Recep Tayyip Erdogan who is originally from Rize was born in Istanbul in 1954, he was the third child of his family. His father is Ahmet Erdogan and his mother is Tenzile Erdogan. His father was a captain. He got his first name from the month he was born in and his second name was from his grandfather also he had a sister and 3 brothers. He spent most of his life in Kasimpasa( one of the oldest places in Istanbul). While he was going to school he used to sell cotton candy and water to recieve an allowance. He went to Istanbul Imam Hatip High school which is a religious vocational high school. He kept selling candies and water while his high school education. For university he attented to Marmara University department of economics. In 1981 he graduated.

President Erdogan had a political social district while he was going to university this way he was a quite popular kid. In 1976 he was elected as Istanbul provincial chairman. He got married with Emine Erdogan in 1978 whom he met in a conference in 1977. They had 4 children in their marriage , 2 daughters and 2 sons( Esra, Sumeyye, Ahmet Burak, Necmeddin Bilal). His political life proceed when he joined to the “Refah Partisi”. In 1994 he was elected as mayor of Istanbul. Whatsoever he was sued multiple times while he was the mayor (about corruption). In 1997 while he was giving a conference he read a famous poem from Ziya Gokalp about Balkan wars but he changed the poem into something religious as a result of this action he was sentenced 1 year in jail. In 2001 he and his friends from his old party , found a new party “ AKP”. Recep Tayyip Erdogan formed the 60th government again in 2007 take 46% of the vote. In  In 2014 for the first time in Turkish political history he was elected president by direct popular vote in the first round.

Written By – Merve . B and Nadeem . M


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