Welcome to episode 7.

Sibel has arrived back at Ramo’s house. Fidan has to come out and stop her nephews from attacking her. They blame her for their fathers death and they think that she stabbed Ramo. Fidan ushers her away and advises her not to leave the room until Ramo gets home.

Ramo has left his meeting with Yavuz. He tells Boz that Yavuz knows he is after Cingahir so now the plans need to change. Meanwhile Yavuz is on his way to the airport. He is going to meet with Cihangir about Ramo.

Neriman arrives home and finds out Sibel is there. She drags her from the room and tells her to leave. Ramo comes home and stops her. He tells them Sibel is not to blame. He takes her by the hand upstairs. There he tells her it will stay between them the truth of what happened. He kisses her gently and then tells her that will be the last time they touch. She was right they hurt each other too much and can never be together. Sibel walks into the bedroom and slams the door.

Neco arrives home after shooting and killing the man under instruction from his grandfather. He is in shock. He goes into the bedroom where Fatos is. Even she knows there is something wrong and is a little concerned. He lays on the bed and puts his head on Fatos’s lap tears in his eyes. Fatos doesnt know what to think.

At a family council meeting Ramo invites Boz and tells them all that Boz will now be a part of the council. Nerman, Dogan and Sahin arent happy. They challenge Ramo about him being the leader and also that it was Sibel who stabbed him. Ramo remains resolute. Everyone walks out of the room leaving Ramo and Boz. He tells Boz things have changed and thats the way they will stay.

Dogan is not happy at all with Ramo but also wants revenge for his fathers killing. He says he will get revenge on Alpay. Sahin tells him not to be stupid hes the leader of a gang. Dogan tells him there is a way.

Meanwhile Alpay is having plans of his own. He cannot attack Ramo personally but looks like he will disrupt Ramo’s first fuel delivery.

Three years ago Ramo was Sibel’s bodyguard and escorted her to her flat. They hear a noise and find Neco in a bedroom with a women pointing a gun at him. The girls says that he tried to do things she didnt want to. Sibel is furious with Neco and tells Ramo to take the girl home. In the car he tells her he knows her dad, Yilmaz Kirtac. He has been given the order to kill him.

Ramo is meeting with Boz, Fidan and Hakan. He tells them he has a plan to take out the members of the Adana committee including Suleyman and Alpay. He needs an ally and that ally will be Yilmaz Kirtac who is also on that committee. Boz gets a text with a photo showing Halef alive and well outside a nightclub. They know now he wasnt given his punishment.

The five members of the Adana committee are meeting. Suleyman and Yilmaz appear to want to keep the waters calm, however Alpay and another one of the committee really think something should be done about Ramo. The fifth member looks scared to death.

Cavidan sees that Sibel is back at Ramo’s home. She grabs her and tells her she knows what she did. Sibel tells Cavidan she isnt happy as Ramos isnt visiting her mow. Afet pulls Cavidan away and tells her there is no chance Ramo will be with her now. He is married.

Halef who is at the nightclub was mesmerized by the singer on stage. When he goes back to her dressing room he finds a small child asleep on the sofa. The singer appears and Halef stutters unable to say his words. She tells him to leave.

However thats the least of Halef’s problems. As he enters his room and switches on the light he discovers Ramo is sat pointing a gun at him. He makes Halef kneel and points a gun at the back of his head.

Meanwhile Yavuz is in Istanbul. We see he has a young daughter who has been admitted to hospital. He is a different person towards her than what he appears to others. He is kind and loving. Ramo calls him. Yavuz knows he was at the nightclub and tells him that Suleyman contacted Cihangir directly to spare Halef. Ramo tells Boz they will find out just exactly why Halef is so well looked after.

Halef is left slumped on the floor. The young boy he saw earlier is stood watching him. His mum shouts at someone and the boy runs to her. Halef goes to see whats wrong. She tells him to get his boss to pay the money he owes her.

Ramo and Boz are meeting with Yilmaz. He tells him that he saved his life one time and he may ask for help in the future. Well now that time has come.

Fatos is pretending to be asleep when Neco comes in the room. He touches her hair and she jumps up telling him to stop. He tries to kiss her, she slaps his face and grabs the gun from under the pillow. He is shocked but gets cocky telling her to shoot him. He says she cant as she also has feelings for him. He steps towards her and she shoots him in the shoulder.

Neslihan hears the gun shot and rushes into the room to find Neco unconscious on the floor. Teo security guys enter but Fatos aims the gun at Neslihan and tells them not to grab their guns. Fatos backs slowly out of the door way, but someone behind her puts a gun to her head.

Neslihan and two of her men drag Fatos and put her in a store room and lock the door.

Durdu has been storing a room full of guns for Ramo. Meanwhile Dogan has approached Nese, Alpay’s wife and told her to contact him if she wants a way out of her life with Alpay who is mistreating her.

On the roof Sibel is sat drinking when Cavidan arrives thinking its Ramo. She sees Sibel and again starts to argue saying it will be Sibel leaving not her. Sibel jumps up and holds a knife to her throat. As Cavidan is leaving Ramo and Boz arrive back home. Ramo goes to speak with Siel while Boz tries to call Fatos but it goes straight to voicemail.

Dogan has had a text from Nese saying she will be at the factory. He takes along Sihan and two guys. They enter the premises and all the lights turn on. They are surrounded by Alpay and his men. Neses is stood next to Alpay with a blank expression on her face. Alpay gives the order to kill Dogan’s two men and is about to kill Sihan when Suleyman arrives. He tells Alpay that Dogan and Sihan will be going with him.

Ramo is on the roof talking with Sibel. She wants to know the name of the Aga who gave the order to kill. Ramo doesnt tell her. She says if her grandfather dies then she will be head of that family and they wont need to fight anymore. Before Ramo can say anything Boz interrupts with news for Ramo. He tells him he is worried about Fatos her phone is switched off.

Suleyman tells Dogan and Sihan that they owe him two lives as he saved them. He says he will give them Alpay. However they need to give him Ramo. Later the brothers argue about the situation. They wont accept Suleyman’s offer but Suleyman now has them owing him a life. Sihan tells Dogan its his fault. Dogan replies its all Ramo’s fault. Meanwhile Neslihan has used Fato’s phone to message Ramo. He reply’s for her not to worry it will happen soon. This gets Neslihan thinking.

Ramo is leaving early. Sibel asks him if he has thought about what she said. If she is head of the family then she wont stand in his way and he can do what he wants. She just has one condition that he doesnt hurt anyone else in her family. Ramo tells her he will act alone. He doesnt want peace, he wants justice.

Ramo tries to speak with Fidan however she is not happy and says she wishes Ramo had never entered their lives. Dogan arrives and he too starts bad mouthing at Ramo. Ramo slaps him and tells him to leave. Dogan is furious and as he hides out of sight he takes out his phone.

Ramo has a plan for each member of the Adana committee.

Firstly Yilmaz will meet with one of the members at Durdu’s restaurant. One of the pumpers and his wife will also dine there. They will kill the member but not harm Yilmaz. This mission goes successfully.

Second on the list is a member who is on his way to the airport. Two of the pumpers on a motorbike pull alongside the car and open fire. This mission also goes successfully.

Thirdly Hakan and Fidan are given the task to go and get Fatos. However Ramo tells them they must not kill Neco. They arrive and kill the guards. The maid shows them to the room where Fatos is being held but its empty.

Fourthly Ramo gives Boz the job of killing Alpay with the tanker delivery. Sihan and Dogan are also asked to help. As Alpay arrives at the meeting he is shocked to see that the tankers got through a police check he had set up. He realises he is being set up and the car turns and heads away. Boz chases firing in the back of the car. Alpay inside discovers that they have shot Serkan his brother.

Finally Ramo will take care of Suleyman. When he visited Halef, Halef made a deal that he would lure Suleyman to the nightclub so Ramo could get him. At the club Suleyman realises its a set up and escapes the room with Ramo and Halef firing at him. He runs and finally thinks he is in the clear. He stops running for a breather, turns and there is Ramo stood pointing a gun at him.

Written By: Rachel Labidi



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