Welcome to episode 5.

We start this week as Cehan has told Ramo about Hasan and the area where he is. Ramo gets his men and sets off to look for him. Meanwhile Hasan is under fire from Cehan’s men. Hasan’s wife sent a man after him just incase and he too joins in against the men. Finally Ramo arrives and they manage to overpower them.

Neslihan is speaking with Sibel on the phone. She is telling her that they have got rid of Hasan but Sibel sees him arriving home very much alive and well. Sibel is mad that they tried to do something like this without consulting her. She tells Neslihan that they must wait until she finds the tunnel and send them word before doing anything else.

Fatos is joined in the bedroom by Necu. He looks the door and sleeps with the key under the pillow. Fatos spends the night sat in the chair. Likewise Ramo sleeps in a different room to Sibel.

We see that Yavuz’s man was following Boz after Yavus saw Halef bundling him into the boot of he car. He saved Boz and he is in the hospital. Yavuz tells Boz that Fatos is now married. Ramo arrives and thanks Yavuz telling him he will never forget he saved his friend.

Ramo goes to a meeting with Alpay to work out about the fuel business, they make an agreement on the number of tankers and how much profit they will take. The meeting is overseen by Yavuz. He gets a notification and sees that Fidan is in his office.

Fidan has managed to get into Yavuz’s office by bribing a member of staff. She takes photo’s of the file he has on Ramo. As she goes to leave Yaviz’s men arrive. Fidan calls Ramo and tells him she is trapped.

Fatos is given permission by Suleyman to go home to see the family but Necu must go with her. Boz arrives back in the neighbourhood. He sees Fatos with her family and is about to go to her when he sees Necu. He thinks to grab a gun and shoot Necu. However he is stopped before anyone sees what he is attempting to do.

Ramo is in the office with Fidan and Yavuz. We hear the reason Yaviz has a file on him is that since Cengiz’s death the intelligence service has been interested in Ramo and was about to start an investigation but Yavuz stopped it. Fidan also makes sure that Yavuz knows that Hasan was lured to kill him by a text message. Ramo tells Yavuz someone isnt following his orders. This makes Yavuz think. As they leave the office Ramo is furious at Fidan for going near Yavuz again.

Fatos is in her old room collecting some clothes. As she leaves Sibel enters. Sibel tells her she is the only one that she isnt mad at as they both had to share the same fate. Fatos tells her its not the same. She had to leave the man she loved. Sibel married the man she loved then she pulls out a photo of Sibel and Ramo that Sibel had been hiding.

When they are leaving Fidan tells Fatos not to worry, Boz is fine, safe and well. She says it so that Neco can hear. As the car is leaving Boz is watching from a distance.

The boys are playing and they throw something underneath the water fountain. Sibel is watching and rushes over thinking this may be the tunnel. As she is trying to figure out how to open it Cavidan appears.

They have words about Ramo, Sibel obviously jealous of her. Sibel walks back to her room where Ramo is sat. She tells him she has seen Cavidan. We see what happened in the past.

After a night where Ramo didn’t meet Sibel who was waiting for him Sibel drove to his home to see if he was ok. She enters the house to find him sat with Cavidan. She walks out. Ramo follows. He admits that Cavidan is his girlfriend and cannot carry on with Sibel as she is the bosses daughter and he is just a man. She tells him no matter what that’s how it will stay.

Ramo gives the pumpers the good news that he has an agreement about the fuel. They are of course all pleased. He then speaks with Fiden. She tells him to be careful of Sibel. Ramo tells her confidently that Sibel wont hurt him, but the others are coming to kill them, there will be a war.

Yavuz is eating with Alpay and Suleyman. He asks them if they are helping Ceyhan. They both deny it. Yavuz tells them they had better find Ceyhan and finish him because of they dont he will and his blood will splash on both of them.

Early the next morning, Sibel sneaks out and goes under the fountain down the tunnel. Ot leads her to an exit outside the neighbourhood. She calls Neslihan to let her know. Later at breakfast Ramo’s mum says she had a dream, she saw Sibel in a white dress at the fountain and she broke the tap. Sibel looks uncomfortable.

Halef meets with Ceyhan and tells him about the tunnel so he can get access to kill Ramo. Halef tells his man that once he has killed Ramo then they need to kill Ceyhan.

Ramo is talking with his uncle. He has a watch that was Ramo’s fathers. He wants to give Ramo the watch but Ramo wont. His uncle tells him it will be Ramo’s when he dies.

Sibel has asked to go and see her mum. Ramo takes her. Ramo speaks with Suleyman and shows him the meeting between Halef and Ceyhan. Ramo had someone follow Halef. Ramo leaves and Suleyman finds out from Neco that there is a tunnel that Ceyhan and his men are using to attack Ramo’s home that night.

Fidan is meeting with Yavuz. They are sat in the car together overlooking the water. She apologises for entering his office, he accepts the apology. She tells him that he never answers her questions its all business with him. Yavuz takes her hand and kisses it saying this isnt business.

On the way back Ramo stops the car. He knows there is something with Sibel and he tells her the issue she has is with him not his family. Later Sibel gets a text from Ceyhan saying he is ready outside the tunnel. She messages him back and says that the attack is cancelled. Of course Ceyhan is not happy and gains access to the tunnel.

Ramo is on the roof. Sibel joins him and they sit together. She tells him about the plan that Ceyhan and his men were going to attack through the tunnel. Ramo stands up. She tells him that he was right. The issue is with him not his family. She stabs him in the stomach. They look at each other, Sibel is crying, Ramo appears to accept that she has done this to him.

Well that was a little bit of a shock ending. Ceyhan is still on his way down the tunnel to attack. Im sure Ramo will be fine, I hope so otherwise that’s the end of the series! But exactly what will Ramo’s feelings be towards Sibel now? Will he think she had the right to do it and forgive her?

I love the interaction between Yavuz and Fidan. Will he be the like-able bad guy that looks out for Ramo because he has feelings for Fidan?

Written by: Rachel Labidi



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