Welcome to episode 4.

Episode 4 begins with a trio of scenes. Halef and his men are throwing a body from a bridge into the river. Hasan is running through an abandoned building being shot at and Ramo is stood facing a gang of armed men.

We then go back in time to three days before. The scenes where we ended last weeks episode. Sibel has arrived as arranged for her marriage to Ramo. Fatos has also gone to her arranged marriage to Neco.

Ramo’s mum comes down to the gathering, she sees Suleyman and attacks him saying that he murdered her husband. Ramo calms her down as Sibel looks at Suleyman. He bids them a hasty goodbye and leaves.

Sibel is shown into Fatos’s bedroom. Ramo goes in. He says a quote back to her that she said. She said one day they will be a time when she will kill him. Well now she has the chance. He tells her to do the things that she is feeling because he will do. He tells her he wishes they could go back in time to when she didnt look at him with hate. She tells him she loved him very much and now thats all ended. She tells him that he never loved her. Ramo says would it change anything if he told her. She replies no it wouldnt and goes inside her room closing the door.

Meanwhile Fatos has arrived at Suleyman’s house with Fidan. The air is frosty and as Fiden leaves she whispers to Fatos to remember what she has told her. Later, Fatos and Neco are talking. She tells him that she is a hostage in this house but she is doing it only for her family. He tries to touch her face but she bats his hand away.

Fidan has dropped Fatos at Neco’s house. When she gets back in the car Yusuf is waiting for her. Whilst driving she asks how long he will be there, He explains his work there isnt over and besides he is not leaving until he has taken her out to dinner to apologise. She tell shim that he will be waiting a long time. His reply is, ” I can wait “. As she drives away Fidan says to herself. ” Who does he think he is? ”

Fidan finds Sibel in Ramo’s room. She is looking at a gun she bought him three years earlier. He has kept it along with a photo of himself and Sibel. Fiden tells her she knows she loves Ramo but also wants revenge… time will tell which one wins but sometimes you cannot choose which one will win.

Returning home Ramo sees Cavidan. She stands in front of his car. She asks him why he didnt tell her about Sibel and Fatos, they need to talk but Ramos instructs the driver to keep going, leaving Cavidan standing in the street.

Ramo gets out of the car at home and is greeted by Hakan and some pumpers. They all know now that Ceyhan has escaped from the prison hospital where he was being treated. Ramo knows someone helped him escape. They decide to increase security in the neighborhood discreetly so not to panic the residents.

Ramo takes his brother and cousins to meet with Yavuz at Alpay’s office. Outside Sihan sees Alpay’s girlfriend leaving. He knows that Alpay is abusive towards her. He tells Dogan to go inside without him he will stay with the car. He follows her into a store. She is very timid and scared to be seen talking with him. He tells her he can help her but she hurriedly leaves.

In the meeting Alpay wants to give Ramo and the pumpers a trial before they are allowed to do the run on their own. He wants to work with them and his men. Yavuz tells him there will be no trial. Ramo also says that Cehan has escaped from prison. Alpay says its nothing to to with him. Ramo warns Yavuz and Alpay that if anyone of them is helping Cihan then it will become all their problem. Alpay looks uncomfortable. When they leave Hakan walks off despite Ramo warning him that Cihan is after them.

Hasan goes to see Fatos. They are pleased to see each other. She tells him he has done so much for the family now its her turn. He tells her to say the word and he will get her out of there. Neco arrives back with a present for Fatos. She reuses to look. He opens it and its a red negligee. He says its for there first night. Fatos explains plainly that there will be no first night and to shut his mouth or her will wear it.

Durdu finds Boz slumped on the steps of his cafe. He tries to talk to him but Boz wont listen. As he leaves Ramo arrives. he asks Boz how long he will keep this up. Boz replies until the end ad he is nearly there now. Ramo tells Durdu that Ceyhan will be after revenge and he needs Durdu’s help.

Meanwhile Halef and Alpay are meeting with Ceyhan. They give him the money to kill Ramo and then disappear.

Ramo entering his room finds the photo of himself and Sibel on the floor. He remembers back 3 years ago when he was dressed smartly leaving the house and Fidan stopped him. She warned him then to stay away from Sibel. One day he would kill her father and she is innocent. He meets Sibel that evening. He asks her what everything means. The dances, the gifts, the dinners, going into his room. He asks her if she wants to be lovers. She thinks and then says no. Ramo covers quickly and agrees telling her not to get any ideas. Sibel is mad, she asks how he dare talk to her like that. Who does he think he is… Ramo grabs her and pulls her to him. He passionately kisses her. She responds to the kiss. They are interrupted by the man taking the photo.

Back to the present and Sibel enters Ramo’s room. She tells him that this will never be a real marriage. She also asks if Cavidan knows. This coming after she earlier ran to Ramo’s home looking for Sibel. He tells her Cavidan will not bother her again. Sibel tells him their marriage will not be real and he can keep sleeping with her. Like he did before.

Fidan has been invited to dinner by Yavuz. She really didnt have much of a choice. However she arrives with her hair and makeup done. She asks why he invited her. He says he values her. He leaves the room and Fidan looks around. She finds a file of Ramo. Yavuz returns. She asks about his personal life but he doesnt give anything away. Hesays he is wondering how tonight will end. Fidan says goodnight and walks away.

Fatos sat on her own in her room calls Boz. She leaves a message on his phone. She tells him she didnt want to leave him but had to for her family. She tells him she cannot do it. She cant marry Neco and she asks Boz to come get her. We see Boz laid asleep on his bed.

Ramo’s mum goes to speak with Sibel. Despite her telling his mum that this is a forced marriage she wants to tell Sibel to love her son. She gives her a necklace that her husband gave her.

Ramo wakes Sibel and takes her to the beach. He tells her that he loves her and is crushed under her. She says she has waited so long for him to say it and wondered what her reaction would be. Now it causes her pain.

As they drive back Ramo sees two cars behind them. He tells Sibel and asks her to pass his gun. The men start shooting and Ramo covers Sibel to protect her as he is driving. Ramo drives into a factory and they leave the car. The men follow and Ramo shoots at them. He fights with the last man knocking him out. The mans phone rings. Ramo answers. Its Ceyhan asking if they found Ramo. Ceyhan says he will get to Ramo soon.

Hasan reluctantly getting ready for the wedding gets a message on his phone its from Fatos. He immediately grabs his coat and gun and leaves. Meanwhile Boz is just waking up. He hears the message Fatos left. He calls and leaves a message for her to wait in the back and he will come and get her.

Ramo is not happy with Fidan. He asks her how she knows about the file Yavuz has. He blames her for Fatos going and tells her if he doesnt know whats happening he cannot protect against it. He tells her never to do something like that again.

While Fatos is trying to sneak out of the house, Boz is round the back. Suddenely Neco is behind him pointing a gun to his head. Boz tries to fight but Neco’s men hold him and beat him to the floor. Halef arrives and tells Neco he will deal with Boz and to leave. As Halef and his men are loading an unconcious Boz into the car Yavuz is passing and sees them. Fatos has managed to get to the back garden but Boz isnt there. Neslihan sees her.

Back in the pumpers neighbourhood Ceyhan gets inside with his men in a van pretending to sew carpets.

Meanwhile both wedding ceremonies are taking place simultaneously.

After the ceremony Ramo is told there is trouble. Ceyhan arrives. There is a stand off. Ramo tells him he should shoot him. No Ceyhan says he killed his brother so now he should kill Ramo’s brother. He asks where Hasan is…. he shows Ramo video of Hasan stood waiting at an abandonded factory.

At the factory Fatos calls Hasan and explains she didnt message him. We see that it was Ceyhan who set up Hasan to get him alone. We now go back to the opening scenes of Hasan running and shooting, and Halef throwing Boz from a bridge into the water.

This series is getting better week by week. I think its currently the best series on screen at the moment. The chemistry between Ramo and Sibel is good and once again the directing is fantastic.

Just one complaint. Starting the episode with the scenes that tells us the outcome of what happens at the end. I would rather we didnt go back a few hours/days so we dont know what will happen. Obviously we knew Boz didnt make it to get Fatos or Hakan and we knew that Ceyhan confronts Ramo.

See you next week.

Written by: Rachel Labidi



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