So we have been waiting for the second episode eagerly. Last weeks ratings were not very good, but I hope that Ay Yapim sticks with this one and give it a chance. The storyline has started to go places this week.

Episode 2 started where we left off in episode 1. Tuna is told by Melek that they won’t be leaving and will live in her father’s cottage and also won’t sell her Seb-i Verda. Tuna puts on a brave front, turns and walks away with a face that looks like she has been sucking lemons. Both Verda and Cem are shocked, and both don’t appear too keen on this idea. Ceylan always the peacemaker ( for now ) is happy that they won’t be leaving. Demir shows no outward facial expression, but he has a long look with Melek that is noticed by Verda.

Melek, Verda and Cem go to their old house to pack their things. Verda is on Instagram looking at Efe’s pictures on his account. Cem is laid on the sofa and both of them aren’t happy that Melek hadn’t told them about her family. Cem gets angry and leaves, he goes to spend the night at the bakery they used to rent. The next day he sees his girlfriend and she encourages him to go to Istanbul and take her there too. She seems like she just wants the good things that Cem may offer her, but we find out later why she really wants to leave the area.

Erkan the lawyer under instruction from Tuna needs to meet with Melek to discuss the debt repayment plan that Melek must pay. She arranges to meet him. Ceylan tells her not to worry. Erkan is a fair lawyer and will also advise and look after her interests also. Ceylan has a soft spot for Erkan.

Cem finds the bracelet in his pocket, the one he found at the cottage. He takes it to a jeweller, who scams him, but Cem not realising its true worth accepts the offer plus a necklace which he gives to his girlfriend. He waits for her in the park, and after he produces the necklace she immediately forgives him. They kiss and are caught by her brother who attacks Cem. H has a knife but after a struggle, Cem picks up the knife and stabs her brother, then runs away.

Deniz is still psychologically affected by the events surrounding her uncle’s death. Tuna is scared that she will say something to her father or even worse a psychologist and she tells Denia that she can’t tell anything and covers her mouth to stop her talking. Ceylan catches her doing this but hasn’t heard what was said before. Ceylan speaks with Demir telling him that she is concerned about Deniz’s behaviour.

The following day Melek and the children arrive back at the house, They are greeted by Tuna who has a fake smile plastered on her face, She throws some nasty underhand comments at Melek, but Melek actually gives some back to her too. She makes it obvious to Tuna that the reason she has returned is that of her calling her a coward from running away last time. Tuna looks mad. Tuna is still trying to sell Seb-i Verda even though it’s not hers to sell. Demir enters her office while she s meeting with someone about it. He tells the potential buyer they no longer have control of whether it is to be sold or not. Tuna isn’t happy but the look on Demir’s face makes it obvious he did it on purpose and probably get a little fed up of his conniving wife. Cem gets a call from his girlfriend who says her brother has kidney damage but they won’t say anything to the police. Unbeknown to Cem her brother has made her call him. He takes the phone from her and makes her go to her room threatening to break her legs. So we now see why she is so desperate to leave.

Tuna gets a call from a jeweller. They have come into possession of her bracelet that they made for her. They send her the CCTV images of the person who tried to sell it…Cem. Tuna looks delighted that it’s him. Meanwhile, Verda is taking photos with her phone when Efe drives too close to her at speed and she drops her phone and breaks it. To exact her revenge she takes a stone and scratches the full length of his new shiny car. When Efe sees the car he rings his ex-girlfriend Ezgi and accuses her of doing it and is really nasty with her. After he hangs up Verda informs him that it’s her who scratched his car. He likes her a lot and asks her if she used that broken phone to look at his Instagram account. She has a great comeback, she sums him up very well, saying yes he’s a show off with his fancy clothes and all the places he has been. He finds this amusing.

Deniz meets up with Mete, she wants to end the relationship. He gets mad and tells her they won’t be splitting up. Demir on his way home comes across an old fisherman who tells him that he saw the night Uncle died some people had taken from the water. Demir says no it was the day after that he was removed from the scened. This makes Demir think. He drives to the greenhouse where Melek is cleaning up. She tells him she certainly hasn’t returned for him. The tension between these two is mad. Demir totally loves her but she is keeping it very cool and businesslike, although you can tell by the way they look that she still has feelings for him. Tuna arrives ( of course that woman is everywhere ) and sees them close together, Again we get that plastered fake smile and she invites Melek for a welcome dinner, then grabs Demir and literally makes sure he leaves with her. In the car, he tells her about the old fisherman and what he had seen. Tuna for a split second looks panicky but that fake look appears again and she says she’s sure as he is old he got it mixed up. Demir still looks like something is a bit suspicious.

At the ” welcome ” dinner Yilmaz Tunas right-hand snake appears and wants to speak with Tuna. A parcel has arrived for Melek. Tuna reads the card and sees he is apologising for earlier, She removes the card, goes back in the room and hands the box to Ceylan saying its for her from Erkan, she knows Ceylan likes Erkan. Its a scarf and Ceylan is so pleased. Tuna also has organised a gathering for everyone in the company to meet Melek the new owner of Seb-i Verda.

At the gathering when Erkan arrives he is shocked to see Ceylan with the scarf but quickly recovers… Meanwhile, Ezgi has drunk a lot of alcohol and takes a handful of tablets. She appears to regret it as she goes for her phone to ring Efe after feeling ill but collapses. Tuna having being advised by Erkan who obviously likes Melek to rethink an easier payment plan says to Melek that she will look at it again. Tuna expertly coordinates the timing of the police arriving. In front of the press just as they are taking pictures of Melek, Cem and Verda. Cem tries to leave but is stopped by Yilmaz. The police arrest Cem on suspicion of theft, Tuna says it is her who has had something stolen from. Melek is in disbelief she goes to the station with Verda and Cem is there with Erkan acting as his lawyer. He does tell the police where he found the bracelet. They release him as Tuna drops the charges.

At the hospital, Efe arrives in a rush obviously concerned for Ezgi but probably more feeling guilty than anything else after accusing her wrongly before. Tuna rings Efe and tells him to leave the hospital and distance himself from her, She did it for publicity and he needs to leave before the press arrive. At home, both Demir and Ceylan accuse Tuna of setting the police arrest up at a very embarrassing time. Demir also questions why would her bracelet be at the cottage? She hasn’t been there for a long time. At first, Deniz looks panicked but actually covers for her Mum, and Tuna lies and says she went to look at the house before Melek moved in. Demir still looks as if he has doubts.

Erkan drops Melek and Verda back home from the police station. Demir appears and sees Erkan holding Meleks hand, he quickly interrupts them, she pulls her hand away, Demir does look jealous. Melek goes to Tuna and thanks her for dropping the charges against Cem. Of course, Tuna takes the high ground and has to have a snipe at her saying how ill she manage with all this and Seb-i Verda. She is literally pushing her to leave. Demir and Ceylan look amazed. Verda learns that Ezgi has attempted suicide and is shocked knowing she caused the damage to the car for which Efe blamed Ezgi for.

Deniz comes across Mete, he threatens her and says they will not split up and they will get married. He is aggressive and grabs hold of her she asks several times for him to let go but he doesnt. She is determined its over until Mete produces his phone and shows her the video of her and Tuna dumping Uncles body in the lake.

This weeks episode was great and as a friend has said it has all the makings of another Kara Sevda all the twists and turns, which is following the original Falcon Crest series.

Will Mete blackmail Deniz and also Tuna with the video so he can marry Deniz? I have a feeling her and Cem will fall for each other but she will be forced into a marriage she doesnt want with Mete.

The tension between Demir and Melek is great. Obviously, they both have feelings for each other. Tuna is already jealous of her husband and watches his movements constantly.

Zerrin Tekindor ( Tuna ) is amazing. I loved her in all her roles but I really dislike this character which just validates how good she is portraying her. Aybuke Pusat ( Verda ) I couldn’t warm to her in Soz but here she is great, really showing off her talents. It’s also great to see Esra Dermancioglu in the role of the peacekeeper instead of Mukkades from Fatmagul.

I will be looking forward to next week. I love the interaction between Melek and Demir, and I’m sure Efe and Verda will also be great to watch on the coming episodes.

You can watch Sahin Tepesi live every Friday evening at 8 pm Turkish time on ATV. Or you can catch up on ATV’s official Youtube channel.

Written by: Rachel Labidi






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