Welcome to Dizicentral and the first episode summary of Sahin Tepesi. As some of you may know it is based on the US drama Falcon Crest. It was a series that was aired along with Dallas, Dynasty and Knots Landing in the 1980s.  I did watch the original ( I was young at the time I should add ) and really liked it. So with a combination of that, Hilal Saral directing, Ay Yapim producing and an outstanding cast I am hoping for great things. So let’s see…

Episode 1

The episode starts in the perfume company that will be the centre point of the series. Tuna (Zerrin Tekindor) is leaving work. She is in charge of the company and obviously a successful one as she makes her way home to a beautiful house in a chauffeur driven car. On arriving home she meets with Mithat Satin, her Uncle who also is invested in the business. Tuna wants him to sell a branch of the company Seb-i Verda she says its losing money but he refuses, saying over my dead body.

Meanwhile, Tuna’s daughter Deniz (Leyla Tanlar) is sneaking to meet her lover Mete who is the son of the family’s servants. She meets him at a cottage in the grounds. While they are together Uncle Mithat sees them through the window and goes in to confront them. They argue and Deniz pushes her uncle who falls and hits his head. He dies. Deniz panics and runs to her Mum who is in her office readjusting a bracelet that will play a big part in the future storyline. She tells her Mum and they both go back to the cottage. Tuna takes charge and they both drag his body to the edge of the lake and roll him in. Deniz is in a state and Tuna tells her she must not say a word to anyone about what happened. Deniz tells her Mum that her uncle thought she was a burglar and he jumped on her so she pushed him off and he fell. She never mentions she was with Mete. As they are disposing of his body we see someone filming them.

Tuna has a right-hand man called Yilmaz. He is not going to be a nice character. He doesn’t like the family that works for Tuna and he does all her dirty work including spying on her husband Demir (Murat Aygen) who she is extremely obsessed and jealous of.

The next day we see Melek (Ebru Ozkan) working in the family shop with her son Cem (Mustafa Mert Koc) and her daughter Verda (Aybuke Pusat) they are hugely in debt and behind with rent being chased by the landlord. Melek received a call saying that her father has died. She and her children go to his home which is, of course, the home of Tuna and Demir. On arrival, the relationship between Melek and Tuna is obviously strained but there is a moment where Melek and Demir look at each other and it’s obvious they have some history.

The lawyer arrives, Erkan (Kaan Tasner) he drops the hint that Uncle Mithat actually made a change to his will four months before. Of course, Tuna isn’t happy and asks him to read the will there and then, which he does. Mithat has left the cottage and Seb-i Verda to Melek. Tuna is astounded and not happy. She immediately offers to buy them both from Melek. The lawyer also has a letter for Melek from her father but Tuna says she will give it to her. She doesn’t and reads it. It is her father apologising and forgiving Melek and wanting her to take over Seb-i Verda. Tuna tears it up and puts it in the bin.

Throughout the episode, we see flashbacks where the history of the family is shown. Melek when young comes across her father, Mithat kissing his friend’s wife. The friend then kills his wife and commits suicide. His children a young Tuna and her sister Ceylan are adopted by him probably from a guilty conscience. While Tuna knows that this is what happened to her parents Ceylan doesn’t, she believes they were killed in a vehicle accident. They are brought up as equals with Melek but Tuna is very jealous of her.

Melek was disowned by her father. She was in love with Demir, but Tuna was so jealous she told her father lies about Melek and he got angry but when Melek told him that she had seen him kiss his friend’s wife and was responsible for their deaths he hits her and disowns her. Tuna straight away makes a play for Demir and they get together, although Im sure there will be more to this as Demir doesn’t appear stupid, he loved Melek it’s obvious so I’m sure Tuna used some underhand tactics to get him to marry her.

We meet Efe (Boran Kuzum) for the first time. Obviously, a ladies man as he turns up with Turkey’s top model. Who obviously Tuna his Mum doesn’t approve of. He takes an interest in Verda and soon dismisses the model to his best friend Baris.

At the funeral the press arrive shouting questions at Melek, they had obviously been tipped off by someone, probably Tuna, but it backfires when Demir grabs Melek and drives her away. The past between them is made a little clearer. They obviously really liked each other but Melek leaving  (due to Tuna) stopped the relationship. Verda while making a sandwich comes across the ripped up letter from Tunas room, she puts it together and shows her Mum. Making it clear that Tuna is hiding things and probably in the past too.

Cem who is a little obsessed with money approaches his Aunt and says that the family has debt and she should rethink and increase her offer for the house and business. Melek overhears Ceylan and Tuna arguing. Ceylan who appears nice and not at all like her sister blames her for the issues between Melek and her father, Tuna confesses and Melek walks in the room. Tuna is bold about it and tries to turn it round like it was Meleks fault for not fighting for her place in the family or for Demir.

Its time for Melek, Cem and Verda to leave, as they do Tuna appears and blurts out that Cem has said about the debt issues and wanted more money, so she will double her offer for them and the lawyer will see to the details. She turns to walk away and Melek calls her back. She tells her that she won’t be selling anything and will keep the business and also live in the house.

So that’s where episode one ends. There are obviously lots of secrets that are being hidden from people that will impact the future. Melek and Demir still have feelings for each other that’s obvious, but with Yilmaz, as Tuna’s right-hand man just how far will she go to make sure they dont get together. Who was recording Tuna and Deniz moving the body? Was it Mete? Was it Yilmaz her right-hand man? Both could use it to blackmail her if needed in the future.

I enjoyed the first episode. We had a good insight into the web of secrecy and lies being told and hidden. The ratings were low, but starting a series in November when other series are already well underway with loyal viewers is a risk. I hope they give it a fair chance as it has got the potential to be a great series.

You can watch Sahin Tepesi live every Friday evening at 8 pm Turkish time on ATV. Or you can catch up on ATV’s official Youtube channel.

Written by: Rachel Labidi






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