Sometimes your life changes by accidents, sometimes by mistakes, sometimes by coincidences. Room No 309 is based on a misdate and led two young people to a beautiful love story. Out of pure coincidence, Onur and Lale meet at the same place due to a blind date that is arranged by their mothers. And during the next morning they find themselves in the same bed.


Furkan is a young man who comes from a very wealthy family. Along with his nephew he is the heir to the family business. Both enjoy their lives and dont consider getting married too soon. However their future plans change with the death of their Grandfather. He leaves a will stating that whoever gets married first and has a baby would be the one to inherit the family business.

The story of Lale of Onur begins with a misdate. Lale (Demet Özdemir) is a heartbroken young girl, who is left by his fiance. Her mother was sad about Lale’s situation and she wanted to arrange a date with a young doctor named Onur. Onur Sarihan (Furkan Palalı) is a young businessman works in his grandfather’s company. His grandfather was passed away and his will is to leave his fortune to his grandson who gets married and have a baby first. So Onur’s mother has also arranged a date to a young girl.

Twist of fate, Lale sits Onur Sarıhan’s table assuming that he was the “Doctor Onur” and asks if he is Onur? Indeed, Onur replies and thinks that she was the girl that he was waiting for. After some talk and drinking alcohol, they had lost their control and after some dance… The date turned into a one night stand. However, the next morning, Onur and Lale didn’t remember anything from the last night and they thought that they didn’t have a sexual intercourse.

Three months later Lale figured that she was pregnant. She was shocked, and she started to search Onur, but he wasn!t the Doctor. So where is he? Suddenly Lale sees Onur on television and understands that Onur Sarihan is a young businessman. She quickly meets with Onur but no luck, Onur believes that she was a wealth hunter, and it was a set-up. Lale is a proud girl and she couldn’t handle such claims and decides to stands alone in this way. Then Onur realizes the truth and apologizes from Lale. Then their relationship starts.

But wait, there is still a big problem Onur’s family, especially his mother and his jealous ex-fiancee. Onur’s mother was strongly against a baby from Lale and a marriage! So she starts her continuous efforts to separate them.

Onur’s mother’s desperate efforts, Lale’s defence and retaliation is funny and definitely makes the series lovely. The side characters are also fun. A naive romance between Lale and Onur with some ups some downs makes the series quite romantic.


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