Welcome to episode 9.

Ramo is with Yavuz. Yavuz tells him that he too has an issue to settle with Cihangir. He needs someone like Ramo thats fearless to team with.

At Durdu’s cafe they are under attack and things are looking bad until Boz arrives and kills the men that are shootong at Fatos and Duru.

In the neighbourhood there is a big gun battle. Several of the pumpers are killed. Cavidan is shot and dragged to safety by Dogan who has also been shot. Sihan and Hasan are both taken captive. The women and children escape down the tunnel under the well.

Ramo returns and finds devastation. He has tears in his eyes as he walks through the neighbourhood. He finds the women and children sheltering in the tunnel.

Meanwhile Fidan, Nico, Sibel and Sihan find themselves together, hands tied in a room with armed men. Hasan is also brought into the room. Shortly after Alpay walks in. He is the one that has captured them all. They know that Ramo has got away and Sibel tries to negotiate with him but gets a smack for her trouble. Alpay also lets them know that Neco helped him plan this. Neco said his plan was only to kill Ramo.

Halef has got Suleyman captive. He wants to know where he is from? Suleyman wont tell him anything about his past. Halef tells him that Alpay has Sibel and Neco. Suleyman begs Halef to let him go to deal with Alpay, and he promises that he will do anything for Halef.

The commission meets and they agree that they need to go after Alpay first and then Ramo. Yavuz gets a video on his phone from Alpay showing the hostages he has taken.

Later Ramo meets with Yilmaz one of the committee that supports him. Yavuz arrives too and they decide they will work together.

The committee meets again this time with Ramo and Alpay present. Alpay wants to be in charge of the committee. Thats the deal he wants to release the hostages he has. Yavuz tells him that they will think about it but he is not to harma anyone.

Meanwhile outside Ramo’s men cause a distraction givng them time to plant a tracker on Alpay’s car. Yavuz also knows this was happening. As Alpay leaves, Boz is following. Alpay realises and they get rid of Boz. Or so they think. Boz calls Ramo and trlls him Alpay took the bait. He continues to follow Alpay with the tracker.

One of Alpays men takes Sibel to another room and tries to rape her. She escapes. As she runs back in the room where the others are, Hasan has managed to break free of his ties and rushes towards her attacker. He shoots Hasan in the stomach. They untie Sibel to let her help him.

Ramo goes to the hospital to see Cavidan. She tells him that she loves him even though he loved someone else she always hoped he would lover her. She tells him that she has been happy in her short life. Her hand goes limp and her heart stops. Ramo in tears turns and walks away.

Alpay seeing that Hasan has been shot gets him medical treatment. As he leaves the building Sibel notices that one of them has left a phone behind and she shows Neco, telling them they need to get that phone. Meanwhile Yavuz is concerned that Alpay is going to escape and kill everyone he is holding before he does.

Halef is transfixed with the night club singer Feriye. He took her home and spent the night sat outside her house in the car. She sees him the next morning and invites him in for breakfast.

Sibel manages to get the phone and calls Ramo letting him know where they are. As Ramo and Yavuz rush there Alpay has them all lined up. He starts to shoot them one at a time. They shoot Tanker and then point the gun at Fidan. The gun jams. They them her shooting.

Alpay escapes but takes Sibel with him. Ramo gives chase and manages to stop them. However Alpay tells him he has injected Sibel with oison. He has 20 minutes to get her medical help. Ramo needs to choose. Follow Alpay or get help for Sibel.

Written By: Rachel Labidi



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