets some respect back from me here by paying the bill. On the way home, they are bickering again in the car. Melek sees them arrive and isn’t happy about them being together. She wants Verda to stay away from that family.

Deniz is still suffering mentally with the death of Uncle Mihat. She has a doll that he bought for her and she thinks that it’s watching her all the time, she tries to close its eyes and then tries to scratch its eye out. In the end, she throws it out of the window. She immediately regrets doing it and runs downstairs to the garden but the doll has disappeared?? On returning back ti the house she runs into her father. He follows her upstairs quickly followed by a worried Tuna. He asks Deniz what’s wrong, she says she can’t live with it any more. Tuna jumps in to stop her saying more. Deir wants her to see a doctor and he asks Tuna what is she hiding.

Cem returns and apologises to his Mum for taking and selling the bracelet. She bakes a cake and she makes Cem go with her to Tuna to apologise to her also. At the house, Tuna has told Deniz she wants her to leave as she is too much of a risk. Deniz approaches her Dad and says she would like to leave to go to a new school away from home. He asks the reason, she says as she is bored. He flatly refuses for her to go and says she needs to come up with a better reason.

Erkan the lawyer arrives at Meleks house as they are leaving to go to Tuna he has brought her a scarf as an apology for spilling coffee. They go over to Tunas together along with Cem. Meanwhile, Melek’s friend Nulifer has her store attacked by two men. This has been arranged by Tuna. At the house as Melek is leaving Tuna just very slyly mentions she would like to help with materials for the Greenhouse. Melek thanks her but says its already sorted. Tuna asks why did she accept help from Demir and not her ( this Tuna is such a cow !! ) Melek calls Nulifer for her to explain what’s happening but finds out that her place was attacked she leaves to go and be with her. Demir knows immediately that this is all Tuna’s doing. He tells her the money he gave was for her father’s books. Tuna bitchily tells him that he’s wasting his time on Melek as she is interested in Erkan. He says he has no interest in Melek and he tells Tuna he won’t stand for her ways anymore.

Melek has a meeting with Erkan at a restaurant where Tuna and Demir are. Tuna obviously wants to talk and goes over to them. She is so sarcastic however Melek tells her that she has remortgaged her father’s house for the money to pay back Nulifer and then she will organise the payment plan for Tuna. Tuna smiles and walks away but her face drops a mile as she walks out. That afternoon Tuna, Demir Cem and some employees are having a meeting in the boardroom at Sahin’s head office. Melek walks in and tells them to leave. She has the rent on the room for a further 8 months and she doesnt want them in Seb-i Verda’s area. Cem and Demir do look amused with sneaky smiles, Tuna is again furious. When she returns home she is telling Ceylan what happened and makes out that the dinner between Melek and Erkan was more than it really was. Ceylan isn’t happy. I have a feeling that Ceylan may just turn against Melek. I still have her as Mukkades in my head!!

Efe comes good and brings the dog that Verda saved for her. They call him Romeo. Tuna sees them playing with the dog and she doesnt look happy. Efe takes a liking to the dog ( so I like him again now haha )

Deniz meets up with Cem and asks him to help her. She tells him Mete has an Inappropriate video of her on his phone and she wants it destroying. She messages Mete to meet her but Cem his waiting for him, They fight and Cem beats Mete pretty bad. He gets a phone off of him stands on it then throws it in some water and leaves. Mete in agony laughs as he produces another phone from his jacket and forwards the video to Tuna.

She receives the message as she is stood with Demir and Ceylan, She is stunned and Demir asks for the phone, she pulls it away, and that’s where it ends.

So my main question this week is where the heck did that doll disappear to? Probably weird Mete was hanging around and picked it up. Will he use the video to tell Tuna he wants to marry Deniz? A confrontation between the two is coming…I’ve seen the trailer for episode 4.

Another great episode this week. I loved the fact that they addressed the issue of animal welfare. Hilal Saral is a huge supporter of animal welfare this is why I started to follow her on Twitter/Instagram before I even knew about her fame as a scriptwriter/director. I am a huge lover of dogs and agree with Hilal that their welfare is paramount.

Again I will be looking forward to next week.

You can watch Sahin Tepesi live every Friday evening at 8 pm Turkish time on ATV. Or you can catch up on ATV’s official Youtube channel.

Written by: Rachel Labidi






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