Welcome to episode 8.

At the end of lst weeks episode we saw that Suleyman got a call warning him that Ramo was going too kill him. Suleyman escapes calling Neco to get away with his mum and Fatos but then is confronted by Ramo outside. We now get to see that the person tipping Suleyman off was Dogan.

Fidan and Hakan are too late to save Fatos with Suleymans warning they have already bundled her into a car and escaped.

Alpay manages to get away too from Boz and his men but his brother sat in the car beside him has been killed.

Ramo takes Suleyman in the car leaving Halef who actually helped Ramo catch him to turn and leave.

Sibel learns what has happened from her mum. She talks with Ramo asking him why? She tells him she wants to leave but he tells her she is going nowhere.

Suleyman is locked in a room at Ramo’s house. Ramo informs him that he attacked everyone on the board. Suleyman is confident that Ramo wont hurt him as Neco has Fatos.

Halef is at the nightclub in his room secretly collecting his belongings. He sees Fareye and her son trying to get back inside to collect some toys for him. He manages to get a toy for him. He obviously is taken by her.

Arriving back home Halef discovers Kirpik. Neco didnt actually shoot him, Halef tells him he is going to exploit the situation now Suleyman is out of the way. He tells Kirpik he needs men.

Fatos is handcuffed to a pipe. Neco enters and tells her that Sibel wants to talk. Sibel tells her she will sort everything out. She goes to Ramo’s house and asks to enter the family meeting. Inside she tells them she has an offer. She can keep her family away from them if they return her back home with Suleyman and Fatos returns back to them. Everyone looks interested but Ramo asks them all to leave as he speaks with Sibel.

She asks him to let her go with her grandfather and she promises that she will bring Fatos back. Ramo tells her he doesnt trust her family so if they exchange it will be done properly.

Alpay meets with Salim and Cevdet both taking over from relatives that Ramo has killed. Also there is Yilmaz who helped set up everything with Ramo. Alpay questions Yilmaz wondering how he didnt get hurt. They argue but Cevdet tells them they need to work out how to get revenge on Ramo. All four agree to attack Ramo and his area.

Halef visits Ramo at home. He says everyone is quiet but there will definitely be an attack coming. Halef also tells him that there is a snake among his men. Ramo says the pumpers wouldnt do that. However Halef tells him Suleyman got a call before it all kicked off as dis Alpay. So who has Ramo upset recently that would betray him?

Sibel tells Sebo that she is leaving. She knows Ramo loves her and she loves Ramo very much but its the wrong time. She kisses Sebo’s hand and gives her back the necklace. Sebo wont accept it and tells Sibel to keep it no matter if she is leaving.

Neco goes to Fatos and tells her to get ready they are going. He tells he that he could have hurt her or raped her but he didnt. He starts to walk closer. He says that there is a reason he wont hurt her… Nerman arrives in the room and interrupts. Fatos is confused but all the aggression has left her after what Neco said.

Ramo confronts Suleyman about who called him and warned him. Suleyman says Halef warned him. Ramo gets him to show his phone for the last caller. Ramo calls it but its not working. Meanwhile Dogan is hiding watching. He creeps out of the room after Ramo but Sahin sees him.

Ramo gets a call form Yilmaz to warn him that Alpay has now taken over and is planning to attack Ramo. He wasnt told the plans as he suspects him too. As he is walking away some men open fire on Yilmaz, he is safe but one of his men is killed.

Yavuz visits Alpay and the rest of the committee he tells them that Cihanghir has said that he will support whatever they deem necessary dealing with Ramo. Alpay informs Yavuz that they already have their own plan.

Sahin suspicious of his brother Dogan, drags him to a quiet area where he confesses that it was him that told Suleyman Ramo was after him. Sihan is disgusted that his brother did this to them. Dogan cries and says he regrets doing it. Sihan tells him that he must never tell anyone about this.

The time has come for the exchange. Fatos and Neco riding iin the car together and Fatos is happy she is going home. Neco tells her she makes him calm and he will never forget that. He also tells her they will be together again soon. Fatos is a little unnerved by Neco and his feelings for her.

Sibel is in the car with Ramo, they both are listening to a song remembering their time together in the past. They both love each other a lot and really want to be together but this situation dictates they cannot.

At the exchange things go smoothly leaving Ramo and Sibel stood facing each other. Meanwhile Fidan has met with Yavuz and asked him to stop any revenge attack on Ramo by the committee. Yavuz says he wont, not now he knows that Ramo is also wanting to kill his boss, Chiangir.

As Sibel and Neco are driving away Neco tells het that Ramo will not make it home. He has spoken with Alpay. Sibel scrabbles for her phone to warn Ramo but Neco snatches the phone from her.

Ramo has dropped back from the other cars, daydreaming about Sibel. Two cars approach and open fire. Ramo stops his car and hides behind it firing back. Boz and Hasan have realised Ramo isnt behind them and turn back to look for him, but they too are stopped by armed men.

Fidan has left the meeting with Yavuz and is being followed by two men on bikes. She leaves the car in the back streets and runs away on foot. She thinks she has lost them but finds a gun pointing at her head.

Back at the pumpers neighborhood they have come under attack. Everyone fights to stop Alpay’s men.

Suleyman’s car gets stopped by armed men. We see that these are Halef’s men as Halef leads Suleyman away.

Neco and Sibel’s car has also been stopped by armed men and they are made to get out of the car.

Arriving back at the neighbourhood the two pumpers returning Fatos realise that the place is under attack, one of them drives Fatos to Durdu’s place, however they have been spotted and are followed by armed men.

Finally Boz and Hasan reach Ramo’s car but he isnt there. Boz says that Yavuz has taken him ( the other car had Istanbul number plates…. No. 34 )

We see Ramo blindfolded sat in a car with armed men. The men belong to Cihangir. They get him out and lead him to a field. He is told that he was warned not to do anything but he didnt listen. He tells him the two men are from the families of the men he killed and he is leaving him with them. With two guns pointed at his head Ramo closes his eyes ready for the inevitable. However two shots ring out. Ramo opens his eyes to see the two men dead and Yavuz’s man passing on his greetings.

So an exciting ending.

Fidans word with Yavuz obviously worked, however I thought maybe the bikers were protecting her but they put a gun to her head. The men that followed Fatos to Durdu’s saw them enter but then drove away. Were they protecting her making sure she was safe?

Finally the ones that stopped Neco was that Halef’s men? Or was it Yavuz’s men? What will Halef do with Suleyman? And has there actually been a little hint that Fatos and Neco may get together at some time in the future??

Unofficial reports say that Ramo will be returning for a second season in September/October after the first one ends around May, so a lot of things can change.

Written By: Rachel Labidi



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