Welcome to episode 3.

Last week ended as Ramo was being choked by Yavuz’s men. This week starts as the Pumpers arrive at the warehouse to find it empty with just a bit a rope on the floor.

Ramo is taken bound and hooded to a room. As they take the hood off he sees Suleyman and some men sat waiting for him. Cihangir has said that the blood shed and hostilities will end and he has spared Ramo’s life. However just to be sure the two enemies do have peace, Alpay tells Ramo Neco will marry Fatos and Ramo will marry Sibel.

Fidan is meeting with Yavuz, she wants to know where Ramos is. She pulls a gun underneath the table. Yavuz tells her the deal that has been offered to Ramo, she says he will not take the deal. Yavuz certainly likes Fidan’s spirit.

Ramos goes home and tells the family council what the decision is. Suleyman also goes and tells Neslihan and Neco. Neither of the families are happy. Suleyman warns them not to tell Sibel yet. Ramo tells the family that they will abide by the decision.

Fatos and Boz are talking about the wedding and getting Ramo’s permission. Boz is going away for a few days and will speak with him when he returns. As they hug, Ramo walks past and sees them. He tells Fatos to leave. He is mad with Bos, he never told him. He puts a gun to his head but Fidan comes in.

Halef has had a call from a man called Cihan. He says Halef killed his brother and he is going to get revenge. Neslihan says that Sibel will never accept to marry Ramo he killed her father. Halef says she may, she always has had a weakness for Ramo. He tells her about Cihan calling and has the idea to blame his death on Ramo.

We see three years earlier Ramo is still watching over Sibel. Taking her from a nightclub drunk. They flirt a lot with each other. Sibel asks him if he has the courage to be in a relationship. She tells him to kiss her. His phone rings… of course.

Fatos finds out from her mum that Ramo has arranged for her to marry. She is happy at first thinking he means with Boz. However Hakan tells her its to Neco. She is devastated and cannot believe Ramo would allow it. She calls Boz who is just getting on the train. She decides not to tell him. She manages to keep her emotions in check as she tells him she loves him very much and not to forget that.

Sibel argues with Neco. She accuses him of not doing enough to help her father the night he was killed. He gets angry and nearly blurts out about the arrangement to marry Ramo. Neslihan intervenes.

Ramo is meeting Yavuz at Durdu’s restaurant. Yavuz informs him that he will be working with Alpay. When Yavuz leaves Ramo asks Durdu how can he do this to Fatos and also to Boz… Durdu replies ” and Sibel…ah Ramo? “

Fatos waits up all night on the roof for Ramo to come home. At dawn he does. Ramo doesnt want to give her to Neco but thinks its for the best. He tells her if he had known about Boz then maybe she would already be married. She tells him that she is not as string as what he is.

Meanwhile Boz is visiting his mum in prison. She knows about the relationship with Fatos. She gives Boz her ring to give Fatos. As Boz is leaving he sees Halef arriving at the prison. Halef is visiting Cehan and blaming his brothers death on Ramo.

Suleyman calls Ramo to meet. He also calls Sibel. He tells her that Neco will marry Fatos and she will marry Ramo. Sibel leaves saying no way will she marry him. As she drives off she gets mad and loses control of her car.

She has a memory again of 3 years ago when he father was shot. She had been sedated and Ramo was with her at the hospital. Her father needed blood and Ramo was a donor match so he gave blood. He didnt want Cengiz to die. He wanted to be the one that killed him. Sibel thanks him for saving her fathers life. She says she will never forget it. She kisses him on the cheek.

Ramo sees Sibel’s car off the road. He rushes to her she is having a panic attack he holds her. She tells him to get off her and tells him she will never marry him. She also realises that Ramo gave her father blood to keep him alive so that he would be the one to kill him. After she tells him again she will never marry him, Ramo turns to look at her. He doesnt say anything just gets in his car and drives away.

Boz is back and is met at the train station by one of the pumpers. Neco is passing and sees them. He stops the car and shouts Boz. We see that Neco knew Boz liked Fatos, Necu worked it out when they kept him prisoner there. Neci takes great delight in telling Boz that he is buying a double bed. His grandfather and Ramo have agreed he will marry Fatos. Boz explodes at him. The men separate them and Necu is dragged away to his car.

Fidan meets with Yavuz. He says Ramo doesnt seem convinced he will allow the marriages. Fidan tells him Ramo will marry Sibel, its Fatos marrying Neco thats the issue. Yavuz tells her in no uncertain terms what will happen to them if he disobeys Cihangir’s orders. The first person they will come after is Fatos. He then dismisses Fidan.

Boz has called Fatos who has told him that it is true, she is being made to marry Necu. Boz calls Ramo to meet him… on the train tracks. There Boz remembers when they were young and played chicken with the trains. Who would jump away first. Boz wants to play again. They bth stand on the track as a train approaches at the last minute they both grab each other and jump back. Boz tells him he wished he had put that bullet in his head.

Boz arrives home and starts packing a bag. Fatos follows him and begs him to stop and not leave her. He tells her if this wedding doesnt go ahead then Cihangir will kill them all including the women. He walks out as Fatos runs after him screaming for him to stop and that she loves him. He stops, he doesnt turn then he carries on walking. All the pumpers have seen this and now know that Fatos and Boz are in love.

After thinking about his father Ramo calls a family meeting. At the meeting he says that he will give his own life first for Fatos. He tells her that she isnt going to marry Necu. She is so happy. However Fida tells Ramo he has made a grave mistake they are now all in trouble.

Ramo gets a call from Suleyman. Boz has got Necu at gunpoint and is going to shoot him. Suleyman’s men are going to shoot Boz. Ramo asks to speak to Boz. He tells him that Fatos wont marry Necu, Fatos also tells him its true Ramo has changed his mind. Ramo convinces Suleyman to let Boz go.

While the family were outside someone had sneaked in and placed photos of the family on the table in the family room along with bullets. One bullet for each of them. Fidan says that they should give Fatos. Ramo tells her he knows what he is doing.

Fidan speaks with Fatos. She tells her that they will all die of she doesnt marry Necu. They will kill Ramo and the rest of the family and still come and take her. She can stop this by marrying Necu. At the same time, Neslihan is telling Sibel that marrying Ramo is the best way to get revenge. She will enter his house and his heart and there she can get revenge.

Fatos goes to see Boz at his hotel. They spend the night together obviously thats one thing she doesnt want to give Necu. In the morning Boz gives her the ring that his mum gave him.

Boz goes to the bakery when he returns Fatos has gone and left the ring behind. Fidan has taken her to Necu.

Ramo has a visitor. As he looks down from the roof he sees Sibel. He asks where Fatos is. He realises that she has gone to Necu and Sibel will marry him.

This series is getting better every episode. Im hooked after just three. Excellent cast, acting and very well written. I cannot wait until next week.

Written by: Rachel Labidi



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