Welcome to episode 6.

We start on the roof where Sibel has stabbed Ramo. She says that she had to do it and Ramo understands. Although he tells her that it will take more than one stab wound to kill him. He tells her to leave quickly before his men find her.

Ismail has come out for some air and sees Sibel leaving. He is curious and goes to the roof finding Ramo injured. Meanwhile Ceyhan and his men have entered the garden from the tunnel and a shoot out begins. Ceyhan makes his way to the roof and shoots Ismail.

Boz comes across a fleeing Sibel. He hears gunshots and knows somethings wrong. He heads towards the house. Fidan too arrives home. Ceyhan is about to shoot Ramo but Boz wounds him in the arm and he runs off. On the roof Ismail dies in Ramo’s arms telling Ramo never to give up.

The next morning the police and paramedics take Ismail away. Halef and his man are watching from a distance. They know from Ceyhan that Ramo is wounded so Halef sends the man in to finish the job. He goes to the hospital but cant find Ramo. He asks one of the pumpers who gets suspicious and gets Alap to chase him. Ashe catches him, Yavuz’s men appear and take over.

Suleyman knows Halef is behind helping Ceyhan. Yavuz calls him to meet. Meanwhile Dogan finds the tunnel has been discovered and thats how Ceyhan and his men got in. He along with Ismail’s widow know that this is all down to Sibel.

Yavuz meets with Suleyman and Alpay. Yavuz has brought the man that was at the hospital asking after Ramo. The man tells them that it was Halef that told him to kill Ramo. Yavuz tells Alpay that he has the job to help clean this mess up. Halef, Ceyhan and Kilpi must be killed, immediately.

Boz is with Ramo at Yavus’s clinic. Ramo wakes up and is told that his uncle has died as has two of the lookouts and three pumpers were injured. Ramo despite being in pain says he needs to leave.

Suleyman has told Halef to kill Ceyhan. Realising that he too is in trouble Halef packs his clothes and money and tries to run. As he gets to his car the wheel has been punctured. A car comes an knocks him over. Out jumps Boz. Ramo appears behind Halef and hits him.

Halef with a gun pointed at him is still cocky and full of himself. Ramo wants him to take them to Ceyhan. Halef says he only will if they dont kill him. He says he has no choice but to trust Ramo’s word.

They leave Halef tied up in the car and go inside the building where Ceyhan is. They eventually find him. In a room with his men and a gun pointing at Sibel’s head. Ceyhn wants to call it quits now he has killed his uncle but Ramo says no. Suddenly there is a gunshot. Halef has escaped from the car. He found out that they had Sibel from Neslihn. He shouts Sibel to go with him. She looks at Ramo and he nods telling her to go. Boz and Ramo capture Ceyhan and Ramo finishes the job with a large knife.

Ramo meets with Suleyman. Suleyman tells him he cannot hand Halef over but he wont protect him either. He will punish him. Ramo tells him he wants his corpse. Suleyman also says he will send Sibel back.

Ramo arrives back home. He limps past everyone, neighbours, family and goes to his room where he collapses on the floor in tears. Fatos and Hakan enter the room. Ramo is upset as he couldnt protect his uncle and Fatos. She leaves the room to get some water for Ramo and at the gate turns and comes face to face with Boz. They lock eyes before Fatos sadly turns and walks away.

Hakan has a quiet word with Boz. He asks who stabbed Ramo. Boz says he doesnt know. Hakan tells him about Ceyhan in the tunnel and that someone informed him from the inside. He tells Boz that they all have a suspicion that its Sibel and if thats true no one can hold them back.

Suleyman takes Halef to a nightclub. He tells him that he cannot kill him as he was entrusted to him. He has brought him back to the place where his mother worked and where he came from. He leaves Halef there. He is given a uniform and a room in the nightclub to love in. Halef is in shock as he wanders around the room.

Boz is laid in his room when Fatos enters. He tells her he doesnt feel like he is alive. She tells im that she is glad he is alive and hopes that one day they can be together. Boz starts to walk towards her. She stops hi and leaves. Both are heartbroken.

Its the day of Ismail’s funeral. Ramo thinks back to when his father was killed. How Cengiz and Suleyman covered it up by saying it was an accident and not getting any punishment. How he wanted to kill them both when he was young but Ismail told him that they will avenge his father death.

Yavuz speaks with Suleyman as he has heard that Halef is still alive. Suleyman tells him to speak with his boss Cihangir. Halef has immunity. Yavuz looks perplexed. Meanwhile Dogan is not happy and refuses to shake hands and accept condolences from Suleyma, Alpay and Neco. He walks away and sees sat in one of the cars is Alpay’s wife. He stops and looks at her then carries on.

Ramo goes to see his aunt. He takes the gun from the wall and offers it to her. He tells her if it makes her feel better then shoot him. She shoves it away. He tells her Alpay gave the order to kill Ismail. She tells him it was Sibel who let Ceyhan in through the tunnel. Ramo says it wasnt her ( Sibel admitted to Ramo that night she had ). She tells Ramo never to let her in this house again.

Ramo takes Sibel to the place where his father was killed. He tells her how he watched as Cengiz and Suleyman first beat his father then fed him into the machinery. This is why his mum is how she is and why he killed her father. Sibel wishes he had told her before, she says its too late now.

Durdu visits Ramo and Boz. They dont tell him either about what Sibel has done. He asks Ramo what about Halef? Ramo says Yavuz gave Suleyman the order to kill him, if he doesnt then its Yavuz who will deal with him.

Ramo goes into Fatos’s room she jumps awake thinking its Neco. Ramo gives her a small handgun and tells her to keep it hidden. He will come to get her.

Yavuz calls Ramo to meet. As Ramo is leaving Boz asks him why Fatos has gone back to Neco. Ramo replies because he has broken his promise and will create a war to go and get Fatos. Boz has a big smile on his face.

Fatos arrives back at Neco’s house. There Sibel swaps and gets in the car to go back to Ramo. As Fatos enters the house Neslihan says its a shame the bullet missed Ramo. Fatos tells her if anything happens to her brother then she like Sibel will put the knife in but wont leave the job half done, she will bring all the house down.

Suleyman takes Neco to a deserted place and wants him to prove he will be the future of the family. He brings out Ceyhan’s man Kirpi. They kneel him on the floor and he tells Neco to shoot him in the head. Neco looks at his grandfather in horror. Suleyman starts to wind him up about Boz, Fatos and Ramo. Eventually Neco aims the gun and shoots.

Sibel is driven back into the neighbourhood. Everyone stares as she walks to wards the house. Dogan does not look happy. They all believe she was the one who let Ceyhan in the tunnel.

Ramo meets with Yavuz. Yavuz tells him he knows how his father died. He knows that he killed Cengiz for it. He knows that Suleyman will be next on his list to kill and that Ramo will keep going. He tells Ramo that the man that gave Suleyman the order was Cihangir Aga… so is Ramo going to kill him as well?

So the first question is Halef the son of Cihangir? Suleyman told Yavuz that Halef has immunity from being killed and for him to ask Cihanghir about it. Coupled with Suleyman taking Halef back to his past…..

Sibel is not going to get a warm welcome thats for sure back in the neighbourhood and neither should she. Ramo is covering for her as he knows his family would kill her if her admitted that she was the one to stab him and find the tunnel.

I have read on social media that there is a new # for Neco and Fatos hoping they get together. That one perplexes me ????

Finally what will Ramo answer to Yavuz’s question. Is he still gong to go up the chain seeking revenge for his father’s murder? And will Yavuz’s feelings ( which seem strange to him as if he isnt used to feeling something ) for Fidan help Ramo?

Written By: Rachel Labidi



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